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  1. Hi guys, while we are on the subject. My fuel light comes on when the tank registers 1/4 full and tends to flash a bit then stay on, Its a bit annoying. The fuel gauge tends to drop pretty quickly from full so don't know if it is reading correctly anyway. Is the light supposed to come on at 1/4 full? Could this be a sender problem, gauge problem? Any suggestios appreciated. Cheers PAUL
  2. Hi guys, wanting to speak to anyone re, importing of car from England to Sydney. I know some of you have done it. I would just like to speak to someone re,,,cost / taxes / time / hassles / is it worth it? etc.If anyone has info i would appreciate them emailing me with their number so i could buzz them for a chat. [email protected] cheers Paul
  3. Hi guys, just thought I would ask whilst on the topic of engine oil. Am about to change mine on the S2 Esprit. (first time) Manual states 20w 50. Just plan old castrol/ Valvoline? or should I go for something better or synthetic? Any advice on recommended oils would be appreciated. (could not find this info on site elsewhere) Cheers Paul.
  4. Thanks Danny, I will try and chase up. Appreciate it. Paul
  5. Hi there, anyone know of repairer in Sydney area that has knowledge of these cars. I have a 1980 S2 Esprit. I have to replace the bearings in the transaxle output shaft housings. Its a (Citroen transmission) I can pull the complete housings out but aparently need a special tool to remove the bearings and replace. I can pull it off the car and send complete housing to UK to get done but cost wise I would prefer to obtain parts here or o/s and get repaired here. Does anyone know of Citroen transaxle specialists that could do the work here? All info appreciated PAUL
  6. Thanks Andy. The car rear end is all pulled apart at the moment but the major negative camber was like I said prior to pulling it apart. I just thought that while I had it all apart to do other repairs I might of been able to fix camber problem too. I appreciate the advice and believe you could be right about the previous owner changing things around, ( he is a rally car driver so maybe he made a few adjustments. ) . I think I will do as you say and do my other repairs first and put it all back together and then see how it is and then go from there.
  7. Hi guys, I am a bit of a novice so bare with me. Yes it has negative camber as in the bottom of the tyre sits out from the car. I am doing repair work to the rear of the car at the moment so have all rear suspension and gear of the car. I am not to sure how to measure the camber but from rear veiwing when the car was together and on the ground , using a spirit level against the wheel rubber vertically and measuring the distance from the level vertically to the top tyre wall would of been about 8cms or 3'' (if that makes sense) it looked like one of those old VW beetles with negative camber.
  8. Hi All, I have major negative camber on both rear wheels on my 1980 S2. Where do I start to adjust / fix this. All inf o welcome, Thanking You, PAUL
  9. Hi there, I am unable to find Aussie members section to tell who and where the oz members are etc, is this here somewhere. I would like to contact the blue S2 owner in the pics if anyone knows his wherabouts . I would like to have a chat as I have same car and have not seen another locally and I require parts info etc, Thanking you, Paul, Sydney. [email protected]
  10. Hi there, has anyone got a good R/H rear hub carrier for sale.(1980S2) I am off the road until I can get one. Mine is sus and needs replacing. Thanking You. PAUL
  11. Hi there, Count me in, I need something like this now, Cheers PAUL.
  12. Add me to the map. Sydney Area South side, (The Shire) Good idea, PSR.
  13. Thank You all, for the welcomes and the replies. The information is invaluable and I'll commence an inspection and replacement procedure ASAP. PSR.
  14. Hi, Folks. I own an 80' Esprit and note that engine fires seem to be quite common in the earlier models and I'm just after info as to what alterations / improvements I can do to prevent this happening. ( I assume most of these fires are caused by fuel leaks?) Any info would be greatly appreciated. Paul.
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