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  1. The front boot gap, really does look bigger than it should be on every one I’ve seen so far. I’m hoping they fix this for the final production cars, but can’t help thinking it would’ve been sorted by now if it could be made better…….🤔

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  2. 21 hours ago, Sweatow said:

    Just got my genuine A19 Copperfire Esprit Turbo back today, after nearly 7 years of it being in service/storage, its a bit dusty so i will be giving it a good clean in the next few days, it will be on the market for sale soon, magazine featured, huge history file, passed its Mot last week, and before you ask i do have the Olin Mk6 prop skis, Mounts and a set of genuine Good Year tyres, i have owned for around a decade, its not going to be cheap though, any interested parties please pm me 


    That’ll be this one then…..😉😎


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  3. Really do hope they do a road version of this or dare I say it one that looks even more aggressive along the lines of all the Cup Exige cars……they’re bound to sell well. Porsche clearly think so….👍😎

  4. Love it - I like to think I somehow influenced this spec….when I was one of the first to go Fire Red back in ‘18😉

    Enjoy - they’re truly mental and great fun, and the public you pass by on your way, will love it!!😎

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  5. Glad to see Mick was ok after his crash - it was a big one! I honestly think this track is too quick for F1 cars……thought it last year and the same this year. I’m all for risk & reward but when there’s no chance when things go wrong for whatever reason, it starts to get dangerous! Hoping F1 doesn’t wait until AFTER someone is seriously hurt……

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