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  1. Cheers. I'd take a punt at about 220kg myself...
  2. Hi George. Any luck on the body weight yet...?
  3. OMG..! Please, please, tell me that is someone having a laugh using Photoshop..!! If not, I can only hope that the perpetrator of this monstrosity gets jail-time at the very least....!
  4. Result!!! Ralph Moore has one in stock and Shannons will pay for it!! Brilliant! Thanks very much, Robert..! Regards, Colin
  5. Brilliant, thanks - I will try him today Regards, Colin
  6. Hi Dan, Thanks for that - I'll give them a whirl too. I'm in Balmain Regards, Colin
  7. Hi Phil, Thanks for that - I believe that I heard this before somewhere (maybe on here?) and wondered at the time what JCB it might be off... but - if all else fails - I'll dig into this (pun intended :-) Hi Michael, I did try a specialist windscreen wholesaler who had the windscreen for mine in their catalogue, but when I tried to get one they just gave me the run-around. I haven't tried Novus, but I will - thanks. I just hope that they don't source their windscreens from the specialist wholesaler that I tried... Steve Taylor? I don't know him. I am based in Sydney. Regards, Colin
  8. Hi guys, Started the full refurb on my S2.2 and on removing the windscreen glass, it just cracked up..! Thin, isn't it? Anyway, problem is I am in Australia and Esprit S2 (S1, S2.2, S3) windscreens are as rare as rocking horse dung here, it would seem. I tried overseas (i.e: UK) suppliers - all of whom, and I mean all, completely failed to return my 'phone calls/emails. So - PLEASE - I am desparate, can someone help me? 1981esprit2.2 AKA Colin
  9. Oh, good god, no! And what's with that Eddie-Munster-hairline-windscreen? That is one seriously ugly car...
  10. Well, I don't live in the UK so it may not count. But I really enjoy burning tyres in my loungeroom during Winter. Not just because of the cold, but also because i like the smell...
  11. Provided the exchange rate isn't too bad at the time (currently about $1000AUD to one British Pound ) you can count me in
  12. Hi Justin, No, it doesn't wobble when I brake, and I tried to "load up" each wheel by doing as you suggest, but to no avail. Thanks for the suggestion though. I live on the South Coast of NSW near Moruya Regards, Colin
  13. Hey Joolz, Sounds EXACTLY the same problem as mine - sounds like you've already looked at quite a bit of what might be causing it. As for the "clonk" and pulling the steering to the left, I don't get that. Let me know if you have any luck Colin Hi Andy, My seats must be too luxuriously padded - I can't feel the vibration through the seat, only the steering wheel. Thanks for the suggestion anyway; I'll still have the tyres and wheels checked out just in case Regards, Colin
  14. Esprit S2.2 Yellow VIN: SCC079912BHD10992
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