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  1. Thanks for your reply Simon. Certainly a very attractive looking car!
  2. OK - please just put this down as pure ignorance from a Colonial ..... but with only 20 GTEs in the world, and none on this side of the pond, can someone either tell me, or direct me, to what are the differences that make a GTE? Obviously, it's wider and different than a Mansory body kit. Big wing in the back, centre locking hubs and unique wheels, 440 HP engine, new vents in the hood (bonnet), air vents around the wheel wells, fairings around the engine and engine bay air intakes, side skirts, and a unique sequential gear box. Have I missed anything? Was there a typical or standard interior? Is the suspension/ set-up different? Man I love these cars .... still more special than the 400, and even those aren't in North America yet! Thanks for your patience ....
  3. Stunning car. Now you'll have to let us know how it drives and handles!
  4. Thanks for the dyno results Markus - both your car and your engine look superb! I think we're on to something good here!
  5. Thank you for your replies Thomas - I was waiting for you to reply! I have a project underway for my car. Stay tuned!
  6. Thanks for your reply. What is it about the IPS that makes it difficult to fit a chargecooler? Is it just space limitations in the engine bay?
  7. Thanks Trevor. I also have the IPS, and I'm looking into this. I've heard a few people express interest, but haven't heard of anyone going this step yet. Not counting the coming of the 500 HP monster, wouldn't 460 be the most powerful Evora anywhere?
  8. Wow. The silence is deafening! So .... nobody anywhere has yet done a 460 HP upgrade?
  9. OK. Bibs has put the pressure on us to chat it up a bit. Now that the dealership in Calgary has been open for many months, has anybody here bought from them? Just wondering if we wanted to list what after market mods any have done to their vehicles? Spring is coming ...... I'm getting the itch to drive again!
  10. I am definitely more of a fan of the bigger newer cars, over the Elise/ Exige's. Can't wait for spring and summer ...... !
  11. Hi - I'm just wondering if anyone has since upgraded to 460 hp? And Thomas, can the 460 upgrade still be done on cars with IPS, or are we limited to the 430 hp upgrade? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Thomas. I'll do that, although there's a lot of water between here and there, and I suspect it will be longer for kits to make it across the oceans.
  13. Any idea Thomas on when this Stage 3 might be commercially available for the Evora?
  14. Thanks for that! I just haven't seen that over here - I guess my barge boards will do the same thing ....
  15. I've never seen mud flaps/ splash guards on a sports car before (at the rear of the front wheel arches). Is that a British thing?
  16. Having just come back from the Calgary Auto Show, Weissach has announced the location where the new dealership is to be built: Lamborghini Calgary/ Lotus Calgary 777 Heritage Drive S.E. Calgary (between Deerfoot and Blackfoot trails) On track to break ground in 2-3 weeks, the earliest it could be open is year end 2014, or more likely into 2015.
  17. Hmmm. I bought mine, and had them installed, by a Lotus dealer - Weissach of Vancouver. Here's a couple of more pictures of the barge boards, before the car was personalized ...... Also, it may have something to do with the aftermarket "A" panel?
  18. Yes they are. It would be nice if they were really CF, but they are painted wood. Still, don't step on them, and they're quite lovely to look at, IMHO.
  19. OK - finally I got around to posting some pictures of a new Ardent Red 2013 Canadian LHD Evora S. After-market options have included striping in homage to the John Player Special scheme, side skirts/ barge boards, vented "A" panels with added wire mesh, "Evora" windscreen headliner, lightly tinted windows/ headlights/ tail lights, black boarder to the tail lights, black boarder to the diffuser, Larini exhaust, protective clear film over the windscreen/ body/ side mirrors, and colour-matched rim protectors. It definitely draws some appreciative stares!
  20. Lotus Evora S IPS (2013) Date Added: 23 April 2013 - 12:13 AM Owner: aerobat Short Description: Just purchased from Weissach in Vancouver, but it hasn't arrived here yet. After market mods include/ will include: Larini exhaust, Lotus vented "A" panels, Lotus barge boards, Lotus valve stem covers, locking wheel lug nuts, "LOTUS" branded spoiler, 3M clear vinyl cover, tinted windows, and smoked headlights and tail-lights. View Vehicle
  21. Lotus Esprit S4 (1993-1996) (1994) Date Added: 18 July 2005 - 11:55 PM Owner: aerobat Short Description: Bought this in August 2004, and drive it every chance I get (when the skies are clear!). I've had in on a race track, for a performance driving school, and driven it on twisty mountain roads. It has a performance chip to 300 HP, and an after-market exhaust system - absolutely superb! I love the looks and stares from other people. And 8 cyl. Ferraris before the F360 have nothing on Lotus. I've only had it up to 250 kph, but it can keep up or outperform Ferraris on a track. Update January 2006: almost all of the mods below are being done over this winter, so I haven't had the chance to drive it yet with all of these mods. I've previously had the clutch line replaced with braided stainless steel, and a new clutch. I've had no problems with the car at all, and I do keep it maintained regularly. It is my daily car from April through mid-October. Parts have cost US60 and Euros 5050. Before these mods, I have had the car up to 270 km/h now (168 mph), so we'll see what the changes do. Update: Sold this car in 2010 to a gentleman up by Edmonton. It went to a good home! View Vehicle
  22. Ha ha. If you're in Medicine Hat, that is local ! I'll be happy with anywhere in Calgary. Much closer than Vancouver for us .....
  23. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Wouldn't that be nice?
  24. I stopped by there myself today, and got the same story - I believe it will be sales and support for Lotus and Lamborghini, and after sales support for Porsche? I didn't get to hear where they are going to be setting up, but I'm excited to hear this news. It'll be an easier way to have year-round servicing of my new Evora S.
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