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  1. Hello all, my S2 has been sprayed red ( previously black ) and i was not intending to replace the side decals but have now changed my mind as i dont think it looks finished. My question is what colour decals did red Esprits have and where can i get them from? Regards Chris
  2. Trevor, what are the factory settings? When i removed my rack i did'nt realise it was adjustable otherwise i would have marked its position. The mounting slots are approx. two to three inches long but where do you mount the rack, half way, threequarters? I bolted mine so it cleared the anti roll bar but it was only a guess. Chris
  3. Gary After I rebuilt my S2 years ago and came back to to get it on the road recently I found that there was no adjustment left on the track rods to get the tracking right, I eventually found that that the rack is height adjustable ie it can be clamped at different heights on its mounting points. If you unclamp the the rack and try raising it, the steering arms should clear the anti roll bar. Regards Chris
  4. Hello all, The mileometer on my S2 has stopped working but the speedo is working ok, does anyone know of, or used a good instrument firm that I could get in touch with? Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks for all your replies, I think i'll just polish the outer rim and keep the centres silver. I'll post some pictures soon, the car is in a local bodyshop at the moment having the bumpers painted satin black, i had the car sprayed fifteen years ago and had the bumpers colour coded, i think rear bumper looks ok red but the front one does'nt look right. The paint still looks good after all these years because it has'nt moved from my garage until September last year! Chris
  6. Hello all I have just had my S2 wheels bead blasted and just to get a different look i'm thinking of polishing the outer lip of the rim and paint the centres either a matt grey or lightish gunmetal finish, I dont want the centres to be too dark and not be able to see the detail of them. Has anyone else done something similar and could post a photo of their wheels, i'm still not sure they would look right! thanks Chris
  7. Has anyone got or know where i can get an S2 front bumper? as long as it is undamaged the finish is not important as i intend to paint it Chris
  8. Hello Pete, The tyres only appeared on Ebay tonight, I got them from a tyre depot selling NOS tyres. The ad said they were sitting on a shelf for two or three years but for £65 inc p&p I thought its worth a try. My S2 has still got good ( treadwise anyway ) NCT's front and back, from when I bought it 17 years ago and they were'nt new then! I'me trying to get another set of S2 wheels ( which is proving difficult ) so I can have one set for the road and the other with the NCTs for shows to keep it looking original. I've also got some nearly new Pirelli 225/55/14's for the rear which are nearly the same diameter as the original rears and should look good, if I can get some more wheels! At the moment you can tell the original fronts don't feel right, they are old after all but I'll let you know about the Firestones when I get them fitted Chris
  9. Hello all, I have just bought two Firestone Firehawk tyres ( 205/60/14 ) on Ebay which are V rated for my S2 Esprit, has anyone used these tyres or got an opinion on them? thanks Chris
  10. Hello all, has anyone got two Esprit rear Speedlines they would like to sell? I am prepared to travel or provide a courier to pick them up. Thanks Chris
  11. Hi Wayne, the R1 fans fitted my radiator without too much bother, but I,ve just realised you've got an S3 and I'me not sure ther're the same. Chris
  12. Wayne, if your looking for radiator fans, try using Yamaha R1 fans. I bought three off Ebay and they fit very well, they have a mounting frame already attached and just need some spacers made up to clear the radiator. Mine came from 2005 R1, very powerful and they rotate the right way, ie suck not blow. Chris
  13. Hi Massimo, I had exactly the same problem with my S2, I managed to get the car Mot'd and took the car for a few long runs and now it seems to be ok and runs really well. I tried starting and running the engine at home before being roadworthy, but until used on the road and run for a while, the blue smoke persisted. Try it on the road if you can and if that does'nt work try an additive, I nearly bought a bought another engine! Chris
  14. Just an update on my lack of tracking adjustment, I saw Pete from PNM yesterday at the Worcester parts fair and he advised me to loosen the steering rack and raise it up which in effect should give some room for adjustment. I have done this but not yet had it checked to see if I any more threads are available on the the rack to get it tracked. Although i have raised the rack approximately half to three quarters of an inch, is there a fixed height for the rack? The rack height can be varied by quite a bit ( about an inch and a half ) and I dont know if there is a 'correct' dimension for the position of the rack. Chris
  15. Thanks for that Jeff, the car does feel darty but since there is no more adjustment on the front i cannot get it to be toed-in. When i got the the car back from the first garage i was not told of the lack of adjustment and just assumed it was correct until i saw the lock nuts fully wound in. Chris
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