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  1. mityrare


  2. with my S2 Paul
  3. 1. zipbyu 2. andrewp 1989 3. OnAir 4. fsrowsell 5. Mesprit87 6. Mityrare 7.
  4. I took my Suzuki Alto Works instead....out for a gravel run along with some other turkeys. Kept the Esprit S2 in the garage. p
  5. My S2 sender has just stopped working...this a USA spec car (Strombergs) What car manufacturer did Lotus borrow this from? ( so perhaps I can source one on this side of the pond) If I cannot source in Canada or the USA, what are the UK sources? Thank you Paul in Canada
  6. The new mount was defective and failed immediately... vendor sent a avoid a repeat fail I ordered the retrofit kit from SJSportscars which arrived in Canada only 4 days after ordering (amazing).... i also ordered all new bushings for gearbox etc as well as bits for the shift linkage and timing belt tensioner. All of this is being installed today... cannot wait to get her on the road again. Paul
  7. I got my S2 recently and within 77 miles the driver's side engine mount failed. Ordered a replacement and had installed along with heat shielding. 100miles and the same mount has failed again.... without any hard use...only highway miles!!!! Perhaps a defective mount? What to do????? Which retrofit suspension mods will work best to eliminate this bothersome issue? Parts sources for an alternative solution? Paul in Canada
  8. I already found my S2 a couple months back Paul
  9. The S2 is a great choice...I have had mine only a couple of months and I am absolutely pleased with it. Today I drove and hour to a British Car show (in Canada) and of 32 cars mine was the only Lotus in attendance. Drive her and enjoy her. Paul
  10. Sign me up!....source for Dellortos and associated carb swap pieces?? another vid today....not a GoPro this time and better sound, but faint compared to the real music in the cockpit. enjoy...lovin the car! Paul
  11. I had a blast in my new toy today. The GoPro camera had too much audio interference I added some cultural music for your listening pleasure (you can always hit "mute") cheers Paul
  12. Front 215 60 14 Rear 245 60 14 p
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