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  1. Hi Harry, I have an 82 Turbo. How much is the the timing cover grommet? I'm in the Uk. Thanks Del
  2. Just wanted to report back as I hate reading unfinished threads!! Sucess. I cleaned the dizzy plug etc. changed coil and rotor. I couldnt get the old cap out so that will have to wait. After jumping the lead from the ballast straight to the coil + terminal the car started perfectly. The ballast resistor read 1.6 ohm but was getting very very hot. I know they can get warm but not finger burning hot. I'm going to replace it and see what happens. Now I know that if it wont start it can only be wiring from battery voltage between the ballast and the coil +. Back in business.
  3. Thanks John. I removed the air filter housing (it fell off really) and moved the trunking down and out of the way. Getting into to boot and getting my head down I can see what you mean looking from the starter motor side. I think I'll remove the clamp bolt at some stage to check the timing. I will unbolt the whole thing as you say. I gave it all a good degrease and it's shiny up nicely. I have alot of oil onto of the gear box and around the hole in the bell housing. The air filter trunking all the way up to the turbo is very oily on the outside. Is it common for oil to leak out around the t
  4. John, Hello. I'm glad you replied. I read your epic saga and it sounds like you've gone through the same issues my car has. I'll go over it again later. When I remove the plenum do you mean I should remove just the front cover over the carb throats or the whole thing? Is the complete clamp housing bolt a 10mm one and it it approached from the side ? Del
  5. After fitting a new clutch hose and cylinders my car wont start. I have read through the previous posts (always a good read). I have fuel flowing and the plugs are wet but a very weak spark from all plugs when a plug is placed on the head. I have pulled out the coil and Lumention amplifier and all wires are connected. i did the tests like it says in the wrkshop manual and it indicates that the voltages on both the + and _ sides of the coil are too low. The + side should be no more than 1 volt below battery voltage. I have 12.49volts on the battery and have just charged it. The + side reads
  6. Neil cheers. Elise S2. First car I drove really hard and fell in love with............1st car I crashed. Amazing machine
  7. Excellent. Yes please measure for me. Is the metal totally flat? Also the manual mentions a rubber strip to be fitted to the bottom of the screen. SJ cars list a screen finishing tape now sold by the metre.. Can anyone tell me/take a photo of this finishing tape? What finish/thickness size of rubber is used? I think I could find a correct strip if I know what to look for. My screen has been replaced back in the Eighties as I found the National Windscreens receipt in the excellent history file that came with her. It appears to be bonded in well and I dont think it leaks but have only b
  8. Can someone please post a very close up clear picture of the front windscreen chrome trims. I'm looking at an alternative that I think will look the same as the original part externally. I'd like someone to aslo measure the width of the visible part of the chrome trim. Is it 15mm, 20mm ? Is the trim completley flat or is it dished slightly? Is it a shiny finish like polished chrome or a satin finish? Is it flush with the body work? The works manual says that silastic should be applied to it s outer edge between the capping trim or body. How think is the bead of silastic? Are you gusy u
  9. Seems to be alot of clutch hose fixing going on... I have found a Master cylinder for Landrovers. They all seem to be a 3/4 inch cylinder instead of the 5/8 marked on my Girling. Can I use this without major problems? Del
  10. Thanks for the replies. Heres the plan.... I'm going to get a new Land Rover master cyl and will also upgrade to the SJ braided hose. The red hose is too mauch hassle to fit to the new slave due to differnt sized threads. It's a breakdown waiting to happen. Does anyone know if the adaptors supplied with the SJ kit fit the Master cylinder (original Girling) assuming that the new one I buy will have the same threads as the 'metal cap' one I have fitted which looks original (worn out). Will it fit the slave cylinder thread? I live near an excellent shop for nuts and bolts who should get me wh
  11. Hi, Can anyone confirm that the clutch master cylinder for my UK '82 Turbo is the same as the one for a Land Rover 90, 110 and Series 3 before I buy one from Ebay? I'm impressed by the cheapness of some parts for this car! Other parts are amazingly expensive also I bought a slave cylinder last week. Should there be a circlip holding the piston in at the end or should it be removed to allow the piston a bit more travel? This is where it 'connects' to the push rod onto the clutch fork. having slight problems getting it adjusted but I still have to do the free play at the pedal end. I'm just
  12. Hi, Will this be the same as an 82 turbo? It must be very very similar? Can you add me to your list please. Thanks Del
  13. Really? Thanks for the offer John... Yes please. I'd like a parts list with drawings for the gearchange linkages. I want to change the fixings and bushes and want to know what should be fitted as mine is a bit ropey. I'll be doing the front suspension and bearings, steering column, radiator and fans, handbrake/rear calipers, air filter housing, choke linkage in the near future so these pages would be great. I do have a fax but its not always plugged in. You could call me when you are ready to send and i could turn it on. I could send you personal message. How do I do this? Del
  14. I'm looking for a complete paper copy of the parts list for my 82 Turbo. Does anyone have one lying around without missing pages etc. A reasonable price paid for an original or clean re-print. Del
  15. Dear Lotus gentelman, It's been a long time since my 1st and last posts. Almost 10 months. The joys of too many cars and a slow economy!!!! I have got the car up on stands finally and have decided to 'get it going' to work out whats needed. I can engage gears so wanted to bleed the system. The slave cylinder was leaking from day one. My car is a S3 1982 Turbo. What Rangerover or Landrover slave cylinder will fit? There are many bargains on Ebay. I'm looking for cheap but good as I need to spread the love to 5 cars now. Some great some s.......
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