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  1. I recall some measure of damage on both hinges on mine so can advise a bit. The trick seems to be maintaining space in the bonnet pocket sufficient to permit the insertion/removal of the hinge plate. To achieve this I ground the outer, compromised GRP back taking take to leave a thin remnant of the original pocket as a wormable datum then laid up epoxy/cloth over this to restore strength. There is a distinct limit to how much can be built up whilst maintaining fit, so be mindful of that. cheers
  2. Well the 912SE (HC?) spec was either 10.7 or 10.9 as i recall so that must be comfortably attainable.
  3. i have just had my original rad recored and re-tanked locally, adapted 2 Spal fans of 11" diameter to fit nicely into the original plastic shroud. This gives high airflow either without or with fans on as the Spals are the largest that will fit the the shroud. I have also fabricated ducting in aluminum to ensurre that air into the entry cannot bypass either the condenser or the rad. I am very confident that this set-up will handle any conditions including track or traffic in hot climate conditions. cheers
  4. For those willing to put in the time, 2 layers of MDF ( fine grain particle board ) will stack up giving a nice recess for the gauge bezels, is easy to cut/sand, spray with wrinkle black to finish. Altogether more durable than the overly light plastic original.
  5. Bill, I too would fancy some way of refreshing the AC artwork for my restoration if you can help. That top right switch is, I suspect, the fog setting for the brake lamps.
  6. Year after year we read tales of concern with high engine temperatures yet I wonder whether there be substance to these. Are there indications other than the gauge readings?
  7. With an engine build looming not too far down the road I will need a set of pistons suitable for a road going, naturally aspirated 2.2. Do the learned among us know what sort of compression ratio would be tolerated by the 92 - 94 octane fuels available in western North America? That fuel spec may not directly correlate with what our UK and Euro community see listed at the pump, ours is the average [ ( R + M ) /2 ] of the Research and Motor Octane values. Cheers
  8. Troublesome fact for owners of early Esprit is that the exhaust manifold crowds the LHS engine mount, compromising life whichever material is used. The wilted poly displayed in @williamtherebel pictures illustrates the malady rather well. I wonder whether laying on heatshielding is missing the mark, where some managed airflow might otherwise succeed. Absent some help in purging away the heat it may be too much to expect of heatshielding alone.
  9. Try these folks, well regarded by most. Cheers
  10. Interesting remark about the 2.2, do I take from that the use of mounts similar to the early S1? As to application of the kit, SJ list it as a performance upgrade in S2 terms so not as per original, clearly.
  11. The Federal spec was a miserable affliction, not something to cherish in my opinion. Set the car up as the design team would have preferred it and stash away the smog bits for your own peace of mind Nothing trick about the air pump port plugs, they are very likely 1/8 NPT or similar tapered thread.
  12. I have presumed that Antonio's bit must be part of the SJ kit as it looks utterly new and would not have been native to his S2.
  13. Hey Antonio, Worry not, that mounting leg looks identical to that I've purchased from SJ and will suit either S1 or S2. No change in chassis mounting points for the engine prior to the S3/Turbo revision, as far as I know. David is correct in that it is of the form used for the earlier Esprit, whereas the later S1, S2 and 2.2 cars were built with the biscuit type mountings and used a different form of leg to attach to the engine block. Nice to read you're moving forward.
  14. I recall obtaining replacement bolts via one of my hockey mates who's a mechanic at an Audi/VW dealership, so keeping the triple square type. Something for which ze Germans have an affinity it would seem.
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