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  1. Hello, Bibs. It may be an old thread but I need to stop gaining unnecessary attention when I drive by. Anyway I can just disable the alarm altogether?
  2. Hello, guys. Can anybody please help me regarding my cobra 6422 alarm on my V8 Esprit? A chirping sound comes on even while the engine is running. Does anyone know how to silence it?
  3. Hello, Bibs. I am sorry, but I would not be able to attend this karting session. Maybe next time. Thanks for the invitation. You guys have a great time. Regards, Sonny
  4. Hello, there. Count me in. Regards, Sonny
  5. Hello, everyone. Driving my Esprit has, is, and will always be a great way to spend the day. However, posing with other Esprits and snaking through narrow, icy, and pot-hole filled country lanes, will always be an experience to remember. It's was a pleasure to meet THE MAN (bibs) and thank you to the other Esprit owners who showed me a warm welcome on such a very cold January morning. I must apologize for leaving behind the other Esprit owners at the Woodman Pub early as I just couldn't resist the temptation to burn rubber on the M25, where I caught up and shadowed a rosso red Ferrari 360. The driver pulled over on a few ocassions to let me pass, but I held back. I was just beginning to have fun. I was more than willing to go all the way, but the Ferrari took the M4 exit. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the near future and please don't lead us again down a narrow and rough road. Regards, Sonny
  6. Hello and Happy New Year to all! Count me in. Lotus Esprit V8 (Sonny). 1&2. Bibs & Laura (Hopefully in a Sport350!) 3. Peter (grey Europa) 4, 50nny (Esprit V8)
  7. Hello, guys. I apologize for this very late response, but I've been called for duty on Sunday 30th of August. I have a very responsible job and I can't decline when duty calls. I'm going to miss this social gathering and I hope to see you all at another gathering. With regrets, Sonny
  8. Count me in. 1,2,3,4: GGHC87 5 & 6: Bibs & Laura 7 & 8: Rog and Sam 9 & 10: Andrew & Saul 11 & 12: Mike & Wendy (Mike6) 13: Sonny (50nny)
  9. Hello, everyone. I would like to apologize for this very late response but I do very much appreciate all of your advice and suggestions. I still have the "crunchy reverse syndrome." It's been to a major Lotus dealer but can't rectify the problem. Since I brought it from sunny and warm Florida, USofA, I'm now inclined to think that the car is unaccustomed to the cold and damp weather in the UK. Hopefully, it will adapt. Kind regards, Sonny
  10. It was a great day out. Shame about the weather and the parking. Those Jap cars shouldn't have been let in.
  11. Hello, Trevor. I'm up for it. It's always good to socialize with fellow Loti drivers. What time shall we meet at ACE? Regards, Sonny
  12. Hello, gghc87. Sounds like it's going to be a great day. Just like with all the rest of you Esprit enthusiasts, my V8 should arrive in showroom condition. Regards, Sonny
  13. Hello, Rocket63. Thanks for the info. I might pay them a visit tomorrow 30th May. Silverstone is about 50 miles north from me. Regards, Sonny (50nny)
  14. Hello, Sparky et al. I had a great day out with you guys. That was my first parade lap on my V8. The pictures were crystal clear. We just need to keep the convoy intact next time. Kind regards, Sonny
  15. Hello, Cliff. I hope to see you all at Chieveley Services(M4) around 0930-0945 hrs. on Saturday 23 May 09. Thanks for the invitation. Regards, Sonny
  16. Hello, Cliff. I'm quite new to the club. I'm sure I'll have a fab day. Count me in. Regards, Sonny
  17. Hello, Gary. I live in Carpenders Park. Tell me where and when to meet you and I'll be there. Regards, Sonny
  18. Hello, Gary. Count me in for Sunday 5th JLY 09. Are you guys meeting somewhere enroute to LHR? Regards, Sonny
  19. Hello, Malc. Okay. Thanks for the two tickets. I'll meet you at the gates around 1300 hrs. ON Saturday. I have a black Esprit V8 (LP51NKJ). Regards, Sonny
  20. 50nny

    Black V8 in Watford

    Hello, Sparky. Unlike my car, I don't have supercar performance! I'm still taming this beast. I was thinking of going to Donny on the 18th/19th to meet other Esprit owners. Hopefully, you could make it. The weatherman promised a dry day. Regards, Sonny
  21. 50nny

    Black V8 in Watford

    Hello, there. I appreciate you stopping to take pictures. Maybe we'll meet at Donnington Park on 18 APR 09. Regards, 50nny
  22. Hello, guys. I'm new to LEF. I have a 2001 Esprit V8 which has a crunchy reverse as soon as the engine reaches normal temp. Can anyone share an advice or two to remedy this symptom?
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