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  1. Hi to all after long time! My baby runs without any problem this year I would like to upgrade original, plastics fuel hoses with better, st/st. Can't find anything on the web. Does anybody know where to buy? Thanks in advance! Borut
  2. Hi, have you checked fuel pressure? How about your O2 voltage? RGDS, B
  3. Hi Artie, nice job! We made it from titanium, 3 1/2" pipe from the turbo to the end. She sounds like hell!!! BYE, B
  4. Hi, I would go for a new and larger chargecooler and not repair the old-one. bye, B
  5. Hi, What boost are you running? More than 0,85 bar? When overboosting, how much is it? More than 1 bar? How long is your overboost period? Do you have a Freescan? If yes, send me a file. It's almost impossble to see from the picture if turbo is modified or not. Modified turbos have bigger compressor wheels and usually 360deg. bearrings inside. BYE, B
  6. Hi, I'm suggesting WALBRO 240LPH pump. It's cheap (arr 90GBP) and fits as original, Walbro is well known in SUBARU community. bye, B
  7. Hi, alloy tanks have been fitted in. rgds, B
  8. Hi everybody! My baby got new fuel tanks and new uprated fuel pump. Today was my first 15 km long test drive after winter time (big smile on my face :-) ). Everything is fine, steady boost 1,25bar, MAT below 40 deg.C, she pulls like hell!!! Fuel pump should be strong enough (300LPH), i have fitted racing primary and secondary fuel injectors, so it should be enough fuel. I'm a little bit worried because of knocking. Freescan counted arr. 40 knocks on my first ride. Car is still in learning mode. Is this normal? bye, Borut
  9. There is a lot going on inside the ECU and a lot of factors are being monitored and adjusted simultaneously. The actual procedure when the car first starts is to reduce the IAC slowly down to the lowest possible setting that maintains the idle speed. The lower the setting, the lower the fuel requirements, etc. The ECU parks the IAC at 170 counts (fully open air pass) so the car should not immediately stall when first started. If it does, chances are that the ECU has lost track of where the IAC "really" is and you will have to hold the throttle open slightly to keep from stalling out. Th
  10. Hi Bibs, My suggestion: electrical chargecooler pump for sure! I tested both, but good electical pump wil provide more flow and constant flow. Freescan is showing lower MAT with electrical pump in my case. Also recovery time after fast run is much better. bye, B
  11. Hi Chats, rod is vy sensitive. One turn or two should be enough. But I'm not sure that your boost problem would be connected to right or wrong rod lenght. It could be, but not likely. Disconnect a connector first, before you start with adjusting and check your boost without ECU support. It must be steady 0,65 bar. rgds, B
  12. Hi Mike, disconnect a connector from boost valve and go for a ride. Max. boost should be 0,65 bar. If not, you have to adjust a rod lenght. Short rod = more boost, long rod = less boost. rgds, B
  13. Hi Artie and Dave, thanks for answers. An IAC has been reseted several times but this behavior is still here. Looking forward, Borut
  14. Hi Andy, thanks for info. Sport 300 have 2 radiators in parallel or in serial wiring? rgds, B
  15. Hi, Has anyone considered about double CC radiator already? Sport 300 has two I think. My idea is to remove AC completely (weight saving) and instead of AC radiator fit second CC radiator. Your comments would be appreciated! Looking forward, Borut
  16. Hi, Since I have bought my Esprit, she never starts at first attempt when cold, but always on second try. When warm, always starts on first try. It's not bothering me much, but anyway... if possible, I would like to eliminate "cold second try ghost". Any idea? Another "cold ghost": when starts idling OK first 30 sec. After 30 sec. she would like to stall or die for a short time. After that everything is OK, idling and running excellent. Do I need any ghost busters? Looking forward, Borut
  17. Hi Kenny, I wouldn't do it.... Esprit is the best balanced car on the world, you will destroy it with this modification. Anyway it's only my opinion. BYE, B
  18. Hi Simon, I haven't connected on Freescan yet, but you can feel the difference. When I was running on stock cargecooler, she wasn't so powerful after minute or two. MAT went to app 60-70 deg. C. The main difference I can feel: double sized CC is cooling-down much more faster than stock-one. Freescan test should be done next weekend. BYE, B
  19. Hi Rens, bought it from Ramspott&Brandt, price EUR 1.116. RGDS, B
  20. Hi to all! First weekend with double size chargecooler. It worth every EUR! More power availiable now for a long time. rgds, B
  21. Hi, a month ago my fuel pump has been replaced. A pick-up filter was a little bit rusty. This is a first sign to consider about new fuel tanks, otherwise fuel pump will fail soon. I would like to change both fuel tanks. Is it possible do do it with engine-in? RGDS, B
  22. Hi Artie, have you put your beauty on Dyno? Your setup is quite similar to my setup. It would be interesting to see how strong is she on rear wheels. bye, B
  23. Hi, You can download Freescan on Andy Whittaker's Home Page . Some schematics also available how to built a RS232 modem. I built it up, it's simple, only two transistors, couple resistors and capacitors. It works fine. RGDS, B
  24. Hi to all, My baby is flying again! She was running lean, because of bad fuel pump. Walbro pump has been replaced yesterday with stronger Motorsport fuel pump. Boost is as should be now - a couple sec. overboost (1.24bar) and then steady and strong boost with 1.1 bar. Thanks for your ideas and your kind help! BYE, B
  25. Hi, thanks for your post. I'll do it on Saturday take a picture of my spark plugs and send it to you. I haven't mentioned before after 50 miles i got a strong black layer around exhaust on the rear bumper. She is not smoking, but this black thing is all around exhaust. bye, Borut Hi, yes, she is knocking only in warming-up cycle. If I turn off engine when hot and restart Freescan in the next run no more knocking. Se is idling a little bit strange when cold. Sometimes she dyes after app. 30 sec. BYE, B
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