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  1. With LED daytime running light? ... It's just a bad pr gag with a fake picture.
  2. My girlfriend likes your idea ... now I have to break up with her . Thank you very much, sir!
  3. @Joe ... are you now back on the bright side of life? No suicidal caterham anymore? ...
  4. Please put Switzerland back in the "Yeah BabY " - Corner!
  5. No, Green Dragon = Paint: Lotus Racing Green/Arctic Silver and Decals: Lotus Sport Yellow/Arctic Silver Edit: Bibs .. don't do that to me
  6. There is no offial (animal-)name for this. It's a custom paint job based on Isotope Green (Autosalon Genf). You should be able to order this combination as a custom paint job .. I asked today a dealer a similar question - if I'm right the costs for a custom paint job like this should be the same as the other decals (Initial Launch, Green Dragon, Yellow Hornet ...)
  7. @cncreffield short answer : because I want to use it on the road and not have to tow it every meter. But I will/have to use sometimes a trailer .. lange Antwort: Hoi das hab ich mir auch schon
  8. Actually I own them both ... I used them on my elise because the original front tow hook looked after the first use more like an "egg" than an "eye". The question now is ... to sell or not to sell them.
  9. Doesn't the front hook have the same screw thread like the MK2 Elise/Exige? I thought I could use my "old" S111 tow stuff on the 2-11: Folding Front Tow Hook Boomerang Tow Hook Can someone confirm this for me : Do I need the official recovery eyes from lotus? Edit I just saw that the "Front and Rear Recovery Eyes" package includes the brackets for the mounting point and a modified grill. Yes, I need the package .. but can I use the stronger front tow hook with the package?.
  10. Hehe .. .I'm just not used to let my cars drown PS: Thanks for the inside infos .. I didn't think of dead insects on the passenger seat
  11. Hi guys, one question bothers me, maybe you can help me .. I'm very intersted in buying a road-going 2-11 here in Switzerland but I'm not very tempted by the idea of a closed trailer. Well .. will the factory shower cap stay on the car on a open trailer at motorway-speed? I don't think so .. How do you protect your car on an open trailer on the move against rain?
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