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  1. Have any amongst us had deterioration in the state of bells/hats for rotor attachment? It seems to have been noted in the thread concerning Dave L's masterful restoration of S300 # 25. Cheers
  2. As it happens one such jacket was gifted to me last year by a now deceased friend, as he was nearing his end. Apparently it had been gifted to him long ago by an acquaintance who'd been a key figure in Rolls Royce USA marketing, serving back in that unhappy period around '80-81.
  3. Been there, done that, on both Elan classic and Esprit. Not happy with the degree of GBH it takes to crack free a stuck clutch.
  4. How about a disembodied digit, poking accusingly toward the driver? Or would that just depict the working end of said glory hole?
  5. Errors in torqueing big ends are possibly the most sure way to blow up an engine catastrophically. Great caution advised, bolts to be of reliable provenance and not previously torqued.
  6. Lez, Tim Engel, with whom you're familiar through the Yahoo hosted forum(s), has held forth abundantly on most topics of interest, including the particulars of working through the box. He has, as far as I can tell, great credibility gained through hands-on experience and is an engineer with lifelong devotion to Lotus. Cheers
  7. I would suggest that EFI will correct air/fuel mixture for altitude, nice when hopping up over the Alps, plus deliver a lower emissions output at idle and low load due to timed delivery. Jetronic have proven to run fine on just about anything but the snappy sharp throttle response of multiple throttles will not be there. Cheers
  8. Thanks for this terrific essay on the development details, however the one bit overlooked was indeed that to which I referred. It is an angled brace presumed to be in support of front braking loads above all. I'd attach a photo if I had one, instead please see item number 10 in the drawing. p.s. - Perhaps your opening remark regarding radiator cassette support was pertinent? I may be off base in my assessment of the purpose for item 10, in that case. Best regards
  9. I built a garage some years ago in support of restoring the Esprit, making it well suited to the effort with substantial insulation, an oil filled electric heater and, most importantly, a dehumidifier. Climate here in Vancouver is rather like the UK, generally humid, and cars may well be dripping wet upon return from a drive. Spinney is right to state the need for a dehumidifier, on occasions during which mine was offline it was clear that corrosion proceeded quickly, exacerbated by the heater. I installed my d/h on a shelf above the car, and used a clear, PVC drain hose down and out through the wall rather than be on task for the very frequent emptying of the onboard tank. Warm clothes and footwear complete the campaign for comfortable working during chilly spells like those we've had lately. Cheers
  10. I'd wager the difference in appearance reflects nothing other than the result of 12 months' non-stop shagging, punctuated regularly with puffs of the Magic Dragon. Note that George Harrison included an Elan in the animated video accompanying his hit tune of the early 2k's. Great to see some of the fodder from which this old myth has been cultivated! For another prolific rock conspiracy saga concerning a truly deceased icon, one might google Jimi Hendrix. Not long ago I tripped over a link to that story posted on some online music journal. Sadly, the outcome of numerous efforts to examine the pertinent circumstances indicates that most probably Hendrix's death was a run-of-the-mill mob hit, for the sake of a lousy $20k insurance payout. Pitiful waste of an epic talent. I've a nifty poster of a promo photo taken with Hendrix, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell all perched on the nose of an Elan. Cheers
  11. I have reviewed the files which Keith posted on his forum regarding DHLA and it is from those that I have reported the 22mm figure. I'll attach a PDF drawing in which this is addressed, for reference. Note that this will illustrate his alternative form "VF" emulsion tube, for which a patent as been applied as I understand. Cheers VF-tube_in_DHLA_Well_22mm_Fuel_Level.pdf
  12. Paint . . . , or coloured gelcoat? Tasty car indeed !
  13. I'm averse to painting aluminum engine bits which will be exposed to oil as I fear the paint may flake away over time in service. Freshly scrubbed alloy looks very smart, will never become pox-y due to flaking, and a spray off with brake cleaner will freshen the bits nicely in the event of seepage. Nice to think we can assemble an oil tight engine after all these tips from those who've shared lessons learned over the ages.
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