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  1. Mind that you don't create distracting measures of light on the interior surfaces, could be counterproductive after darkness falls.
  2. As what has been a rather tough summer gives way to the colder months I've engaged the beast on yet another frontier, that of engine installation details. As noted here or there over the years this S2 is to be fitted with a 910 drysump lump recovered from a written off Turbo on its way to the chopper. The 910 will be reworked into normally aspirated configuration for use in this car. After the tiresome processes of bespoke updates on various other fronts it's lately been rather refreshing to simply put the wrenches to the oily bits and see progress made in reasonable time. Seems I'm destine
  3. Interesting and not at all surprising, that note regarding the late Excel jetting. I am familiar with the SDS approach, a most rudimentary digital EFI/spark solution that nonetheless has its merits. Thanks for the reply. Cheers
  4. I'm busy working at adapting a dry sump 910 into my S2, would certainly fancy a look at how the lump fits into the S1 chassis. Frightfully tight clearance between oil pump pulley and chassis diagonal tube on mine leads me to speculate that Lotus may have shifted the powertrain aft a tad with the Turbo/S3 revision, versus the early cars. Cheers
  5. Hello Gents, Wonder whether a list of engine numbers has been compiled. I'm presently mucking about with belt train layouts with an engine salvaged from a dry sump car found at the breakers', the serial number for which I made note of but have since lost track of. Cheers
  6. Very smart appearance from the outside, rather different inside though your intent to create circuit boards will sort that out nicely I'm sure. Can't fault the arguments presented in support of this project and, given the attention deficiencies on show in traffic these days, I think a high impact from the rear lamps is a positive. Nice thing about the Esprit is it remains aesthetically a supercar, affording latitude for modern enhancements which would be less tolerable on cars of a more vintage character. Cheers
  7. Intriguing idea, Mark, should have real impact. I went to the trouble of adapting LED bulbs via a less drastic manner and the difference is notable.
  8. Hey Thomas, I agree with each of the points you raise, also have the bug for tinkering with alternative solutions. My S2 resto is shaping up with a number of novel ideas in play and will likely have an EFI/carb hybrid to entertain. I have a Haltech ECU to work with, figuring 45DCOE's as ITB throttles with main system fuel delivery supplementing EFI injection. Why the complication? The local licencing authority offers collector car insurance at very favorable rates but with some caveats regarding modification latitude, including no converting carb to EFI. As I see it this does not preclude supp
  9. Must have flex at gearbox end, of course. A mate fitted his S1 with hard pipe from engine bay possibly all the way through to the master cylinder though I suspect not. Haven't looked it over for some time. I think it's more correct to fit 1/4" bore rather than the 3/16 typical of brake lines and this becomes unwieldy at the M/C end unless finished with a flex line as well. FWIW
  10. Link attached for Cold Hose, whom I've found to be a reliable supplier with rather useful website. Cheers
  11. Choose the standard 82 degree thermostat, nothing good in over-cooling the engine. Cheers
  12. Ever amused how young things seem to find these abominations appealing.
  13. Hi Ken, Perhaps you might expand on which related details of valvetrain you feel should be listed as the stem height is not one I typically expect to deal with. Cheers
  14. If I may take this tutorial back to the very earliest matter of paint removal, a headlamp pod strip sanded this afternoon in question. The gelcoat appears to be of scant thickness and is quickly gone through at edges when sanding by hand, 180 grit. Is it necessary/wise to altogether take off the grey primer layer just above the gelcoat? Enjoying some summer-like weather for as long as it lasts I've gone at sanding of this sort in hope of better understanding how the greater part of the shell must be prepared. Also there seems to be a thin void in the gelcoat running more than halfway across th
  15. Lots of worthwhile thoughts above to consider. I'm no fan of vacuum boost on the Esprit as the long pedal travel required mucks up my preference for heel/toe efforts at neat downshifts whilst hard on the brakes. As to real-world vacuum assistance levels in the cars it would seem that the limitation comes down to having just one cylinder tapped for the source, rather than the matter of boost pressure. All 4 cylinders contributing should replenish vacuum rather more quickly, not possible in this case as the inlet is an IR system, correct?
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