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  1. Hi Guys here in the states, both my rovers have GM charcoal canisters on them. I assume its the same in the UK. You could probably get a generic fit item. Ewen.
  2. I agree with the first post, burn it and piss on the smoldering remains
  3. Johnathan Shoot me a PM with your details as im trying to find needle type gauges for mine. Maybe we could do a swap or trade.
  4. Hi im new here. I will post pics and a profile later. just wondering if anyone has come across digital gauges in an esprit. My boost, oil pressure, fuel and time clock are all digital with a red readout. The remaining gauges are regular needle type. They look original but Ive never seen another esprit with this setup. I have decided change them as it dates the car. Any feed back would be great. Thanks Ewen PS Great forum.
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