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  1. The new configurator options will help with visualisation…..but new buyers need to see cars soon
  2. It’s a Lotus tradition that they clearly committed to decades ago…..! Turbo Esprit, Esprit Turbo…..we’d be here all day naming all the other examples!😉👍
  3. away……not “a way” - sorry I couldn’t resist, given the context of your post!😜😉
  4. More than likely Simon👍😎
  5. Here’s the article FYI👍😎
  6. Ade have you seen this weeks Autocar yet (pic from the article below)……there are lot’s of cars on the production line shown, at the time the photos were taken - they’re coming (apparently there are around an additional 35 “engaged in final testing” in different destination over the world) and you’ll see all the first Edition options in good time. Interesting to see how many LHD cars are featured in the photo below from Autocar. I personally reckon very soon in fact which will help you all with your initial orders. Don’t quote me as it’s just my feel on the situation but we need to keep the Lotus faith👍😉
  7. The other consideration is just how long it takes to employ and train new people - not the work of a moment. Those frustrated at just how long they think things are taking need to appreciate the job in front of Lotus and just how massive a shift from where they were it is. It’ll all come in good time👍
  8. I did the same - maybe we both see what we want to see!😂😉
  9. I thought Magma Red had more of a silver flake through it while Fire Red as we know has a more gold fleck though it. Regardless an Emira in Magma Red will be a great choice!😎👏🏻👏🏻
  10. I’d add Range Rover Firenze Red to that list…😉👍
  11. It’s a sportscar and a a damn impressive one at that, whatever variant! Every drive is a memorable exciting event…..!😎
  12. Not as bad as I had first remembered but still good for the next owner to know👍
  13. Looks a good opportunity for the right person - I remember Alan loving that car. Was involved in a bit of an accident though wasn’t it hence the paintwork needed…..
  14. Looks decent but I’m sure they could’ve done a better job with the front bumper design! The rear lip spoiler looks a bit lacking in the pic shown too. Pity when you look at the detail of the wheels, and the body generally…..but overall nice to see😎
  15. Brilliant - love a period pic!😎👍👍👍Great to have photos that go so far back! How many miles did you put on her in your ownership Tim? How come you ended up having it off the road for quite so long…..?😢 Thanks for posting the photos👍
  16. That’s lovely Mark and an unusual spec for a Sport 160😎
  17. And just incase you’ve not seen this road test Tim, here’s your car being out though it’s paces with some complimentary words to support……
  18. To be fair there’s not a lot of bodywork on a 340R so you’ve definitely picked the right Lotus for you!😉……they’re like more like motorbikes with 4 wheels👍😎
  19. Just reading back Tim and realising how long you’ve owned the car…..have you any photos of it between ‘86 & ‘99 you can share, to keep us going until you’ve completed the resto? Can’t beat some period photos😉👍
  20. That’s because most manufacturers churn their cars out Justin, and the final prep-finish standards are horrendous……the worst offenders aren’t the manufacturers but the dealers who wash & polish them….🤦🏻‍♂️ If you want a new car to look the way you expect it to look then it’s always a good idea to send to a detailer to finish the paintwork properly and then PPF where required or ceramic coat.
  21. Fantastic - maybe Lotus will want it back for their new Heritage collection when you’re done!😉 Definitely no side stripes on the Late Late Breakfast Show car and the pinstripe can be see too so ties in and likely your car👍 Can’t wait to see it finished and returned to its best - what kind of timescale are you thinking Tim?
  22. Nah that’s red Andy……it’s just the film quality……and it’s the only one (as well as Tim’s clearly) that I’ve seen with the coach line & black interior (which was a less popular interior trim colour back in the day seemingly) which would lead me to thinking…….there’s a high possibility it’s actually Tim’s👍
  23. That was excellent!👏🏻👏🏻😎👍
  24. I really don’t see it being expensive - it will surprise many with its price point I reckon….it has to!👍
  25. That’s was excellent - thanks @Bibs👏🏻👏🏻👍
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