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  1. Well, the search is underway. Drove '86 Turbo; too expensive even after 2 price reductions (36K miles, $15,900). Needs, oh, I don't know. A lot. Second attempt, flew to CT to see white '83 Turbo, beautiful but didn't drive, or stop for that matter (27K miles, $19,900 with many new parts. New back in 1998, that is) . Now contemplating a YELLOW '84 Turbo in NJ worked on by Don Butler at Union Jack Exotics. Probably well-sorted, but then I thought, even if I find one, where to go for service? Don Butler of Maryland is excellent, but I am in Tampa. Does anyone know of a Lotus mechanic in the area? There are two dealers nearby, but I imagine they mostly work on the Elise and Exige. No point in buying if I can't get service, and I am not extremely handy. Not yet, anyway. . . Thanks, all!!
  2. Wow, that Esprit in NJ is striking. However, I don't care for the shade of yellow . . . I do appreciate the additional information, coming from such an experienced Lotus enthusiast. I find it also curious that only one tank was replaced. Is there some significance regarding the pressure-washing? Could there be damage from that process? Also, I think the dry-sump system was used in models built before March '83. I checked the VIN but I can't find the date of manufacture of this car; I suppose there is an identification plate I can look for when I see the car tomorrow. Can you tell based on the engine photos if this is a wet- or dry-sump vehicle? I, too, am attracted to the interior condition; so many of these cars are trashed and not maintained properly. If you know of anything I can check for myself while I am there, please, anyone, send me an email at [email protected] Thanks!!!
  3. Thank you all for your input!!! I am going to see the car next week. I am very excited about it!! I will let you know what we decide . . . Rick and Jim
  4. Hello, everyone . . . we are in Tampa, Florida, USA. We have been searching for a decent Giugaro Turbo Esprit for some time. There are two here in Florida; we drove one so far (1986 model). It has issues, and the dealer wants $17,900, or $18,900 with new tires and some brake work (which it needs in addition to lots of cosmetic help). The other has a nasty interior and probably isn't worth seeing in person. The third is in Connecticut, at a dealer called "Classic Car Gallery." This is a non-fuel injected Turbo Esprit in white. The dealer claims everything is new and restored including all new hides, new suspension with Spaxx shocks, rebuilt carburetors and turbocharger, new BBS wheels and new tires, fresh paint, etc. It looks amazing, except for the painted bumpers. The A/C has been serviced and works well according to the seller. He also has "reams" of receipts totaling several thousand dollars documenting the restoration. Also many extra parts included with the sale. Asking price is $19,900 with some room for negotiation. He claims the car drives and runs perfectly. I am flying up to CT next week to see the car. Any thoughts on this year Esprit? I would rather Bosch fuel injection instead of the Delortos, but this might be the best mechanical/cosmetic car available right now. Please send your input!! PS, VIN is sccfc40a9dhf60397. The car has only two previous owners, and they both participated in the restoration. It has only 27,000 miles. Thanks, Rick and Jim
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