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  1. Its a pity no one got back to you. You can but try! Sounds like you found it a good home anyway. Hopefully its a member and we'll see the end result
  2. Lucas, For goodness sake man, its been 5 days! Don't keep us in suspense! Did you get through to the factory? Did they decide to buy it? At least say it has gone to an enthusiast to be sympathetically restored..........
  3. I take it back. That is bloody tragic. You kinda have to ask why.
  4. Great find George. Most modifications look bloody tragic but I have to say, for my 5 cents, that really works.
  5. This may have been a lead into the advent of the hot hatch? You're welcome Mike. Love finding little gems like this. Loving those sheepskin big lapelled coats. Very 70's, very Kojak!
  6. Someone is doing a fine job digitising the Thames TV archive.
  7. I hear ya! They're not a bad bunch, are they The best of luck with her and can't wait for those piccies
  8. Even though the car is shrouded in shadow and transporter truck, it still looks great! Genuinely excited for you William. Please do show us more once the car arrives. Great advice Mark and Anthony. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Hey William, Being a bit nosey, but any update on your S1? Can't help myself. Love an S1
  10. Looks like the same concept Autocar came up with a few years back, just in a different colour. It's not a bad design but has nothing to do with the Esprit we all know and love. Bring Giugiaro back for a modern interpretation of his original folded paper design. Now that would be something truly special!
  11. I reckon an S1 Mark. You must have been quick off the mark to catch a shot of that as it passed. That front spoiler is definitely S1. I've seen some late S1s with the revised S2 spoiler but I'd imagine these were not produced in great numbers. No ears for cooling the engine bay as you mentioned is also a giveaway. Not seen an S1 with sills painted black before. Personal preference would be to keep them body colour. This makes the car look squat and compact in side profile giving it a more planted look. I've not seen this car before. Does anyone recognise it?
  12. Did not realise the early cars had no lip. Good to know. Just presumed they were the same as the Esprit. Will watch auction to see how she goes.
  13. Cheers Mike for the info. My concern would be the seam that the waste trim is glued/attached to appears to have been shaved off. There was another post on here that suggested this may raise concern regards integrity of the body shell as this is where the upper and lower molds were joined during production. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  14. Waist trim seam removed. Is it possible to put this back?
  15. It's unfortunate you did not find out about it before purchasing the S2 but I would not consider your S2 as a consolation prize. They are a fantastic looking car. That change to the front spoiler from the S1 was not something I always liked but is beginning to look better and better. Fridge, Good to know regards the Wolfrace wheels. Cheers!
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