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  1. Actually, we don't seem to have much left on the list of "shortcomings" .......
  2. Couldn't have said that any better, Felix .....
  3. Ah, it's been a long haul, eh buddy? The engine is looking and sounding good. Can't wait to be driving it again!
  4. I love you man - I haven't been called a "young folk" in decades! lol.
  5. Hey, hey, hey! Back to my car! lol - but have you found the sticky lifter yet? Yes, it's a good way to see the whole interior workings of the engine, but like Mark said - there's not a lot more to do to it. Still can't wait for it to all go together, and give it a dyno run, to document where we're at. (And when I say "we", I mean Mark .... ! )
  6. It may be a nice looking engine, but I still think it looks better in the boot.
  7. I have a RAID airbag steering wheel, and I love it! Looks great, feels great, drives great!
  8. Very, very weird. So sad that this postpones being able to drive the car, but like yourself - I'm greatful that this happened at home, and that it was caught immediately. Let's think of this as just a little set-back on the road to making the perfect Esprit.
  9. .... and if you're pleased, then I'm ecstatic!
  10. I just love the way the car sounds! And your video features nicely the Raid Airbag wheel!
  11. Yes, the video link worked, and it sounds great! I know you still have more to do to the car - but congratulations, and thanks!
  12. Got my fingers crossed that it all works out as planned. Looking good, and ingenious as always. Nothing is ever easy, when it comes to working on a Lotus, is it Mark?
  13. Hi Dave, nice hearing from you again! I am wishing that you get your car back to 100%. I'm also hoping the real estate market works out to your favour. Hope all is well, and you are able to come back for a visit sometime. You'll have to give my car a spin after Mark and Garry work their wonders on it!
  14. Wow. Or Yikes! One of those two seems appropriate .....
  15. And I'm the lucky beneficiary of all his expertise! What a sweet car .....
  16. Guess it depends which John you meant? I'm in Medicine Hat, AB with a 2002 V8TT.
  17. Lotus Esprit V8 (2002) Date Added: 18 March 2012 - 04:28 PM Owner: aerobat Short Description: Turbo Esprit, V8 25th Anniversary Edition, number 003 Better than perfect, better than new - thanks to the mods done by Mark T-C, Garry L, and Dodgy. Update: With a bit of a heavy heart, this car is being re-sold through Mark, with or without the mods. A wickedly outrageous vehicle! View Vehicle
  18. 1. zipbyu 2. andrewp 1989 3. OnAir 4. fsrowsell 5. Mesprit87 6. Mityrare 7. aerobat
  19. Hmmm - maybe I should think about going this year, instead of just sending my cars? We need to find some way to get Dave and all of us going .....
  20. Wow - that looks fantastic, Mark! The body colour is gorgeous, and you could never tell it used to be red. It's a beautiful, deep, rich black. I can't wait to see it all together again, and I look forward to the first turn of the key, and the first drive around the block!
  21. Actually, to me this does NOT sound related to flying at all, except as a coincidence. When you use the words "giddy" and "light-headed", are you nauseated? Does it seem like the world is spinning? As mentioned, this could be an inner ear problem - going by Vestibulitis, or Meniere's Disease. Candling won't help this, but it is reason enough to checked over medically. Good luck to you, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  22. John, you're such a kook. But a kook who can certainly write well and spin a good yarn. But you do have me thinking about the perks of working in Banff ......
  23. Pretty cool, but as always "don't try this at home, kids".
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