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  1. Everything one might need for upgrading the electrics. Cheers
  2. Careful taking engineers' advice these days, particularly if they're young as the education systems have strayed off course over the decades. Attached is a link to guidance on headlamp output from a local specialist who's done the work, as is evident in reading his bit. No doubt Esprit hit the market somewhat short of fully developed overall, the electricals included. What voltage is measured at the alternator will be less at point of delivery to the lamps or fans, given light gauge wiring and/or suspect connections. Clearly relays and adequate wiring are imperative, noting the drop in lamp output to 83% with voltage ( at the lamp ) down to 12.54 from the design point at 12.8. Not to mention sustaining the precious switch gear on our beauties. As to the engineer's advice on terminal attachment via crimp and solder check out military/aviation/ pro motorsport practices and one sees no such thing. Solder is soundly discouraged by all such sources I've explored. Crimp well. Cheers
  3. Much has been said on the merits of Evans, not sure I'm persuaded. Overview of the cooling system from perspective of what is good for the engine is oil near 100 C., cylinder head nearer 82 for best resistance to combustion irregularities. If it's all been built to function well and in good nick why reinvent the wheel? The conventional mix of water/antifreeze in a pressurized system should never boil given attention to getting the system optimized. The 900 series is a rugged engine when properly sorted and operated. Cheers
  4. For air con components broadly I have found Cold Hose, of Florida, altogether sound with a very useful website. Cold Hose - AC Hoses, Hose Kits and Fittings I could not resist shifting from the SD 508 to a more compact SD7B-10 compressor, entailing more work but adding lightness! Took a wrong turn initially ordering up a bushel of fittings to suit the lighter, reduced barrier hose which appealed until my local pro's ( x2 ) refused to touch it, declaring it too fragile for longer term reliability. Otherwise pleased with everything purchased. Cheers
  5. Elsewhere I've read that use of caustic chemicals on AL components must be done with great care, if at all. Believe @Cliffords to be correct in that pieces will dissolve if left exposed for too long. Also note it is important to neutralise the chemistry once done with cleaning by treating the alloy with vinegar or the like before final rinse with water.
  6. Welcome Charles! You clearly are acquainted with wrenching so forgive this if redundant - it's all alloy one works with on these machines so watch the torquing levels. I'm not familiar with your series but would look for a leak on the pressurized side of the intake only after checking BOV function. Perhaps a broken spring within that? Cheers
  7. It is true that Lotus changed the block casting well on in the production life however the sump area casting finish is the least relevant aspect of the upgrades. Thanks for sharing, it's true this forum is a great resource for the dedicated owner. Cheers
  8. KPI is King Pin Inclination, a projected axis representing the line through upper and lower balljoints, as viewed North-South. As the upper control arms are slotted where balljoints attach, this may be varied. As I read the printout you might pull in the left upper balljoint a touch to balance L-R camber while eliminating the KPI side-side differential, though I doubt you'd find the change perceptible. More significantly you'd want to reduce the excessive toe figures up front as these are contrary to good steering response and effort levels. Aft end looks good as is. Cheers
  9. By my ages old recollection the bore of the clutch hose is larger than that of brakes lines, fittings similarly larger. Seems logical in that a volume of fluid is thrown this way and that in clutch operation, whereas this is not the case in operating brakes.
  10. Hey Terry, Trust you'll share your impressions once you've had shakedown time at the wheel. Cheers
  11. That may be an upgrade of some sort but taking clearance to the U-channel as reference that kit may use rotors of the original diameter. Tough going larger due to clearance limitations.
  12. Plugged cat will certainly kill most of a car's power, likely both diags will turn out correct.
  13. Felgen offer a large range of centres, which they term "stars". Cheers
  14. . . . . or add a tee fitting at the block and run a line out to a nearby mechanical gauge for comparison, there anytime you have doubts.
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