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  1. Cheers. I'd take a punt at about 220kg myself...
  2. Hi George. Any luck on the body weight yet...?
  3. OMG..! Please, please, tell me that is someone having a laugh using Photoshop..!! If not, I can only hope that the perpetrator of this monstrosity gets jail-time at the very least....!
  4. Result!!! Ralph Moore has one in stock and Shannons will pay for it!! Brilliant! Thanks very much, Robert..! Regards, Colin
  5. Brilliant, thanks - I will try him today Regards, Colin
  6. Hi Dan, Thanks for that - I'll give them a whirl too. I'm in Balmain Regards, Colin
  7. Hi Phil, Thanks for that - I believe that I heard this before somewhere (maybe on here?) and wondered at the time what JCB it might be off... but - if all else fails - I'll dig into this (pun intended :-) Hi Michael, I did try a specialist windscreen wholesaler who had the windscreen for mine in their catalogue, but when I tried to get one they just gave me the run-around. I haven't tried Novus, but I will - thanks. I just hope that they don't source their windscreens from the specialist wholesaler that I tried... Steve Taylor? I don't know him. I am based in Sydney. Regards,
  8. Hi guys, Started the full refurb on my S2.2 and on removing the windscreen glass, it just cracked up..! Thin, isn't it? Anyway, problem is I am in Australia and Esprit S2 (S1, S2.2, S3) windscreens are as rare as rocking horse dung here, it would seem. I tried overseas (i.e: UK) suppliers - all of whom, and I mean all, completely failed to return my 'phone calls/emails. So - PLEASE - I am desparate, can someone help me? 1981esprit2.2 AKA Colin
  9. Oh, good god, no! And what's with that Eddie-Munster-hairline-windscreen? That is one seriously ugly car...
  10. Well, I don't live in the UK so it may not count. But I really enjoy burning tyres in my loungeroom during Winter. Not just because of the cold, but also because i like the smell...
  11. Provided the exchange rate isn't too bad at the time (currently about $1000AUD to one British Pound ) you can count me in
  12. Hi Justin, No, it doesn't wobble when I brake, and I tried to "load up" each wheel by doing as you suggest, but to no avail. Thanks for the suggestion though. I live on the South Coast of NSW near Moruya Regards, Colin
  13. Hey Joolz, Sounds EXACTLY the same problem as mine - sounds like you've already looked at quite a bit of what might be causing it. As for the "clonk" and pulling the steering to the left, I don't get that. Let me know if you have any luck Colin Hi Andy, My seats must be too luxuriously padded - I can't feel the vibration through the seat, only the steering wheel. Thanks for the suggestion anyway; I'll still have the tyres and wheels checked out just in case Regards, Colin
  14. Esprit S2.2 Yellow VIN: SCC079912BHD10992
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