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  1. Thanks, but was hoping to speak to the owner directly in the hope of getting a better price,
  2. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone knew the owner of this V8 which failed to sell at the weekend. I'm may be interested in purchasing it. If you could let me know the email or forward my email address to them [email protected] I'd appreciate it. Thanks and Merry Xmas. Chris
  3. Hi, i'm a bit of a newbie to esprits. Got a Liz but no idea of the problems. What are the gearboxs like. when view any car are there any tail tail signs? What are the things I should be looking for? Thanks Chris
  4. Hi Bibs, No afraid not I was on holiday. Only got back last Friday evening.
  5. Wow that is cheap. Although not keen on the colour to be honest. I'll have a word with Mat. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I have been a lotus owner for 5 years now (Elise) infact I race it in the LotRDC. More recently I've had a yearning for an esprit. So looking for a cheap one, (5-6K) I know that's not much, but i don't mind doing some work on it. Also I'm not in a hurry so if anyone know where i would be best to look please let me know. I am in the Cambridge area but can travel. Many thanks Chris
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