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  1. Very interesting and sounds worth doing. Can you post which parts were plated and let us know where you had them plated. Also, I understand there are several versions of plating specification. Can you recall which was used? thanks.
  2. Thanks all. Cold hose look great, but the freight charges to the UK make the prices too high. I’ll keep looking for braided hose a I am trying to keep everything bar reliability as original as possible.
  3. 910Esprit, thanks for the quick reply. Do you know if there is a source for braided hose which is compatible with R134?
  4. HI all, can anyone tell me if this in-line connector on my braided ac hose is original or a repair? It is located about 600mm (2') from the compressor connection. It seems an excessively heavy and large for a factory fit on my 1983 Turbo. Debating whether to leave-in and change the gas, compressor, etc. or replace the whole hose(s).
  5. markjonesx, tried to contact you twice now with no luck, if your still interested please call me.
  6. Mark, sorry for delay. Will call you today and get a mirror sent to you. Good luck!
  7. I have one you may borrow. It is currently with Dave, you may have seen his progress with the bases. Dave's given me your details I'll get in touch with you and ask Dave to fwd. Chris
  8. Dave, Any chance if returning my original mirror which I sent to you a few years ago to help you start this? Chris
  9. Dave how are you getting on with these?vIf you recall you still have my mirrors I sent you one time ago. Last time ou posted it looked like things where progressing quite nicely. Chris
  10. I wouldn't mind having one too - if anyone can be bothered to take a mould.
  11. I am asking for photographs of the front compartment of S1 and 1983 Turbo cars. I am trying to collate photographs in an attempt to build up a picture of how the cars were originally supplied. I appreciate that these vehicles have invariably been modified over the years but I am trying to establish definitively what was original. With all members help I will be attempting to do this for all areas of the cars but need to start somewhere. My knowledge is limited but collectively I am sure we can produce a visual record with is historically accurate. The sooner we do this the better. My apologies in advance if this has been done before but I cannot find any reference to such a record. Chris
  12. Long shot but do you still have any of these bits?
  13. Please count me in for a set. Out of interest will they be finished in the original damper & spring colours?
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