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  1. Welcome back, Artie! Good to have you back. I hope your struggles are behind you, and only good times lie ahead. I hope your arm (it was your arm, wasn't it?) is as good as can be. Enjoy all 6 wheels while you've got the weather for it! Looks like a nice custom bike! I'm sure it will have to polished before and after every ride!
  2. I have used John for a turbo upgrade to my S4. He is knowledgeable and reputable. He'll stand behind his work, and will make time to talk issues over with you - by phone or email. You'll have no worries with him!
  3. That's encouraging - I'm doing mine over this winter! Thanks for your input, and I hope it continues to give you the benefit we're looking for!
  4. Alas - it is our time to be leaving London for the colonies again..... I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet any of the LEF'ers while we were here. I understand what Laura and Mark were saying (and I agree as well), but that message apparently didn't get across to the Lamborghini, Aston-Martin, Maserati, Bentley, and Ferrari drivers in London. I only caught a glimpse from a distance, but I think I saw a Lotus 7 at Piccadily Circus..... nice! Thanks for the history and the culture, but I am looking forward to clean air and lack of crowds. (I am only speaking of London, and not anywhere in the rest of England, as we did not get about.....). Cheers to you all!
  5. A lot of the above was tongue-in-cheek. We are enjoying ourselves here. But as the homeland of Lotus, it just a surprise to see more Lotuses in my small Canadian city than I have seen here in London!
  6. Well, we're still in London, staying at the Strand Palace. It wouldn't meet the standards of a by-the-hour motel back home. Do all Londoners walk so slowly that time doesn't matter? Wow - culture shock !!! As far as motoring goes, I've seen the usual assortment of Beamers and Porsches, a Lamborghini Gallardo, lots of Maserati's , Aston Martins, Bentley's and a couple of Ferrari's. As far as Lotus goes, I've only seen one, and it was "just" an Elise. (Surely, that's got to offend somebody?) Where are all the Esprits?
  7. ... vaguely, a Pierce Brosnan look, I'd say.....
  8. Cheers Felix !! Thanks for the greeting. And GKP - I got it..... so I'm thinking, I'll just leave my brollie behind then? ha ha - boy scouts taught me to "always be prepared".
  9. Paul, I'm taking your suggestion to heart. The family and I (wife and two teenage kids) are making a trip across the Atlantic, for our first visit to London. The main purpose for our visit is West End theatre. We will be in London Aug. 2 - 10th, and we're staying at the Strand Palace, so Covent Garden is very close to us. We have 6 shows in 8 nights, and otherwise, it seems like it will be a tourist highlight trip. As a visiting colonial, could you please try to arrange some warmth and sunshine for our visit? Thanks so much !
  10. ..... yes, you could say it was a lovely day. Unless you were the groom, wearing a black suit. It was +35C, but fortunately, there was a light breeze to keep it slightly reasonable outdoors! On the other hand, it did make for good outdoor pictures.
  11. A very good looking couple !! The ceremony and reception were very nice, very touching. And it was nice to involve the Esprits. Well done to you both, congratulations, and thanks for the invitation.
  12. It's nice to see some progress on your own car, Mark !!
  13. I'm happy because Dave is happy! B)
  14. We've got three in little ol' Medicine Hat. Mark T-C is the Canadian forum adminstrator, so I'm sure he'll have a better handle on the answer to your question. If he doesn't find this thread, you can pm him directly from here.
  15. FWIW - Igot mine (the carbon fibre one) from TM Tuning, and had no difficulities.... And it looks great! I also got my adaptor from Jim, and it was brilliant.
  16. I'm pretty sure these are the RAID airbag steering wheels, available from TM Tuning in Germany. I got mine from them, and had great service. I don't have any pictures of mine, but I got the real carbon fibre one, and have been very pleased with it.
  17. There's always something for "next year", isn't there Artie? How are you coming along? Have you started physio yet?
  18. .... and Johnny is a very happy boy ! Looks good, sounds good, and drives sweet ! Next year's plans are for upgraded fuel injectors, Iridium plugs and a new harness, new clutch and flywheel, upgraded turbo's and actuators, re-mapping the ECU, and the gearbox upgrade. I think that's about it then. Of course, that's more than enough to make me happy! B)
  19. Sorry, Bibs. All I've got is Calypso Red...... And Toronto is just sooo far away from here. Plus, it's Toronto.
  20. Hmmm..... how about the driver's side, rear wheel of an Audi R8 ?
  21. That is so nice, I feel like I need a smoke now.....
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