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  1. Thanks John, you are a gem.. I picked one up today from a British Parts Supplier who is local... Got it for AUD$245 so cheap enough for a full distributor with cap and is a full electronic ignition with no rotor or points! so well happy indeed... now just gotta get the old one out! what a pain that is unless you have the hands of a 6 year old lol....
  2. Good advice... will give US eBay and Amazon a look... Symptoms were loss of power as battery dies over 50klm or so... battery is new and up spec so plenty of electric... at the start. At full charge the car runs great but things go downhill pretty quick and before too long, car just wont produce ... charging at less than 10v I like to save a few bucks where I can but i hate having the old girl towed and I sold my car trailer a while back... with this in mind, a replacement will set my mind at ease... I just picked up a new Distributor today from a British Car Specialist here in Brisbane, ( Beerwah actually, north of the city ). it was a full replacemebnt with Electronic Ignition so no points or rotors to replace anymore yay! for the bargain price of $245 AUD so not bad really... Deffo will check out the US eBay and Amazon.. thanks guys
  3. Thanks Guys.. will explore the BMW.. to get rebuilt here is prohibitive... cheaper to get a newie lol...
  4. Hiya Guys my alternator has finally given me its last charge and is due for replacement. its an aussie delivered US Spec (S5) wondering if anyone knows a replacement part or cross reference for this? or if there were other aussie cars that used the same unit I can pick up a lot cheaper than the local Lotus Dealer...? all help appreciated, Thanks Jusitn
  5. Hi Guys.. Help on a US Spec Aussie Delivered Esprit if you can...? I am looking to see what Distributor was used... I know it was a Lucas but not sure of the model.. was it a 25D or a 43D or perhaps something else? I am looking to do an electronic replacement and there are a few vendors selling complete units at a reasonable price so thought to give them a go... any help appreciated guys.. cheers.
  6. I have one, stored in Brisvegas... yep RHD US Spec... am in Perth at the moment but moving back in May...
  7. nice wheels and body upgrades...
  8. Yeh no worries Danger! I know a fair amount about this model. Unfortunately, there were only 125 of them built so there is not a lot known about them. They were used as a testbed for the later Chargecooled version, which was slightly up spec'd. Ours were used to deplete all the leftover parts they had lol... take care of that Citroen box... hard to come by and a pain to work on..

  9. Hi Justin I just sent an email for you...
  10. hi guys thanks... yeh thats the pump alright. the pump failed due to old age mostly I think and it was just plain worn out. Car is running like a dream though now although I do need a new ignition switch and keys lol ... anyone know where there is an ignition switch for sale lol?
  11. Oki Doki! Finally fitted the pump and filter to the beastie... She is going like she should and is ready for her next hoon!! So who is up for a Gold Coast Hinterland run?
  12. Hey I found a local bloke here in Mt Cotton who got me the genuine Bosch pumps for $280 delivered, overnite! He mostly deals with trade and most of them are into big american race track cars, but he can source anything at all and wasn't too shabby on the price! California Speed check em out
  13. Yeh thats about right, but due the registration process back then, they stuffed the lot up. Back then you did not have to stamp the compliance plate until you sold the car... There was a big thing about it, I have an old newspaper clipping. The 1988 -89 build was federation spec and only 25 were imported. 10 were presold and the other 15 repossessed due to the stock market crash which sent Lotus Melbourne broke. There they sat for two years before a guy called chapman came in and bought them all for resale. (no relation to the great man) These were labelled as S5 and were bosch injected with citroen transaxle where as our S6 (SE) had the new electics, renault box and the new chargecooler. HTH
  14. ...(Roger) Thanks mate, those guys are cheaper than Australia for sure. It works out at $270 each delivered here from the States. Although I may have to pay duty on them as the seller will not write gift on the package, rather only what the item is. I think that if he puts vintage auto parts then I escape paying the duty as this is what they put on my Mahle Pistons and Liners from the UK. ... (Molemot) Yeh that was typical of them throughout the history of Lotus. I think the front indicators were off a tractor and the mirrors a Morris Marina as well as the door handles and interior switches from a land rover... ahh the price of owning a supercar... my car actually had a turned wooden gearknob that looked like it was from the 1950's. I store it on display in the Lotus Bar now and have had an alloy one turned up to make it a bit more modern looking and to shorten the shift a bit. Am waiting for a price back on an aftermarket pump from ACA. Looks like the Bosch from the US will be the likely anecdote though, thanks again for the link Roger...
