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    1984 lotus esprit turbo,81 corvette,01 silverado 4x4

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  1. Looks like ive found mr cars twin but mine has black and tann interior,and gold decals but mine has plain silver rims and mine is a 1984 KAM
  2. I'm pretty sure it was an 85'.Its red right?
  3. We obviously know who is going to win . Kam
  4. Thanks,Mark. Ive seen the ZR one i think? is it black?If so he wants a lot for it. What about Rourkes? KAM
  5. I'll look out for you and thanks matk for relocating my topic KAM
  6. LOL i accidentally put it in introductions Moved and retitled for easier indexing - matk
  7. Hi, ive been looking on the forum and have a many esprits are in calgary or just in alberta ? KAM
  8. hi ive been looking for a turbo on the forum that looks identical to mine but no luck so i went on the internet and search james bond lotus esprit turbo because mine looks like that and i found this its for sale but it has a different pattern instead its copper and black a mine is copper gold (like james bond)
  9. its was 260 kmh not sure what it is in mph
  10. WOW
  11. kam


    welcome to LEF sue and good pick on the year of the car. I am waiting for snow to melt so I can take mine out for a nice cruise. KAM
  12. Wellcome to LEF.............................. KAM
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