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  1. The Turbo Esprit should be a perfect candidate for a MAF based system? I don't know how many aftermarket systems support MAF yet, but it just came to Megasquirt (a happy user: ). The OEM systems have been MAF based for at least two decades...
  2. Bjørn: I thought this was a well known fact, but people obviously don't know. Another thing to watch out for is that GRP (glass reinforced polyester) actually dissolves in water if not surface treated. If you ever had an old boat, you probably already know this. It takes a long time, but a car sitting with a puddle of water somewhere inside for ten years could get some damage. This applies to laminates made from polyester, epoxy laminates are not prone to the same problems (but horribly expensive and nasty stuff to work with). I third the motion of changing the cam belt before hitting the starter for the first time!
  3. He may be in too deep already, since he threw away the original backbone (or did I misunderstand something?). Chances are BT will consider it "oppbygd" - thus costing the same as the import duties for a brand new car.
  4. Be careful with the authorities, Geir! With the change of frame and engine, you absolutely run the risk of having to register the car as "oppbygd" rather than "ombygd", especially since it hasn't been registered in Norway before. I would think it would be a lot easier to get through all the red tapes if you first threw it together with a 912 engine, however shabby, just to scrape through initial registration. Then you could start altering stuff. Pick up the phone and call Stein Arne Lindvall at Heistad, he knows how to get through the red tape. Would be a shame if you end up with a trailer-around-only Esprit.
  5. One thing puzzles me a bit: You are doing an (costly) engine swap, going twin turbo, yet in 2009 you want to run SU blowthrough carbs and only 6psi of boost? I could see the point if you were building a replica of some racer from the 70s - keeping it true to period, but with TBI EFI systems easily available, why go with some shoddy old constant depression carbs? Have you acquired a blow-through version of them, or some conversion kit?
  6. The engine was from a '72, which means it's from a mk1 Jensen Healey. I believe it is possible to put a 2.2 crank in it, but those engines where really prototypes (or a 0-series). The engines used in the later mk2s is essentially the same engine as in the S1 Esprit, though with a different sump, and 8.4 compression and Strombergs if it was sold in the States. I'd go for a rebuild of the S3 engine. Edit: For checking what crank is in it, use a stick through the plug hole to check the stroke. 69mm is a 2.0, 77mm is a 2.2. -- Joachim
  7. Motor-teknikk in Oslo will balance your crank and flywheel for 1400NOK + MVA.
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