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  1. If you want light weight and value per $, then look into the LSx motor family. There are adaptors to run any of the porsche/audi boxes, or a ZF if you want. a run of the mill 302 can be built to pull power, but nothing uber amazing. The Lex motors are excellent motors, very stout...but unless you are planning on forced induction and have fabrication skills, stick with the smallblock chevy/ford variety. I personally would go the LSx route. Light weight, tight package and very good power output. You would easily do a small single if there was room in the bay...but that creates a few n
  2. How's the transaxle holding up? Man, I remember running DR-650's on my 93 VR4 back in the day LOL! If you wanted big power, should have TT'd the viper man.
  3. Just stuff a GT42R in there and be done with it hehe... Seriously, I'd just run a t3/t4 hybrid from PTE or someone and fab up a new DP if needed. I'd rather sacrafice a bit of spool from not having a full BB turbo for other mods.
  4. Hog-ring pliers should be available locally. Installing new covers isn't that difficult, just take your time and make sure everything is taunt. There's a good basic how-to on the website IIRC (they did a video of it on the DIY network). James
  5. Very easy to do I got to be a pro at removing my mobile couches LOL Just watch the seat sliders, they'll catch your door panels if you aren't careful. Also, remember how many washers were at each location, although it doesn't really mess much up much if you dont James
  6. They can custom make any bolt pattern and offset you want. It seems that using +25mm spacer on the lotus is pretty popular for getting a more agressive look, so you could have a +25mm adaptor to run 114.3x5 wheels and open your self up to a gigantic range of options. Probably run you 300+ per pair though, but I think it would be worth having the wheel options vs paying a premium for custom lotus rims.
  7. My co-worker said he spotted a black SE today in Greenville, SC. I know of 1 esprit in these parts, a Red02 model. So, I'm wondering if the owner happens to lurk these forums or not Esprits are few and far between here, so it's cool to know that there is an SE running around.
  8. I was wondering, where are the heavy bits in the Esprit platform? The X180 got down to 2600lbs, and it looks like a factory weight SE is around 2900. 2900 seems heavy still for such a small car, especially w/ it's backbone chassis design. Where is all the weight comming from? James
  9. The isuzu hub only works on the 89+ wheels (the ones w/ the crush-columns). I bought this hub when I went to do my 88, but it would not fit. Splines are different. I think it's the same column as the old G-bodies, as the 88 was just a g-body w/ a stevens shell on top for the most part
  10. I could never find a boss w/ the correct spline for an 88 when I did mine. It's the black sheep of the lotus world I did however have to drill out the old heykeys holding the wheel on, as they stripped instantly when I tried to remove them. But, a momo wheel does bolt right up to the original hub no problem. James
  11. I've begun looking around for another Esprit (woohoo). I always watch greedbay for the occasional gem to surface, but it's rare. I was wondering, there is an S4s advertised there now, but the 14th digit in the VIN comes up as a 95.5MY instead of a S4s (#3 digit instead of #4) designation. It's also got S4 wheels on it, which I thought was kinda strange. So, what's the deal w/ the 95.5MY? Is the vehicle not an S4s as claimed? Just curious. I'd like to find an SE (love the oldchool look) but I'm still open to the S4/S4s breeds. James
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