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  1. Can’t wait to see this one all finished and back to its best again! Like this…..the actual same car, for those just looking in. No corner cutting @Lot63😉😎
  2. As far as Dark Verdant Green goes…..I’d suggest the RR above is too Green……I think we need to be looking more towards Empire Green (picture below) or it might even be as dark as Racing Green which was used on the Evora given to Clive Chapman for a period (also pictured below)
  3. That’s stunning David - inspired choice Sir!👏👏👏
  4. Looks to have some sort of cover over the boot area and being used as the motion-shot camera car🎥
  5. You’ll get to know Andy soon enough if you stick around here…..his humour is dark….blackout dark!😂😉
  6. Each to their own Sir! And that’s why we are all different and all colours will suit someone👍😉
  7. Not sure the Green really works on this car…..nor does the Dark Grey🤨
  8. I really do hope the ride height of the finished production car is more like the Blue mocked-up car than the Dark Grey driver they’re using…….the blue one looks so much better sitting lower!👍
  9. All these new Fire Red Exiges…….mine was quite unique for a while!🤨…..but in good company now! What is it they say about flattery!?😉
  10. Oops…..apologies!😉 But in fairness you’ve picked another great colour in Military Grey - very classy…..and the launch/brochure colour for the 410 which will be good for its future investment value!😎
  11. I think you’ll maybe find that it wasn’t Plum Crazy? - there’s another Purple colour (Ultra Violet - see attached) that was used on the earlier Exige models that was a very flat looking colour. Plum Crazy is far from flat…’s a fantastic colour in any light, but is outstanding in sunlight!😎 ……& Plum Crazy as a comparison. PC is stunning on the Exige……great choice @David Standing👏🏻👏🏻😎
  12. I personally think that’s a mistake by Lotus…..thar Yellow really should’ve been Metallic😬
  13. Fire Red is just a great colour…but just one of many!😉😎
  14. I meant the original one not this new one. I really like both of the new Radford Lotus models😎👍
  15. It’s the show car - the above was last year when it was touring the country. This is at Parks Lotus where I went to see it in person. Stunning when you’re standing next to it!😎
  16. Sounds like Caribbean Blue - a lovely colour they only used for a couple of years strangely? Like this?
  17. Pretty sure that 380 Cup met a fiery end! And I think it was exhaust related from memory…. 🔥😰
  18. Have to say, the Essex looks fantastic now it’s had the work done. Would’ve thought that the headlining would’ve been replaced given the standard achieved everywhere else on the car….but maybe a brave step too far! Lovely!👏🏻👏🏻 Can’t wait to see what it sells for..?🤔
  19. Same car - it’s touring the Globe. Currently in America👍 It’s the dark grey one that was used at the launch….it’s just the camera exposure that makes it look black📸
  20. Crackin car Dave - all the better for the forged wheel change!😎
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