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  1. lol..... I have a real De Lorean too , Oh Esprit passed MOT today
  2. as soon as they arrive and fitted ... I will uploads some pics for ya
  3. Wolfrace have informed me that the new Slot Mags will be fine for front and back.... adaptor spacers will be needed for the rears... Wolfrace offer these... as well as drilling them to the correct 5 stud spacing... cant wait to see them on the car
  4. some of you might be wondering to grand total of this project......after buying the car for £1100...... well with the new Wolfrace Slot Mags included.... the grand total is £7800. what would be your rough estimate on how much its worth.... i need to update the insurance now
  5. Thanks Guys for the nice comments its been one hell of a project... but MOT time on Saturday and she will be back on the road .... then just waiting for my new Wolfrace Slot mags to turn up
  6. new video.... MOT this coming saturday..... New Wolfrace slot mags coming soon,,,, and im done
  7. hahaha.... cool stuff well i have the number plate lights all in now and the rear panel... which goes round the exhaust ...... rear lights to re-fit this weekend
  8. Soundtrack from "for your eyes only" the remote-control helecopter scene hehe thanks Buddsy
  9. sorry for the long wait guys..... have to admit... not much done lately.... but here is the other video.. I have been getting the De Lorean ready for a trip back to the De lorean factory in Belfast for 30th party there ... as soon as I get back the Esprit project will continue the link is :
  10. wing mirrors now on, headlights all fitted ... will upload another video soon
  11. Thanks Buddsy ..... job this weekend will be re-fitting the rear windows and fitting wing mirrors.... Al
  12. Thanks Jim, It`s been a massive project....... but no one would ever belive it was the same car as that yellow sad looking Lotus in the barn...... where I found it. still lots of little jobs to do... but the worst is over
  13. a video of the Esprit .... so you guys and girls can see what it looks like at the moment hope you like Alan
  14. Hi guys, Ive got an S3 N/A 1981...... my car is having a full re-spray now... I have both door mirrors(all painted now) ....but the only bits im missing are what I would call the gasket that goes between the stalk of the mirror and the body of the car.... thin plastic plates...... anyone have any ideas ... or any second hand ones they want to sell?... any help would be great Thanks for the help in advance Alan
  15. Nice to see Ax is a happy go lucky fellow.... lol Al
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