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  1. Curious indeed. Got a photo of your bar to share?
  2. Thanks Dave, right you are on the wearing of gloves, BTDT. So you'd not worry about the traces of grey primer remaining? It would take rubbing down without any sort of block to remove the grey whilst leaving the ever-so-thin gelcoat. I gather there's concern of reactivating old polymers when laying on new finishes, hence the pedantic approach but perhaps that's taking it too far? Dave @CHANGES L has advised using a mix of dark pigment and thinner as a wipe over the gel in order to highlight less obvious stress cracks. Need to figure out how to concoct that solution.
  3. On a break from the wiring analysis today, had a go at sanding down the headlamp pods. With scant confidence in the quality of our local pros' work on GRP I hope to at least manage the sanding and rectification chores before handing over for final finishing. As a novice I'd welcome any and all insights into this. Is it correct to sand away all layers beyond the gelcoat? In the attached photo one can see that both the gelcoat (pink) and primer (?) in grey are very thin. Hand sanding with 100 and 150 dry for the most part. Thoughts? BTW, will task the wife with seeking Miles Wilkins' book w
  4. How goes Roland? Pictures of the areas below dash would be helpful as I'm grappling now with my own loom. Cheers
  5. I'm asking as to the situation when lamps are idle and pods down. When headlamps are up and active I presume the flash simply activates the main beam relay. Thanks
  6. I'd be most grateful for instruction on what is the sequence of circuits energising in the headlamps flash operation. It all starts with a flick of the main beams on the column switch, after that . . . ?
  7. Basic summary on this is that hydraulic advantage ( think fulcrum point in a lever situation ) reflects the area ratio of master-slave cylinders, wherein the smaller the M/C the greater the line pressure from a given input force at the pushrod. Example: 400 lb. at the pushrod into 1" area = 400psi, whereas 400 lb. at pushrod into 2" area = 200psi. Similarly, any stroke arising from yield in any points within the entire brakes system, including physical movement of calipers, will require greater stroke at the pedal with smaller bore M/C due to fluid volume required to take up physical displacem
  8. I gathered up a cheap set of 4 wheel/tyres from some '90's era Acura, figuring 4 x 100mm bolt circle and large enough centre hole to clear the hub centring features. FWD offset suits the G Esprit front as is, reverse mounting expected to suit the aft end. Haven't put it together for a try yet, to be honest. Cheers
  9. The most potent solvent I've used is a mix of 70% naptha, 20-25 xylene and methyl alcohol for the remainder. Nasty fumes but highly effective for cleaning. Cheers
  10. Suggest we take a look at the attached link. Contrary opinions welcomed. Cheers
  11. This is quite typically deposits on the discs in modern cars, probably true for the Esprit as well. Might do to have the rotors given a slight skim in order to clean up. Cheers
  12. Bit of a dim photo but looks to be the Buss ( glass tube ) fuse holders? If so, perhaps more wise just to purchase new block from one of the suppliers? Cheers
  13. I'd guess it's bonded to earth somehow, intention being to suppress EMF radiation. GRP bodied cars employ methods of the sort not typically needed in steel bodied cars. Cheers
  14. Plodding on rather too slowly, recovering momentum following efforts in support of family imperatives over the past weeks. Just finished unwrapping and cleaning the loom, looking to place in situ in order to plan modest rework of fusing plus an upgrade or two. Trip to machinist for production of bespoke crank pulley still pending, as is a trip to the A/C tech for crimping of the final 3 hose fittings. Pandemic status once again verging on dire so tending to suppress impulses to run errands. Lots to do always out in the garage in any case. My work in design of the twin M/C brake rig with
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