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  1. I know of a couple of Lotus Esprits in the Scottsdale area. Unfortunately, Scottsdale Lotus is no longer with us, but the guys from there are still around and there are at least three or four of us in town with our cars. My V8 is seen here on the race line at Bondurant Racing ( just before a few good laps. Video here:
  2. SCCDC0829XHA15866 1999 Esprit V8 Mark Vange, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
  3. Thanks, folks. The simplest explanation is probably the most accurate one .. If you could buy these wings aftermarket then that is probably what happened. Regards, Mark.
  4. Thanks for the response. I've taken up your suggestion and have joined on Facebook. There is no indication of any decals, I can not find any record of a blue one having been shipped and I am with you. I think I have some kind of weird hybrid, though. This one has an upgraded ECU, straight pipes and the carbon wing. I wonder if someone along the way tried to "upgrade" it to a pseudo-sport 350? The wing was painted by our local dealer literally in the 2 days before I purchased the car. Before that it was, in fact, nude. Anyone ever see another V8 with the carbon wing? Regards, Mark.
  5. Hello folks! I have just purchased a '99 V8 in the USA and I am trying to figure out what its relationship to a 350 is or is not. You can see pictures at this link:;id=1531533671 It is not badged as a 350; It is badged simply as a V8 but according to ( there was no V8 in '99 (transitioned to a V8GT). It does have the carbon fiber wing. The engine is painted Orange, though I read that this was the case with at least some of the Sport 350 US cars. The final digits of the VIN are: XHA15866 Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Kind Regards, Mark Vange Scottsdale, AZ
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