  15. Was gonna go back to Bosch but at $400+ for a pump its a bit steep... I can get a performance unit for similar money. Would go for Fleabay but dont want a used one, I want one that has a warranty and some sort of support. A mate suggested I get an ACA pump which are the same specs as the Bosch unit. Have you ever heard of them?
  16. Top of the mornin' to ya'll... Well removal and bench testing confirmed my fears of dead fuel pumps on my Baby.... It has the standard Bosch Pumps on it which are the same as the early Mercedes as well as Porsche 911 turbo from 78 - 92. Part number is: 0 580 354 979 My question is, has anyone put in after market pumps with success and if so what were they and how much $? I can get genuine ones but they are such an old pump and so expensive compared to other better spec pumps on the market. These are the in line pumps that were on the US Spec 88 build Stevens cars with K-Jetronic Injection and Turbo. Thanks in advance, Justin
  17. Well I can honestly say that mine does not cost that much to run per year however, in the 6 years I have owned it,the car has never been on the road for a full year without something semi major going on... I do however drive it like I stole it and find its limits on most drives. i do not see it as unreliable or expensive, just reacting to its abuse and age. The more miles you put on anything, the more it will wear out... look at me for gods sakes
  18. Great Roger! Maybe we can work an overniter in and possibly go for a run to Coffs, stopping in Byron or something on the way? They say the back road to Nimbin is a good one for twisty bits and then head to Byron... That way you end up back at home at the end of it all... open to all ideas, I just dont want to go another year without enjoying my girl to the max and preferrably with like minded Esprit Parents lol... anyone else?
  19. Hi Guys, (and girls). Just wanted to wish you all a great christmas period and safe new year. Weather is less than ideal here in Brisvegas at the moment however later in January I would like to organise another Hoon if anyone interested? I do have to sort out a fuel blockage, ( me thinks ), but should be sorted in time. Idea would be similar to last time, meet early, go for run and then maybe lunch at a country pub somewhere and then back home or even an early run and then back to Lotus Bar for feed on the new BBQ or something... Any takers/ ideas? Any suggestions welcome, last time Marion even brought her Awesome Aston Martin, so any car with suitable breeding welcome lol... Justin...
  20. Thanks Guys Now I have some homework for the week... Will let you know how I get on Wish me luck! Justin
  21. Hey Andy Car has EFI not carbs, should i do the same thing from the outlet side of pump/s if so, which one? cheers Justin
  22. Good Morning Fellow Esprit Owners My '88 US spec Turbo has some issues... When I start it up, it fires up almost immediately on first crank and runs for about a second -2 seconds but then stalls and wont restart. It has a full tank of fuel, it has spark at all 4 iridium plugs and is not suffering from compression loss. I was thinking that it may be a fuel filter blocked as if i let it sit for a few minutes it will do the same thing again. Is there a test I can perform simply to see if it is the pumps or the filter? I do have power to both pumps on one side of the pumps. any and all helop appreciated, I cannot wait to enjoy some good summer around the local ranges and hinterland. today is a magic day and i am forced to ride my 1200 Bandit instead... Thanks in advance lads Justin
  23. Thanks mate! I will probably replace as a matter of course then just to be sure... I am thinking that they are cheap too aye? Also I think my fuel pump/s are knackered as they do not prime when turn ignition key on and car will not start all of a sudden. I think that they are cheaper if I go after market..? Justin
  24. I know your pain mate... IU have to pullmy gearbox out just months after installing a new clutch and genuine thrust race bearing. It seems that the bearing may have failed... Will keep you posted if I can get it done in the next eight months or so, lol
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