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  1. Have you mike'd the rotor and annulus for thickness measurement? We'd be the better for having that data in our trove.
  2. Lord grant us serenity . . . ? Seriously, Fabian, it's a fact that one cannot take for granted the quality of much in auto parts these days. Even major manufacturers shoot themselves in the foot in production FUBAR's, then continue bleeding cash for ages getting it sorted. You are right to be ever so careful after what has been such a trial with the engine, right to be pissed if sold dodgy parts. Dimensional variances can be sorted in a number of ways, including those already cited. One more method involves lapping down the pump housing marginally if tightening up the end float is deemed the best way forward. FWIW.
  3. Seems odd to me but in a similar way my backyard grass sheltered beneath a patio table grows faster than neighbouring lawn exposed to direct sunlight. That's as far as I'm prepared to go on isolation induced alternative topic discussion.
  4. Over here in North America, Lotus ran out their supply of Citroen boxes in the earliest Stevens body cars, inboard brakes and all. All the Stevens cars sold in UK and Europe were fitted with Renault from the start of that '88 model year run. We got the Renault box with the introduction of the SE Turbo, around '89 1/2 IIRC.
  5. I recall Harry pointing out that the corrected direction eliminates the input shaft thrusting against the crankshaft under load. Cheers
  6. Hey Michael, This pertains to the Citroen box in the pre-"88 cars, just to be clear. Turns out the Citroens were made with transaxles of both 4.38 ( OEM Esprit ) and 4.88 ( the Maserati Merak SS ) ratios. Harry proposes that the 1 fewer teeth on the pinion, which are therefore a bit more stout, makes the 4.88 set stronger. Why do you think French cars are junk?
  7. Laurent, congratulations on acquiring the car! Thanks for the mild exercise in French-English translation. Salut!
  8. Harry Martens ( HML, of Holland ) can provide a crownwheel/pinion set 10% shorter in ratio, for those troubled by the long-legged set standard on the Esprit. I'm not one to preach on how to get things done most expeditiously ( as my S2 resto project demonstrates ) but in Glen's situation it seems the sound way forward would be to install an aftermarket ECU providing direct fire spark and fuel injection, so abandoning the 2 most frequent sources of bother. Cheers
  9. John, Thanks for sharing that. What is best for a Turbo engine will differ from best N/A set-up, as I see it. Turbo engine output reflects energy derived from exhaust flow in a manner differing from how X flow affects the normally aspirated, so optimal valve timing for each should differ as well, AFAIK. Cheers
  10. Looks like it has been immersed completely, has the owner reported it was in a flood? I'd worry about the loss of those bits which aren't easily salvaged after soaking in river water.
  11. Thought it time to hold forth on the S2 work, in due regard for community spirit despite feeling quite sheepish about the time taken sorting out HVAC issues. The looming engine layout program has been on hold so that the cabin, HVAC and upholstery concerns can be brought to conclusive results. At present the HVAC has been closed and sealed up following thorough refurbishment of its inner workings, admittedly compounded by way of substitution of modern evaporator for the original. On the positive, I have relieved the car of 5 1/2 lbs. mass that is carried at chest height below windscreen base ( i.e. normal placement ) by way of the exchange. A craftily fabricated little mounting for non-standard heater flow control valve took meaningful time as well. Final confession on offer concerns conflict having arisen between the vent lever/pivots assembly on the HVAC case and the bonnet latch operating crosstube. I'm pleased to have combined the bulk of a low mileage '95 S4 unit with the blower adapter duct originally fitted to the S2 as the guts and bushes of the S4 unit are in much better nick, plus the vacuum/lever assembly is much better on later cars. When it became clear that insufficient clearance exists between scuttle beam and HVAC for the bonnet crosstube, I fashioned mounts and links for mini linear actuators to operate the 2 bonnet latches via a window lift type switch. At least the Dr. Frankenstein stuff will be forever unseen, other than a switch discretely placed in space formerly occupied by the driver's face level vent. Cheers
  12. OK, found the desired info on another thread here in this forum. Just need to persuade the threads on knob and lever to part company, giving it a soak with Liquid Wrench. Cheers
  13. How to remove the knob from the gear lever?
  14. Jacques, my friend, I wish to differ somewhat in regard to our English vendors. The service provided by SJ and Rimmer Brothers has been both sound and prompt, in my experience. Commendable support from our own @Steve V8 in working with me to sort carpet requirements, as well. All this business is just so better enabled due to internet access. By comparison my Elan restoration was conducted '85-'86, when clumsy, overseas phone calls at difficult hours of the day were the order of business. My experiences at that time were consistent with your view, but I find things better by quite some margin these days. Cheers
  15. I believe the SJ upgrade pertains to the cross-gate cable. I have not spotted anything non-standard otherwise.
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