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  1. A little on the extreme side for price , specially if you have to pay buyers premium. If it was a white S1 in premo condition i might be tempted If it was me, the Essex on carsales Victoria is a much better buy. I have had a good look at that one and for how rare it is and the condition its in its a damn good purchase IMHO
  2. I used Leatherique on my interior 2 years ago and I am still very happy with the results. It a lot of work to get the best results. but everyone who has seen it has been very impressed
  3. Excellent. That all makes some sense now. Ill have a go and report back. Might takes some pics along the way if any other poor souls have the same issues in the future. Thanks a lot , yet again
  4. Thanks for that info. I did see those bolt heads and was hoping I did not have to remove those.... One of the previous owners of my car had glued a turbo timer under the right hand side of the binnacle so its blocking the bolts from the other side. Time to strip. BTW you mention you can remove the dials without removing the whole binnacle, I have tried removing the screws at the bottom of the dials but it will not budge. Is there a trick to this I am missing ? Mike
  5. Hi All , Hope everyone had a good X-mas and start to the New Year. I have been unable to figure out how to remove the instrument panel/Binnacle from my esprit. There seems to be the old Bolt and screw here and there but nothing like what I have seen in the articles and posts about late 80's and 90's esprits. Its a bit of a show stopper for me at the moment as I need to re-rego the car but without a lit dash it will fail its road worthy (similar to MOT). If anyone can offer advise or maybe point me to an article pr instructions ? I have searched and searched but nothing seems to match what I see when cramped up in the footwell of the car under the dash! (BTW I am a short guy 5'5" tall. How the he** normal people manage to work and lay down in the foot well I will never know )
  6. Recently I removed my passenger and drivers seats on my '85 Turbo. On the passenger side I found a old King George Coin wedged under one of the seat rails Can anyone shed light on this ? or is it just a coincidence ?
  7. Buddsy, I removed the sealant and un-bolted the louvre section of the tail gate a few weeks ago. Its not a totally horrible job .. BUT you do have to be careful. The reason I did this was the tail gate glass actually came loose and the only way I could see someone being able to re-attach it was the pull the section apart. Satin black.. hurmmm.. sounds nice.. any one know for sure what the original paint spec was ?
  8. Hi All , The original owner of my mid 80's Turbo Esprit at some point thought that Gloss black would be a better solution than the original matte black finish on the tail louvre's. Unfortunately I disagree with this idea and would like to put it back to matte. Can anyone make any suggestions on what paint to use and how to ensure its a durable finish ? Any help would be fantastic Mike
  9. Roger , Shouldn't take much at all. Mine has actually fallen off. Im more concerned about getting it reattached at the moment. Looks like it was only held in place by heaps of primer and Betaseal orginally
  10. I just finished doing my interior using leatherique products. Came up extremely well for minimal outlay (about 150 pounds in total for all four base products I needed). Im no expert and it shows ever so slightly in a few places but I am an extreme perfectionist. Everyone who has seen the work I have done has been blown away saying 'it looks like new'. Maybe get a small sample colour matched and made up and give it a go somewhere you can afford to have it go wrong without seeing it all the time.. maybe under the glove box lid or similar. See what you think. I could not recommend Leatherique enough. I hate attached a sample of the before and after seat restoration I did.
  11. Simon , its one of the few things I did without taking any pics .. although I will next time I get a moment I will try and do up a small selection of photos and instructions. It was quite a harrowing process but, compared to getting the engine bay 1/4 side covers off the S3 Turbo when I was replacing the Fuel vapour line.... easy enough for almost anyone to do.
  12. Thats a very nice price on the windscreen. Mine is showing its age slightly (few very very small chips and a very small scratch on the interior facing side of the screen) I was getting nervous about having to replace it soon and the possible cost in thousands. Your S4 looks sooooooo nice. I hope you dare drive it down to melbourne one day. Esprit owners down here a a little thin on the ground When I had my S3 out on the road a few months ago peoples eyes almost popped out of their heads as she went passed them haha!
  13. I started building a full size R2 in the late 90's myself. Only got as far as the Dome / Head and gave up.. Excellent work so far Im an old school brit boy at heart .. You need to build a 1970's Dr Who K-9 Next hehehe
  14. As to the bonnet , Its very much the same as the early early Turbo Esprits \ Essex (Drool) design. If you look at the classic For Your Eyes only James Bond Turbo it had similar bonnet. Might be some interesting providence in your car. Might be worth doing a history check with Lotus. Then again it might be stock for very early models. Anyone know for sure ? Nice car anyway, I would be tempted to re-glass where the sun roof is myself. I used Leatherique to fix up the cracks and aged look of my seats and dash/binnacle, Came up a treat
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