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  1. If you google "delorean luggage rack" it may give you inspiration but I suspect you would have to have one custom made to suit an S2.
  2. Great to see a few delorean owners on here, I've had mine 12 years, black, manual, with petrol flap and a stage 2 Houston engine. Not much to add that @internetshasn't mentioned, for a home mechanic the esprit and dmc are very similar, even down to the wiring diagrams. Biggest risk in buying is frame rust and interior parts are expensive but pretty much all parts for the car can be got with a few exceptions. the dmc is a lovely gt car and gets a ridiculous amount of attention from the public which can be off putting. Most of the USA vendors would do a pre purchase inspection which could be an option. Best of luck with the search.
  3. What type of aftermarket fuse box did you use as a replacement? I have been looking for a nicely finished one that would fit in the same area. If you had a photo of your fusebox install it would be great. Thanks
  4. Hi all, a bit off topic but is there supposed to be wind deflectors on the glass roofed Guigiaro esprit?
  5. Theres also a dry sump yellow turbo with compomotives here in Ireland
  6. Hi Paul, Congratulations. I have been looking at the photos on uksportscars website for the last month. I have a project 1985 white turbo esprit the exact same spec as yours and I have been using your photos as inspiration. Just realised I never saved the photos and they're gone now, I might ask for a favour if you could email them to me please! best of luck with the car
  7. Afraid not, it's definitely the black one. I have a photo but can't compress it on my phone to upload it
  8. MPH 7W with 4 stud compomotives
  9. Is there a list of the jps cars? I spotted this jps on a Facebook group which was in Dundalk in Ireland last weekend. Looks to have an aftermarket sunroof
  10. Just to muddy the waters even further I have a list of G cars that I know about on the full island of Ireland but only have registrations for most of them and not chassis numbers so don't think they are of use to ye!
  11. Found tegh info on the Donegal car. Yellow dry sump, chassis 1067, it has black half leather interior, compomotives and an aftermarket sunroof. Hope that helps.
  12. There's a 1982 yellow dry sump in Donegal. I have the vin wrote down somewhere. Black half leather interior, compomotives and aftermarket sunroof, same owner since 1984ish.
  13. Great, do what keeps you happy. In my opinion as long as it was sprayed any of the originally available factory colours I wouldn't be put off and I don't think the value would be affected too much.
  14. Looks brilliant. Where did you get the leather from and what colour code is it? Did you take a sample of the existing leather to match the colour?
  15. There's a few more than that. I know of 6-7 G turbos and about 15 G cars in total. But there are so few it's relatively easy to remember them all!
  16. Hi Dave, is it the black plastic trim you are looking for or the full plastic housing? I have a friend that got the black plastic trim 3d printed recently for an S3. (Prototype in grey)
  17. Hi Andy, i knew i see claret red listed somewhere but did a search and realised it was you that listed it! do you know if the Essex cars have the same red as the later cars? Mine is an 85 and I'm hoping to save half the interior by redying it.
  18. It's a different car. The yellow one in Donegal is a 1982 turbo dry sump. Same owner since 1984
  19. Hi guys, Came across the attached link. It looks a bit odd to me, BBS alloys and a turbo kit on an S2.2. Thoughts?
  20. Just added myself, will send Alunox email. As with the others, the euro to £ rate is good for us at the moment so looking to pay asap, cheers
  21. Hi Mark, Im interested in adding my name to the list but trying to figure out the difference in cost so as which option to go for. Group buy price for G manifold is £1,250 + VAT and shipping Is the price for a full system £1,900 for a one off price or is it the group buy cost? Does this include or exclude the VAT? Thanks Kenny
  22. Hi Mark, i am interested in an alunox manifold. keep us posted.
  23. Hi Steve, I did a bit of research on the original Blaupunkt radios for Esprits when I was looking for 1 for my 1985 TE. I "think" original Blaupunkt radios for your car would have included the below High end: Toronto SQR 32 which was released around 1981. This was a definate option on 1983 and 84 model cars. It changed to a later model on 1985 models Mid range: Boston SQM23, these were definately on 1985 Esprits, They were released around 1985 though so too late for your car. Sparkomatic 309F also confirmed on a 1984 car. Hope this helps
  24. Spotted this one just listed
  25. There's a few about. Most of what I know about are below. 2 turbos and a red s3 in Donegal. I seen a white s3 at kilbroney last yr. Blue Turbo in Limerick owned by a classic car rental company Black turbo project car sold to Belfast There was also an original irish reg white s3 with turbo body kit for sale a few yrs ago. Yellow s2 on YouTube There was an Alfa v6? conversion in Ireland a few yrs ago, not sure where it is now. I have heard of a few others but can't confirm them
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