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  1. check out nitto nt 05's. not the greatest daily driver tire, however for street - track they are a dream come true. I had some Tr1's. great street, but no comparision to the nittos when fast cornering. They are a little noisy, not a lot of tread depth, but stick like glue. Before I installed them I always felt like the rear of my car had sort of a floating almost wanting to oversteer feeling when cornering hard. It was the tires. The nt05's are not that great on rough roads and are a little racey for everyday use. However. if you use your car for weekend road trips they are crazy fast.
  2. Mine too..99 -- been doing it for awhile. At first thought it was vibration from rough roads effecting connectors. With the passing of some time I've concluded it seems to be random. Never looked into it, as it works more than it does'nt...curious as to cause or fix.. PS (different topic) but speedo is a bit faster than actual road speed and probably racking up a few more miles than actual. Tires are spec size!!
  3. Thank you for answer / service limit spec. from darkness into light .. I have been measuring distance between clutch plates, though inspection port, with clutch enguaged. Sounds weird, but gives pretty good estimate of disk thickness. I have a measurement of .250 or 6.35 mm on the rearmost disk, the most worn. Somewhat relieved - for now...
  4. For reference Lotus Garage sells 918 cam sensor for $138. US
  5. Thanks for the reminder to get off my %%% and install.. Lately I've been considering instllation project and went so far as to replace, adjustable side, output seal as original seemed to be set to deep in case. I'm probably going to purchase clutch kit from JAE this summer as pretty sure current clutch is in good shape other than back disk is worn more than flywheel side disk. . Actually, if you know the service limit specs for V8 disks would be really nice to know. Always searching for best parts /service supplier's; If you know of any go-to esprit clutch connections - US or Euro you can pass on would be appriciated.. again...take care and thank you.
  6. I'm hoping to swap-out my (showing age) wheel with a nearly new wheel I purchased on ebay. I'm planning on using the air bag from my old wheel as the newer center has some cosmetic damage. Also toying with the idea of haveing the new wheel re-raped with some high quality leather while possibly adding some silver leather at the top or something"".. I've read about ECU having to go through a relearning process when the battery is disconnected. Is there much to that? or not a real big deal. Going to talk to a good local euro. car mechanic before proceeding to far..thank you for the replies.
  7. Before I screw up yellow air bag connector, under steering colume, trying to unplug it, can anyone enlighten me as to how you uncouple it? Hard to get to and/or see very well; any tips will be more than I know now,,,hope someone can help - always paranoid about damaging for lack of knowledge.
  8. I used new stock rubber bushings. I'm not totally sold on poly bushings ie. just not sure they allow the suspention to work as well as the rubber. However, I have used them for on equiptment applications and found them to last longer than the same bushings made of rubber. Well good luck and will rieterate.. between the sway bar and the nitto nt505's the combination did wonders for the handling of my car. I don't drive a lot of mile so the Nitto's are a great choice for myself. They ride just a bit rougher than some more street oriented high performance tires but they really grip and ware every evenly on the side walls... ( high camber car). Also can be turned around on the rim as they are directional but have the same tread pattern both sides. Another plus is you can buy almost two sets for the of some other brands.
  9. I installed the 17mm bar on my 99 V8 to help reduce body roll, and compensate for the not to high spring rates on earlier V8's. I liked the results and then installed Nitto nt505 tires. the combination of the of bar and tires really cleaned up the turn-in feel during hard cornering as well sort of looseness exiting corner... In theory, if I'm correct, the stiffer bar will increase understeer. I didn't find this to be a noticable problem, particulary at street speeds.. At any rate, in my case, if I'm pushing the car into a understeer condition probably should be on a track or plan on some jail time should the strong arm of the law suddenly appear.
  10. Topic brought to mind a question about difference in ware rate between the v8 clutch friction disks. I was checking my clutch though the inspection opening and noticed the flywheel disk is about new spec and the other is measures about 6.35mm, when the clutch is engaged. I measured by machining a stepped gauge, then inserting it in the spaces occupied by the disks in between their drive plates. The clutch works perfectly and there seems to be no sign indicating the clutch has ever been overheated and almost no dust. Leaves me wondering if uneven ware rates is the nature of these clutches. When the clutch is depressed it appears both disks are freed up evenly.. maybe some one who has do a few of these could enlighten me.. enjoyed topic thank you larry
  11. This subject re-awakened my bad dream of cable breaking, so I made up " Macgyver" quick-fix for my US V8. Have provided some photos, hope they're good enough to get general idea!!. I made an separate emergency cable release for right and left latches from braided SS fishing leader. If not clear in pictures, I wrapped the leader around the latch slider and used compression ferrels to secure the loop. On the rt. side; ran leader from latch down though small piece of air brake tubing ( drilled then attached to lower tail light bolt ) then out bottom licence plate mounting bolt hole which was not being used anyway. Taped pull loop behind licence plate. On left side; Attached same type of loop to latch then ran cable through small hole I drilled in mounting bracket for air injection pump through to finder-well. As I don't put a lot of mile on car I just tucked loop for this side under rock guard in fender well. I used drilled out solderless wire connectors and used them as sleeves to pass wire through fenderwell and licence plate bolt hole on rt. side.. You do have to pull hard to open latches " only have to work once"
  12. Don't know a cossref...#. for what it's worth here's link to lotus sensor see # 51 for rear
  13. Along with finding a lotus specialist in your area wouldn't be a bad idea to make several calls to get some idea of availablity and prices in the US. I recently purchased a UN1 027 from Ralph at [email protected] . They are on the east coast 201-750-0700. Also you could call JAE lotus parts and speak with Jay or Jeff . there # is 805-967-5767. These guys have more contacts in the US than probably anyone.. good luck You may have to do some shipping so keep the weight under 150 lbs and it can go UPS small delivery truck prices. Take note that some Lotus shops/dealers are very exspensive so check around spending......may be able to pick up one complete for the price of the repair, then fix yours at your leisure and end up with 2. good luck
  14. There's one on ebay US Item # 130521628641 seller 111r . discribed as left side off 2002 with 20,000 miles and includes cams and valves. to add, I had some wheel shipped from Bib's, at store, to northern california and it was'nt all that exspensive. In the US the key is to keep the weight under 150 pounds and the rates are about 30% of frieght rates. Another plus, right now is the dollars is way down to the pound .. good luck
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