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  1. Hi again, Tie. I got my S4 from ZR Auto in Calgary, and it's there for the winter already - seems to be my transmission. I still get all my servicing done there, and I would highly recommend them. You might want to drop around sometime and chat with them. Zahir is a huge fan of Ferraris and Lambos, but if you tell him what you're interested in, he may be able to track down a Lotus for you through his contacts. Maybe next year, if you haven't got yourself one by then, we could go for a spin. As far as technical information goes, I would recommend reading everything on this forum, as well as and . Wayne B. on this forum is one of many experts on all things Lotus, and he is a big G-car fan. And he's in Ontario! Good luck, and welcome to the forum!
  2. Mmmm . . . Hard to say. As far as I know, BC, Alberta and Ontario are represented, with dealers in Vancouver and Toronto. Where are you?
  3. "For Lotus Wheels OZ Chrono Magnesio are the lightest V8 size 17x8.5 and 18x10 The Sport 300 OZ modulars are probably next (17's though) the UK S4s OZ modulars 17 &18 OZ Nova's next (fairly light too) AWI (fairly heavy) Saturns are heaviest." If I was wanting to upgrade from the S4 wheels, there is little to choose from on Ebay. The new OZ Superturismo GT comes in 8x17" and 8x18", but not the 8.5 or 10". If the only choice is to buy new, what is available, or what would you recommend for 8.5x17" fronts and 10x17" rears? I see SJS does sell the OEM OZ wheels - is that my best bet? What is the benefits and differences of split rims vs. monobloc? TIA.
  4. I have been thinking long and hard on this one, but I think I'm going to bite. I have a 1994 S4, with the fake carbon fibre dash. I do love the looks of the aluminum clad wheel, but I don't think it will go with my interior. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet, and go for the most expensive wheel they offer - perforated leather with real black carbon fibre: Oh well, what are these cars for, if it isn't to sink all of your available money (and more) into them !
  5. 1. That guy is crazy 2. That guy is lucky 3. That guy is good!! B) 4. The world is a different place now, isn't it? 5. I love the sound of the engine I've seen the video before, but you're right, it's so much better following along with the Google map. Thanks, I enjoyed that!
  6. Thanks, Justin. I hope you know I was trying to come across with self-depracating humour. There is no way I'd open my gearbox, but I was hoping to use the collective wisdom and experience of the group to help guide my mechanic. He is an exotic mechanic, but not a Lotus mechanic. There's not one to be found for a thousand miles or so. But I will have the gearbox open over this coming winter, because I'm having Marcus' +25% uprated clutch and his Quaiffe LSD installed. As long as I'm not having progressive difficulties, I'll have him check out everything, including the synchro's.
  7. Well, I admit to being two-faced. I do think it looks good, especially with the colour of your car. But I also think it looks 90-ish, or the 2000's-ish, belonging to somebody in his 20's, and not truly belonging on car which otherwise would be considered an exotic. Just an opinion, mate.
  8. First, I'm ashamed to admit I'm one of those guys who loves driving my car, but I don't know anything about working on it. That's what real mechanics are for. Meaning, I take my car elsewhere to get serviced, and I can't reckonise hardly anything in the engine bay or under the car. I have a MY1994 S4, and I've developed problems getting into second gear with downshifts. Going from first into second doesn't seem to be a problem. I had a new clutch installed over a year ago, I have new clutch cylinders, the SS clutch line, and Malcolm's Gearshift Improvement Kit. I've read about Lotus' Gearshift Repair Kit (Master Unit Repair Kit), but being a colonial, I don't have personal access to Lotus Cars, Lotus Bits, SJS, PNM etc. I can't access any website that I could order this from, but I'm not sure if that is the trouble or not. Although not a strong point, I am under the impression that the actual gearbox is weaker on the V8's than the 4-cyl. cars. Do any of you have any suggestions that I can ask my service guys to look at? Does this sound more like a selector fork issue, or the second gear? Thanks in advance. P.S. I, too, miss Wayne's expertise on issues like this !
  9. Ya - but who is she, and where can I meet her? She seems like a nice person . . .
  10. . . . Just another poor colonial, where my S4 and myself both have British roots. But I'll just have to stay on this side, put aside my jealousies, and wish you all well! It would be fantastic, and I wish you all a great time.
  11. Thanks guys - I'll check out those two items.
  12. I've tried searching the website, and I can tell squeaks and rattles are part of Lotus, but I didn't see a lot of answers. So, pardon my asking. My first question would be, is there a standard fix for the rattle or squeak of the composite sunroof? Second, and maybe related question, is there a recommended maintenance for the rubber sunroof and door seals? I want to prevent the drying and cracking of the rubber, without causing deterioation. Has anybody tried leather care products, Armour All, etc.?
  13. I've just ordered my FreeScan set-up, and have received notice from PayPal that my payment went through. Will LEW also confirm the order, and how soon do they usually ship? Thanks all.
  14. Hi Doogie, and welcome to the forum. I've got a Calypso Red S4 in southern Alberta, and it told me it's happy to be out on the roads again!! If your Vancouver dealers don't have any leads, you can sometimes get a feel for what's out there, and asking prices, on E Bay. Calgary has an exotic re-seller, where I bought mine from, and with his extensive contacts, he may be able to find you one. You can check his website at: . He's easy to talk to, and deal with.
  15. Thanks, Marcus. I think it will be on my list of upgrades for next winter! I still have the "I want", but I don't have all of the "I can" ! As you know, I've done a fair bit this season, and look forward to more next year. John.
  16. Is Marcus' gearbox at PUK Esprit the same as Derek Bell's, or a clone? If it is different, does anyone have any experience comparing one to the other?
  17. I've tried over and over again, and same thing. The great ethereal Web takes my cooridnates, but refuses to pin me down!
  18. Thanks for your replies, guys. It helps me make up my mind. My tastes are simple - I like the best!
  19. Does anyone have any opinion on Marcus' PUK re-flowed turbos for 4-cyl. Esprits, vs. WC Engineerings Ceramic BB Turbo?
  20. Thanks, guys, but I'm happy with my "Arrest-me Red" Esprit. Othertimes, we just call it "Photo-Radar-Red". It's the colour sports cars were meant to be. Unless your Esprits are no longer "sporty".
  21. Hi. I just joined, living here in the hot part of Western Canada.
  22. Hi everyone. I've just logged on as a new member, and thought I'd post so I don't get called any names, like being a lurker ! I bought a 1994 S4 (red) last August, and have loved every minute of it. I've loved the Esprit for 25 years, and now find myself lucky enough to finally own one. I've put new Goodrich Podenzas on, and a Capristo exhaust, and would recommend either to all. My speedo cable has just gone - anyone have any experience with that? I have just returned from a 4 day event hosted by ZR auto in Calgary. It included a track day and a two-day drive through the mountains of western Canada, on some great twisties. This was an exotic car event, that was primarily Ferraris and Lambos, but I was pleased to show these guys that us Lotus guys can run well with the Italians - I got up to 250 km/h (on controlled access, safe highways). I can't seem to be able to add an attachment, but you can check out a trailer of our DVD by clicking on the bottom right corner of (Rocky Mountain Adventure). Still seems that we don't get no respect though - not the "allure" of being Italian. I still think that's their problem, though, as we know how special these cars are, right? I look forward to spending more time reading through the whole forum. Hello to you all. B)
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