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  1. I replaced the gas cap and still the light cam on. I argued that the system should be covered undere the warranty but the dealer and Lotus both said no. I needed a 4 seater so the time was right to sell the car. I miss my Esprit but I will not buy another Lotus until they get their service and dealership in order. JoeyO
  2. Sorry but I never could get it sorted out. The car ran great just thru up the check engine light code. I finally got it to pass emissions and then sold it. I needed a 4 seat car anyways because the family was getting bigger. The dealer said that we wanted to replace the entire EVAP system to fix the problem which was big bucks. Then if that did not fix it then change out the gas tanks. It seems like several of the 2001 and later esprits all have have the same problem. Sorry JoeyO
  3. When I got mine done I had them change the tensioners & idlers. Yes, these parts are not covered under the warranty but it was good preventative maintenance,,, just my opinion. Also these parts were on backorder so you might want to look into that first. JoeyO
  4. I thought RomRaider was only good for Subaru? Will it work on other brands? JoeyO
  5. I have the Equus Innova 3110 OBD2 CAN Scan Tool and it always worked. Sometimes I have to re-try it 2 or 3 times but it eventually read/ erased the codes. There was an update of the firmware on my scanner so maybe that is your problem. I don
  6. Did you see the comment about potential variants including a 280bhp naturally aspirated and about 420bhp with an intercooler version? It also said the intercooler version would have 347lbft! I wonder what transmission/transaxle they were going to use. Also I wonder here the intercooler would have located and how it was going to be piped. Maybe sitting on top of the engine like the current Exige or maybe like the new ZR1 corvette (incorporated into the intake manifold). Interesting JoeyO 2001 V8
  7. I have the Nova wheels on mine and when I needs the spare I noticed it has a set of different wheel bolts for use with the spare tire. JoeyO 2001 V8
  8. The process of reprogramming is in the owner's manual. I had to reprogram one on my FOB. It is easy to do but you need the "stick, FOB and the key." Something like
  9. When my alternator went out the battery light came on
  10. According to the Service Notes "section ED - page 9" the "hot oil" leaves the engine at the port (near the oil filter) closest to the engine and returns to the port further away from the engine. If that makes any sense? I think the dealer said that it feeds the right side (passenger side on US cars) oil cooler first and usually that is why that sides tends to leak first because the oiler is hotter. I don't know if this is correct. JoeyO 2001 V8
  11. I hope it is not the P0422 error - EVAP small leak. I've had this code for over 2 years. Changed gas cap and the lotus dealer pressure test the system... still have not found the leak. Dealer is implying that it may be an ECU problem because they cannot find the leak. But they can
  12. According to the Lotus service notes section QE(5) under Note C it says: "The first 50 (approx.) Esprit V8 power units were fitted with 5.5mm step flywheels and corresponding clutch cover assemblies. Subsequent cars have 3.5mm step flywheels and matching cover assemblies. Only the later type components are available, and it is essential to ensure that compatible parts are fitted." Therefore, my conclusion is that the 5.5mm step flywheel is for the single plate clutch (which were all replaced by the dual plate system). Maybe some else will now if you can use the 5.5mm step flywheel with the dual plate clutch. JoeyO 2001 V8
  13. I purchased a Motive Power Bleeder (it was $70US) for my Esprit. I works well just make sure you get the one with the Euro fitting (I think it is 45mm) so it will screw on the brake reservoir. Then pressurize the system and go around the open the bleed screws on each caliper one at a time. Also I can't remember if the front AP Racing calipers has two bleed screws. Ap Racing Front calipers were on 2000 and newer cars... I think. I also suck out all the old brake fluid in the reservoir before placing new fluid in it and pressurizing the system. I use the Valvoline Synthetic Dot 4 brake fluid for years (Lotus dealership recommended it) without any issues. I bleed my brake/clutch fluid every other year, just as the service manual says but with the Motive Power Bleeder I might be doing it every year. It is well worth the money in my opinion. I used the pressure bleeder for the brakes but for the clutch I used the old fashion method. Someone in the car pumping the clutch
  14. If you disconnect the battery or ECU fuse it should reset the check engine light. Did you leave the fuse out long enough? Leave it out over night. I would recommend getting the OBD error codes so you now if there is a serious problem or just a minor error (like I have the P0422 error - EVAP small leak). Also sometimes it takes my code reader 2 or 3 times to read the Codes and reset the check engine light. But it does work. After you reset the ECU make sure you go thru the ECU learn cycle. Air Conditioner off start the car and let it idle (without touching the gas) until the radiator fans turn on/off three times. Then turn on the air conditioner and let the car idles for another 10 minutes. Then drive the car shifting thru all gears with the air conditioner on and off. JoeyO 2001 V8 - US spec
  15. The AP racing calipers pads are differnet from the front Brembo. Contact JAE they usually have the EBC pads in stock and the price is reasonable. They had the Yellow EBC pads for my Esprit (front & rear). JoeyO 2001 V8
  16. I still have the P0442 error - Evap small leak. I wonder if this could be my leak. Which hose are you talking about? Where was the hole in the hose (under the plenum). JoeyO 2001 V8
  17. I'm doing as per Lotus... Every 12K miles or 18 months (which ever occurs 1st) re-tension or re-adjust Every 36K or 4.5 years (which ever occurs 1st) replace belts, tensionors, idlers JoeyO 2001 V8
  18. I agree... go thru the ECU relearn process and see if that works... if not then it is most likely the IAC. While the plenum is off check the coils and replace the sparkplug wires. I also recommend getting new plenum gaskets (they are only a few bucks). JoeyO 2001 V8
  19. I think he had a coolant leak... maybe a head gasket or water pump issue. Joeyo 2001 Esprit
  20. I also had all the pulleys and tensioners replaced during the belt replacement too. One less thing to worry about. JoeyO
  21. I spent one complete day doing the coolant flush on my car. But I flushed mine out several times to try to get all the old coolant out. After the 3rd time it was easy. I could do one in less than 20 minutes now. Another reason to go with a different color coolant so you will know what coolant is in the car. I also leave a 1/3 of a gal of new coolant in the truck so I don
  22. I went thru this at the 1st of the year too. The Lotus dealership replace my coolant two years ago and he said they use the
  23. I also have a 2001 Esprit. I purchased in as a "left over" new in Sept 2003. I requested Lotus USA to provide me in written form the warranty for the cam belts. Lotus will pay for the belt adjustment every 12,000 miles or 18 months and a one time replacement of the belts at 36K or 4.5 years for the initial 8 years. The clock starts running when the car is 1st registered to the original owner. Since mine was registered in Sept 2003 they stated my car was due for the cam belt change on March 2008. Which it was done and the car runs fine. This warranty doesn
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