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  1. In our 2nd Event with our 211, we broke the track record in qualifying and won both races over the weekend. Here are some news links for those who can read Spanish: p:// Attached are some photos: Regards,
  2. We run 17x8 inch rims on all four corners, due to the Hankook required slicks 210610R16215/615R17 The 16's are too tall. We got better lap times with 17's on front also.
  3. First Hard Track session - .6 seconds faster than my Exige Cup which had shor ratio gearbox, TRD Pistons, and 25 more HP....!
  4. The Quiznos Racing team in Central AMerica is having a contest to design the graphics for their 2Eleven GT4 Supersport. I will try to get a translated copy in the next few days but the contest info can be found at: CONCURSO
  5. Just ordered two Naturally Aspirated GT4 spec cars to race in Central America!!!!
  6. We are purchasing two 2-Elevens to Race in Central America. Because of tire rules, we may need to run 15 inch rims up front. Does anyone know if the Big Brake kit (with 308 mm discs) from Lotus Sport will work under 15 inch rims? Any help would be approeciated. PS: We won the Central America Championship in 2006 in an Exige Cup car.
  7. I just sold my 2006 non supercharged Exige Cup car and am thinking about getting a 2 Eleven to race in the 2009 Central America GT3 Championship. I won the 2006 Central America Championship in my Exige and placed 3rd in 2007 (see photos attached). The competition has gotton faster and I need a faster car which is NOT Supercharged (rules do not permit). I am curious as to how much faster a 2 Eleven is versus an Exige. I am thinking of racing one and wanted an idea of how much quicker (in lap time seconds on the same track) a 2 eleven is versus the Exige Cup Car. Of course I am looking for comparisons of Supercharged 2 elevens versus Supercharged Exiges and non supercharged 2 elevens versus non supercharged Exige cars. Any help would be appreciated.
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