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  1. I have found it is no trouble cruising around, but if you are stopped first in line at a traffic light, you do have to hunch down to see the light change.
  2. It really is a great colour combination. And nothing beats those lines and curves .....
  3. Thank you sir! I am waiting for spring again, but it is a joy to drive!
  4. I know exactly where you're coming from. No GTE's were sent to North America, so I had to build one, as you are asking about. I started with a LHD Evora S IPS, and made it into a GTE/ GT350 replica. Not exactly popular with original owners, who felt that replicas might reduce the value of the original cars. All my parts are OME, either from Lotus or Mansory. Living in North America, the parts were ordered through a company called British Racing Group, although they are no longer in business. You can check out the build on this forum, going back to March 2016. Just search "Aerobat's Evora Project".
  5. ..... what Gavin said. Yup, that was me .....
  6. Which car is this Bastien? Do you know who owns it, or where the picture was taken?
  7. Your car is stunning no matter what, Gav !
  8. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, please know that I will never ever even think of getting a Spyker.
  9. Yes, thanks for some support. My car is a conversion. A replica. But it’s not “Mansory bits”. It does have the new wishbones, new suspension and new wheels. The carbon fibre is one-off custom made based on OEM for the GTE/ GT350. No GTE’s made it to North America. I wanted one. I paid a premium and made one. It’s not a factory GT350, but it’s damn near identical. I’m happy, and that’s all that matters to me.
  10. These are actually tyre stickers, and can be removed anytime. They can be cleaned and/ or replaced as necessary. Not sure where they source from - I got them from Oops sorry - apparently I have reached the limit of my attachment space, and can't show any more pics.
  11. Didn't the "original" GTE's have centre-locking wheels? This one still looks like it has five lugs on the rims ..... I guess the proof would be to find out what motor is under the boot?
  12. I durst say, that were I to try to replicate this same exit, that I would not appear so graceful.
  13. Nothing like car decals to make the car more sporty. All for children's charity, on a closed course through city streets. Like a Grand Prix for 66 exotic cars, including a GTR Ultima, Ferrari's, Lambo's, Porsche's, Audi's, Peugot, GT40's, a Jaguar, one Audi i8, a couple of McLaren's, a Folino, and one shiny Lotus. Proud to say we stand up as well as anybody in that crowd, and the car handled extremely well on the course!
  14. Again, sorry for the delayed reply. Being on this side of the Atlantic, with such a big difference in time zones, Komo-Tec was not a real big help to my shop. The ECU was retuned to Komo-Tec's specs, and you're right, when I take it to my Lotus dealer/ service department, I will let them know to not re-flash the ECU, but to leave it to the EV460 specs. My car is out of warranty now, so I felt free to plunge on with the after-market mods. When I was doing this, I had not known of, or heard of the TVS1900 conversion. But Komo-Tec is well known and well experienced with working with Lotus, so I'm comfortable with that. Good luck with your plans, and please let this group know of your plans and progress. Thanks for the compliments - I am happy with how the car turned out!
  15. Actually, the most important software update I'm needing is for the IPS. Beyond that, I bow to the knowledge of others much more experienced and informed than I am.
  16. Hi Martin. I had used my car often as a daily driver, but only in good weather. I am OCD enough that if I drove in rainy weather, I would be spending too much time getting the rain spots off, lol. I was fortunate enough to bring my car home in nice weather, but it is early spring here now, with lots of rain, occasional snow, and cooler temperatures. My car's ECU is still learning from these modifications, and I am also due for a Lotus software update. I have not driven the car aggressively yet. I have enjoyed more noise from the supercharger, and a throatier engine sound. Acceleration is smooth and quick, without the kick in the a$$ you get with a turbo. So - I cannot yet answer about it's performance. The company that did this conversion was extremely happy with the outcome, and he is a Ferrari guy. (His car is a highly modified Enzo ...) Before I had picked it up, he did his own test drive, and he commented on how smooth and easy to drive it is. He easily was doing 200 km/h on city freeways, and backed off from there. I have the IPS, which does limit or restrict performance somewhat compared to conversions to standard transmissions. Overall, I would say go for it! Unless you can settle for less than what your car could be.
  17. Thought I should add the video of me picking the car up. Gracious thanks to British Racing Group (Philadelphia PA), and ZR Auto (Calgary AB). It is a lot of fun to drive, and is a great way to collect a gathering of car enthusiasts every time I park! I have had nothing but compliments. I get that not everybody likes the tire stickers, sunstrip or GTE side stickers .... but I do!
  18. Mine is factory original Evora S, with the IPS transmission. All I've done is the full GTE exterior, and the Komo-Tec 460-HP engine performance upgrade. That includes headers, cat bypass, carbon fibre bigger air intake, smaller pulley for a stronger supercharger, and an air-water chargecooler - if I've got that all right. The original GTE's had a 444 HP Cosworth engine, with an AMT sequential gearbox. I don't think any of those made it market. What we call GTE's are technically GT350's. There are others on this forum with far more knowledge than I about the Lotus history .....
  19. Thank you for the kind words. I expect it will be a head turner, and a good opportunity to promote Lotus.
  20. Ha ha ha! Yes it is! If you're up on your aircraft, it's an S-2C. Boys and toys .....
  21. Thanks Gav - I am very happy with how it has turned out! I have not driven it, nor had it dyno'd - but it does have Komo-Tec's 460-hp upgrade. My car is the IPS, so it won't develop full horsepower, but it will be fun to drive! And just in case you were wondering, my license plate refers to my other toy:
  22. Well, this long journey seems to be over. The work on my car is said to be done, except for the official test drive. We still have winter driving conditions, which means gravel all over the city roads and gravel/ salt on the highways. So - it will still be a while before I'm driving this car. It won't be to everyone's taste, and I acknowledge it's not a "real" factory GTE ..... but it's as close as one can get on this side of the Atlantic .... evora_mockup.pdfevora_mockup.pdfevora_mockup.pdf
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