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  1. By way of recollection I believe the SE was set up to boost levels in the vicinity of 1 BAR for up to 30-odd seconds, or until charge cooler temps rose to the safe maximum. Outcome was 280 BHP in bursts, 264 at stable maximum at which point boost was perhaps stabilised at 0.8?
  2. Beware journalists' take on things in general, they need copy to fill space and thus will obfuscate. Every Esprit built has handled brilliantly, it's in the DNA quite obviously. Where I have found noteworthy distinction is in the finer points of steering feedback, though only between early non-Turbo and Turbo cars up to the SE spec. @Sparky gives fine advice here, drive 'em and see for yourself. Cheers
  3. Bear in mind the reference to DARPA, America's top tier weapons development think-tank before calling for punitive action on China perhaps?
  4. Glad you've checked back in with us Jonny @HowardHughes! Do please consider chipping in with a posting on your project from time to time, if nothing else it does help sustain we nutters who plow forward on overly ambitious programs. Cheers
  5. Chris, I'll gladly take your point as my memories of those days are not too sharp and sightings of TE's back then were always rare. We in Vancouver saw our first TE on offer at a Mercedes dealership showroom in'82 ( or so ). It was a silver dry sump with red decals. Don't recall its bumper colour but it surely made my heart go pitapat. 😁 In America, it was the '83 model year when the TE was officially launched with the "Investor Edition" series, sold to those prepared to underwrite Lotus finances by way of stocks purchase. Cheers
  6. It is more the norm for TE's to have the body coloured peripherals. Road & Track magazine published an on-track comparison test of the TE vs. Ferrari 308QV, back in '83 I believe, in which the TE had black bumpers. Otherwise I recall very few seen as such in the flesh. Cheers
  7. Interesting corollary with my recent experiences in attempts to contact established suppliers in the UK. Reached out to 2 very well known outfits for piston sets x 2 in the first instance, steel cranks x 2 in the latter, not a peep in response. Seems quite peculiar does it not?
  8. One fewer by the time I'm finished 7807/0100S. 😁
  9. Nice work indeed David! 40's on a 907 will be easy to get running smoothly and have respectable fuel economy. I've run K&N filters in the past but over the years it seems they've become widely regarded to be poor on filtration. Cheers
  10. My Nissan Xtrail is fitted with fairly stout aftermarket bars but I still chose not to use it for transporting the chassis, just too much at stake in the event of a mishap. Borrowed a pickup instead. Cheers
  11. Stick with the green-ish for corrosion abatement, never add leak stop additives. Cheers
  12. Thanks, Filip, that's a great document. I'm inclined to think the "B", "C", type designations followed on from what was developed for the original Twincam engines native to the early cars. Well respected Dave Bean Engineering of California published a catalog showing figures seat-seat as well as at 0.050 lift, for which the D was 232 versus 220 for the C. Attending a local Club banquet here in 1986 the late Tony Rudd explained and sketched out how the D's lift rate was more aggressive, resulting in considerably more area under the graphed lift curve as opposed to the C. Seems plausible that Lotus, thinking the D to be their best development to date, fitted the early 907 with this only to find it too peaky. Cheers
  13. Is anyone able to expand on the published timing specifications for 907/910 engines? For example, the 104 is described as 272 degrees duration as I recall but from which exact points? Seated, and at specified lash settings? What is known on the duration figures at such lift points as 0.020 or 0.050 inch? Cheers
  14. All power ( pardon the pun ) to anyone tinkering in this manner, whatever keeps these Lotus on the road is right by me. That said, I just read an article on the FIA Formula 1 website which gives pause to the notion of EV as climate solution. The Institute of Mechanical Engineers reportedly projects lifetime carbon emissions of 58gm/km for EV as opposed to 45 for carbon fueled ICE automobiles once the impact of battery production and disposal are accounted for, this in a scenario where the electricity consumed is renewable. No arguing from me as to the realities of climate trends, however it's high time to pivot from worrying people sick over the situation and instead start presenting solutions for extracting carbon from the atmosphere. Cheers
  15. Welcome @Wilmo ! The original scheme was satin black for the airdam, sills and intake "ears", though some have chosen to integrate colour with the rest of car. The bumpers should be black as well and I'd further declare this to be essential to the character of the car. As to wrap, it seems to be well developed by now and should be quite effective for the black bits though for the bumpers this would be conditional. OEM bumpers always age into a state of wrinkled skin, thus not presentable no matter how they're finished. Given GRP replacements in good shape I'd go either with wrap or paint, not worrying too much on the difference there. When my resto finally gets to finishing I plan to have the airdam and sills in body colour, deciding later whether I like that look or revert to satin via wrap. Bumpers in black either way, the "ears" in black as well hoping for a less bulky appearance. Cheers
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