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  1. Just an update that progress is still occurring, but oh so slowly. The ECU has been re-flashed with the Komo-Tec 460 HP upgrade, chargecooler installer, pipes run, and headers installed. The front clam has been finished and primed, headlights and DRLs installed. GTE wheels are being shipped. The rear clam has been sent to a body shop for finishing. The exposed carbon fibre bits will be gloss coated. Final assembly and full body wrap are a way off still, but now seem to be in sight.
  2. Yes, that is my car. I ordered the carbon fibre body kit directly from Germany. It's been quite the ordeal. We have not been impressed with the process at all. Some of the problems have had to do with the significant time differences between your side of the world and mine. The other frustration has been the reluctant willingness to sell me parts, but a stubborn near-refusal to provide any assistance or information in the build. But obviously body parts are available (or can be manufactured), and it is my wish that Thomas will have a rebuild in short order, and will still be able to enjoy #11 as it's meant to.
  3. How was your trip to Toronto? Did you get to meet up with anybody from this site?
  4. Epic. And looks like another fantastic day to spend with fellow afficionados of the brand!
  5. ...... Stay tuned for Number 22, coming this summer .... (OK, not a real GTE, but as close as you can make one from scratch, and the only one North America ..... )
  6. I'll always be a fan of the Esprit S4 ...... it was my first Lotus .....
  7. Well, welcome to Canada Peter! I'm sorry, but I'm in Western Canada, and that's about 2700 km away! You certainly do have a very interesting car there! I have an Evora, that we're doing using to do our best to convert into a non-factory GTE. Sure hope the weather and the experience is good for you. Congratulations to your son. jj.
  8. Merci Luc. Bon chance! Too bad there wasn't more Canadian participation here. Keep it up!
  9. Love it! Looks like it was a beautiful day, for that time of year. Nice to see so many people participating! La Belle Province. :-)
  10. Thanks for keeping this forum open Luc. I have never been afraid of modifying my cars, although I do believe your best re-sale value will be if the car is kept nearly stock. I like what you've done, and can truly appreciate that. I am now on my third Lotus - started with a 1994 S4, then a 2002 V8 twin turbo, and now I have an Evora S. This is my first new Lotus, and since it is now out of warranty, why not modify it? ;-) For details, go to the Evora model forum, then Evora chat, and see my project under "Aerobat's Evora Project". Not cheap at all, but it will be a very unique car! All the best to you!
  11. Oh, that sounds nice ..... but Ottawa is certainly more than a day trip from Alberta! Hope you have a good time, and I hope other Lotus drivers do show up. Take lots of pictures!
  12. Thanks guys. You are absolutely correct at how expensive this has become. I will post more pictures as the work progresses. And yes, I have decided to keep the red theme, but I'm going to try out Chrome Red in vinyl wrap. May as well make it shiny!
  13. Here is a long overdue update. I delivered my car to ZR Auto in Calgary, in February. I last posted here in March. It took FOREVER to have my work put in order by Mansory and Komo-Tec. Some delays in the manufacture of the aluminum bits for the chargecooler and condenser, but it has all arrived. As a one-off, I was waiting months for all the nice carbon fibre parts to be manufactured. However - all parts have been shipped overseas, have arrived in Canada, and cleared Customs. There are no assembly instructions at all, so it is very much a work-it out as you go project. The new headers have been installed, but I don't have any pictures of that. Some modifications to the original stock parts will likely be required. Here are some photo updates for now. Seems it will still take a while yet !
  14. Thanks for posting - so nice to see many of our cars together!
  15. Thanks Richard! I certainly have many fond memories of that car - my first Lotus. We did lots of work to that car, and yes - I certainly loved the sound of the car! Yes - there is now an official Lotus dealer in Calgary, and I did use Marcus from PUK for a lot of after-market stuff. Thanks for keeping in touch, and I'm very happy to hear the car is still bringing smiles! Cheers! Have a great driving season. :-)
  16. I have rubber ramps made from re-cycled car tires, that decrease the approach angle to the curb. Do you have anything like that available to you? Here, it's called an Eco-Flex EZ Curb Ramp ....
  17. This looks a lot like a Mansory kit, not a real GTE or 350. Maybe you can't buy one. But you can build one. It just takes forever ..... ;-)
  18. Stunning scenery. And the road views looked nice as well!
  19. It is very clean and impressive, isn't it?
  20. Thanks guys for all the input - I've forwarded your comments on to the shop doing the work. The need for deep pockets certainly is becoming more and more apparent as time goes by. And all because I love the looks of the GTE ! Komo-tec has shipped the supercharger upgrade, now we have to wait and see how long international shipping takes, and clearance through Canada Customs. We keep asking over and over again about the CF body parts. All we've heard is that the large parts have been fabricated, but they're still working on the small parts. We are hoping against hope that this project can be completed by the end of April. I will post updates as they become available.
  21. I guess I'll let you know .....
  22. Hi guys. Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm taking my Evora S, and trying to turn it into a GTE. It's the full carbon fibre kit from the Lotus OEM, plus the Komo-tec 460 hp upgrade. It will even be road legal here with the centre-locking wheels. For better or worse, I've been inspired by the Swizz Beatz look, so it will be wrapped in chrome red. Stay tuned! The shop that is doing the work is 200 miles from where I live, but specializes in after-market work on high end exotics. The green machine is a Gallardo. The orange car is a one-off, highly modified Maserati MC 12. More of those kind of pics at his website:
  23. Further progress, showing removal of the front bumper, new wider wishbones, and progressive rate lowering springs.
  24. Here's the intentional current status of my Evora S. Just a little project before summer really settles in. Only the doors and a portion of the rear clam will remain .....
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