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  1. I'll attach a photo of a film photo taken of my early S2. Will illustrate the extent of black coverage near the sill. Cheers Cheers, my arse! Just had two "200!" error messages in attempting the upload. As this is the first instance of grief with such uploads and as I have just upgraded to FFM I'll presume there to be a related conflict. Will attempt again shortly. Logged out, now back, here goes . . . .. Computer says, "Naoo."
  2. Recall my earlier reply citing the stuff sold via Aircraft Spruce as I expect it would serve the purpose. Cheers
  3. 910's points cover your issues quite well, Phil. Certainly there's no way 2 degrees off in timing would account for the behavior.
  4. The S2 sill is black in keeping with the fact that the entire rocker area was so painted, AFAIK. Cheers
  5. Thanks, Dave. Quite the acreage in these cars!
  6. A look at my gear lever has just revealed another aspect of the car's prior life of neglect - a notch down low on one side, I suppose indicating extended use with the crossgate cable out of adjustment. So two questions on this: Are there replacement levers still to be had? How is the knob fixed to the shaft? Thanks
  7. Can anyone advise how many hides it takes to fully trim a Giugiaro interior? Cheers
  8. From what I recall reading on the automotive forum where it was described the stuff is remarkably tacky and tenacious. It was with those qualities, plus fuel insolubility, in mind that the grease was cited for use as a carburetor sealant for drippy auxiliary venturi joints, and perhaps against vacuum leaks past idle mixture screws on older Webers. I imagine goop of this sort might be purposed in aviation for fuel reserve valves, where valve lubrication is subordinate to leak management in a slow motion, occasional action. I do not presume it to be a stellar grease by normal standards.
  9. Yes to that! The washers are how one is able to tilt the window frame in or out at the top, so making correct contact with the door/window seal once all is assembled on the car. Important to know.
  10. For sealing difficult joints an aviation maintenance grease has been recommended which is impervious even to petrols of all sorts. I will attach a link to a supplier here in Canada. Cheers
  11. Preparing my chassis post clean-up and painting, now must clean out threads and not certain of sizes so proceeding with caution when tapping. Anyone care to advise whether metric or Imperial for the A-R bar mounts to chassis? Thanks
  12. Roland, that is part of what permits alignment of the window for fit to the door aperture when closed, is it not?
  13. The gents are both correct in their advice, in my view. Further to Fabian's point, be mindful of stress concentration always when tinkering with a design. GRP has great mechanical properties when applied intelligently, aluminum is not superior in this situation. That said I have laid on just on touch of epoxy/cloth in that area of my doors as sanding did reveal some stress cracking. A bare door shell is a light piece of art, not so much once it's packed with the glass and trimmed door card. I really need to get a handle on the Shipwright's.
  14. drdoom


    Welding rod in the pot, as long as it is firmly connected to a dial indicator instrument. The motion of piston near TDC becomes vague so not useful in describing directly. The method is to bracket an angular figure both sides of TDC via equal measurements of piston displacement. TDC will be established as the mid point between these, made possible with confidence only by use of a D.I. gauge. Cheers
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