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  1. Thanks, guys, but I'm happy with my "Arrest-me Red" Esprit. Othertimes, we just call it "Photo-Radar-Red". It's the colour sports cars were meant to be. Unless your Esprits are no longer "sporty".
  2. Hi. I just joined, living here in the hot part of Western Canada.
  3. Hi everyone. I've just logged on as a new member, and thought I'd post so I don't get called any names, like being a lurker ! I bought a 1994 S4 (red) last August, and have loved every minute of it. I've loved the Esprit for 25 years, and now find myself lucky enough to finally own one. I've put new Goodrich Podenzas on, and a Capristo exhaust, and would recommend either to all. My speedo cable has just gone - anyone have any experience with that? I have just returned from a 4 day event hosted by ZR auto in Calgary. It included a track day and a two-day drive through the mountains of western Canada, on some great twisties. This was an exotic car event, that was primarily Ferraris and Lambos, but I was pleased to show these guys that us Lotus guys can run well with the Italians - I got up to 250 km/h (on controlled access, safe highways). I can't seem to be able to add an attachment, but you can check out a trailer of our DVD by clicking on the bottom right corner of (Rocky Mountain Adventure). Still seems that we don't get no respect though - not the "allure" of being Italian. I still think that's their problem, though, as we know how special these cars are, right? I look forward to spending more time reading through the whole forum. Hello to you all. B)
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