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  1. Is that what they mean by "Silicon Valley"?
  2. I've replaced my S4 flywheel with a stock replacement, because my original one had been ground down beyond tolerance. I'm not sure if it would be of any use, or if it would even fit an S4S . . . ?
  3. My absolute pleasure !! And I also can't wait to see your car on the road !
  4. Shockingly fantastic looking, Artie! I think you're going to have to change your info, to call it a "2007 Esprit" !
  5. Welcome Home, Mark! Your engine is looking brand, spanking new!! Wishing you the inspiration to keep at it. You gotta know it's going to be worth it in the end.
  6. Jeez, Phil . . . I hope I never meet you, to get on your bad side! Seriously, though - another case of poetic justice. I just love it when the world turns as it's supposed to.
  7. I'll send some more Canuck Bucks your way as well. Being on the other side of the pond, I won't be there for the handover, and I haven't been able to lend any physical help/ beer/ cookies, but you have my full appreciation for all you have done to a deserving fellow. I have enjoyed the progress and pictures, and wish you all the the best for the handover. From Si's posts, it seems he really has been kept in the dark as to what is going on, so further congratulations to all forum members for not letting anything slip! I'm sure Si's happiness will be all the reward any of us need for doing this! I salute the team.
  8. That's a fantastic secret treatment, Si, and it looks fantastic. I imagine the hard part, though, is turning the car 90 degrees on its side !
  9. Thanks for the laugh Katie!! I love it when justice prevails . . . And I think I speak for all when I say, you're our kind of gal.
  10. . . . What Graham said. I'm worried about the black car bra's scratching the paint themselves, especially with anything caught underneath and the bra flapping in the wind. And I like the look of Calypso Red! Two things about our roads here: 1. Rocks on the road are inevitable. 2. Rocks are attracted to cars. Meaning - the film will get scratched. But the paint won't get chipped. And when you've had enought, the section(s) of film can be removed and replaced, for cheaper than the cost of a new paint job. And the part that isn't covered in film is the part I get down and dirty with Zymol. It's win-win, all the way around.
  11. I also have it on my S4 - the front valence and bumper, halfway up the hood/ bonnet, both side mirrors, all wheel arches, and both rocker panels. I would never have any other car without the film. FWIW.
  12. Bibs is correct (of course). I just got them this past winter - ordered direct from SJ Sportscars, and shipped to Canada. Straight fit. My S4 has the adjustable top links. With the new suspension and new wheels, the arches are filled just perfectly - I don't have the arch extensions. Very smart looking, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera, and can't download any of my own pictures, but this past winter, I also got the new RAID airbag steering wheel. I got the real carbon fibre one, to match the fake CF binnacle. I love the new steering wheel, too! It's a smaller diameter, but a fatter grip. Fantastic!
  13. OK - call me an old fashioned purist, but if the In-Car Entertainment is so important to you, maybe you've missed out on the point of the "Car-Entertainment" !
  14. Actually -- I think I have a collection of disorders. I'm pretty sure OCD is one of them, but as Mark and I have spoken of, it says in the exotic car owner's code of conduct (#1, in fact), and I quote: "My cars will always be clean and well presentable." It's so darn embarrassing to have a car like this be found to be dirty. And as jfitz states, I have not found a well maintained car to be any problem with reliability. I do drive my S4 as a daily driver. . . . Well - unless there is rain in the forecast . . .
  15. You're very welcome. Your compliments made my day, too. It's no problem enjoying the company of a fellow Lotus enthusiast!
  16. And from the inside . . . your Raid steering wheel looks great, too!
  17. With the indominateable power of the human spirit you show, I believe you will. Best Wishes for you and your family.
  18. Hey Mark!! A very happy birthday to a fellow Hatter! Here's hoping that all of your wishes and plans come through this year. I can't wait to compare our cars this year. Hang on to this final year of your 20's, then your in for the ride of your life.
  19. Sorry I missed you guys!! I was in Calgary for the Auto Show. Weissach had an Exige S there. You know, in person, it looks way nicer than I thought it would. I mean, it's no Esprit, but it would be a really fun street and track car. I'm still waiting for my brake upgrade, but I can't wait to get my car on the streets again . . . Now I'm off to Arizona for a couple of weeks, so it won't be before late April at the earliest .
  20. I can only add that I have Marcus' +25% uprated clutch, and the pedal pressure is the same as stock. Very happy with it!
  21. Uhm - maybe whiskey, but not Scotch ! Up here, whiskey to us, is rye. I have had experience with Jack Daniels, but I don't want to "bring it up" again.
  22. I believe he has it installed in 2 V8's so far, including his own. So far, Marcus is happy with his, and I don't know about the other one . . .
  23. In the words of Marcus, taken straight from his website at : - 6 speeds in the original UN-1 housing - For fast road and track use - Maximum top speed in 6th gear is above 200mph ! - Straight cut gears for high durability and quick gearchange (gear noise is NOT prominent ! Above 60mph you will not hear any difference compared to the stock tranny !) - Gearchange itself is a completely new experience ... a very positive one ! Very quick, precise, short throw (only half the way) and not heavy at all. - Complete stock gearchange mechanism outside the gearbox remains unchanged ! - Driveshafts remain unchanged ! - Clutch, spline and engine mounting remain unchanged ! --> This means that the uprated gearbox is 100% compatible with the stock unit ! Just take out your stock one, split it and install the new 6-Speed Kit ... The kit includes all needed parts.
  24. I know we have discussed gearbox exchanges before, but FYI - Marcus at PUK is now offering a 6-speed gearbox kit, that fits in the original UN-1 housing, applicable to all models after MY 88. Reverse switches to right and down, instead of left and down. No Core charge, it's a straight replacement. Check it out! (Unsolicited advertising! )
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