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  1. Hi Roger Thx for the info and passing my details to Jonathan. We are in touch via New York and are corresponding. Much appreciate your input. Nick
  2. Thx Bibs ~ not exactly what I'm looking for but nice try ~ good luck with the sale ~ Nick
  3. Christian ~ excellent response and FAB pic thx very much but you are right my preference is for RHD. BTW Bath Road is still here in W4, still a nightmare, still fixing the flyover at the Brentford end ~ nothing changes !! Mark ~ thx for the tip Re: LEW, I'll have a look. Am also scanning "Pistonheads" where they are known to crop up every now and then. There is a BRG V8 in Wigan that seems to have been for sale forever. Not my first preference unfortunately unless the dealer drops the price by
  4. Hi ~ new to the Forum. Am looking for a V8 Twin Turbo, year 2000+, prefer Norfolk Yellow. Serious private buyer, cash waiting. Must be in immaculate condition. 07759 216358 ~ Nick
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