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  1. Am in the process of replaceing a rear ABS wheel speed sensor. £39+vat for a new one! and 2 hours to remove the old one (used that well known method of slowly destroying it with a drill, varous screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers, etc and removing it tiny bit at a time.
  2. HI - did you ever find a solution to this as i also have a broken choke cable on my carb turbo??
  3. HI - was wondering how you got on with the TOYOs and if you found any 50 profile or did you have to go for the 45? thanks NIJ
  4. I have been looking at rear tyres for the SE wheels. Hopefully someone will correct me, But it seems the only tyres the correct size (245/50 ZR16) are made by Kumho and have good and bad reviews? Would it be better to fit something like the Toyo Proxes T1-R but in a lower profile (245/45 ZR16)? I believe that Lotus do not recommend any tyres for the SE rear that you can actually buy? Any assistance or further information would be greatfully recieved Thanks NIJ
  5. Thanks Keith - that seems to be the most logical reason. Last night i did as you had and pulled out and cleaned all the relays and fuses etc (none were really dirty though) and also took a new fused power supply from the battery to the radiator fan sensor (by passing the ignition and all other of the cars wiring sytems), so hopefully if the problem happens again at least the radiator cooling fans should not be affected. All was ok again last night, but this fault has been intermitant so am not sure if the cleaning has fixed it or not. Guess time will tell! The start drop relay as you say looks to be the problem espessially as when ok i can hear a relay click about 4 seconds after ignition on and when the fault occours this relay click cannot be heard. Think i will try and replace this relay anyway cheers Nigel
  6. Guys- this may sound like a daft question, but when the ABS light comes on does it disable any thing else?. The reason i ask is i have a strange electrical fault - every now and then the ABS light comes on and at the exact moment this happens the power goes off to the internal fans, the engine cooling fans and the air con. Then when the light goes out the power comes back on again to the fans etc. this happens on and off whilst driving or somtimes when starting the car. when all is well the ignition is turned all lights come on for the check - you then hear a buzz noise (like a relay) then all go out and every thing works as normal But sometimes however the buzz noise does not happen and the abs light stays on and the fans do not work etc have been thinking that it maght be an ABS relay failing from time to time????????? any help would be greatly appresiate
  7. could a worn wastegate actuator spring cause a f*rting type noise instead of a woosh noise? can you get relpacements or repaires - from were?
  8. Mine are not coming on till very near 100 - time for a new temperature sensor by the sounds of it?
  9. Thanks for the responeses Guys I will try Dave at Esprit Performance
  10. What temperature should the fans cut in at?
  11. Has anybody fitted a dump valve to a Stevens carb turbo
  12. have owned an esprit for 6 weeks now
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