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  1. Tim E's cred is impeccable, in my opinion.
  2. I will defer to the pro's on this but the question of re-used rod bolt integrity comes down to whether torquing has induced any consequential measure of yield in the metal. This accounts for why some re-used bolts let fly, causing catastrophic damage as one would expect, whereas others will go on serving faithfully. Seems unlikely factory assembly would have pushed too far in torquing yours, thus arguing for re-use if that has been the only history of work. OTH, one might presume torquing those fine ARP's just comfortably short of spec would ensure their ongoing integrity while generating enou
  3. I very much doubt there'd be any issue in running the HTD's with the semi-auto rig. AFAIK, one distinct advantage in the newer cog profile is in greater certainty of meshing, as compared to the original Gilmer type.
  4. Yes, D4002G is what I'd thought to be the object in need of creative sourcing if not already in hand as these are exclusive to Lotus. There has for some time been listed on Ebay (U.S.) a complete rear suspension links set for S1/S2. Otherwise it's likely to be specialist breakers like LotusBits in the UK who may just possibly have what you'll need. Best of luck
  5. Alex, do you have the halfshafts, u-joints and their bespoke adapter hubs for connecting to the transaxle output shafts?
  6. Absolutely! I was broken down and stranded for days when something very similar struck my Elan. Turned out the rotor dielectric failed permitting most spark energy to bleed through to earth via the distributor shaft. Were I to run a distributor equipped car again I'd be certain to keep spare rotor and cap onboard at all times.
  7. For thorough checking of the big end bores at torqued condition perhaps use the oldies for this? Agree the OEM bolts are very substantial. Utmost in all of this must be confidence in the quality of the components and care in torquing/assembling methods.
  8. Mike, as I see it the belt is one tough customer and better to see it loaded up a touch than toy with jumped teeth. Can't say I've had the chance to examine what the manufacturers have done over the years since in regard to tensioner type. Simple eccentric and HTD for me.
  9. Hi Pete, Believe I've been blessed with rather acute colour sensitivity, and bearing in mind how lighting and/or digital rendering may skew the image I'd nonetheless declare that spray bomb result to be a close match for Laguna, the colour of a mate's Elan Sprint. Yes, your colour is not precisely Essex, a tad light though with about the right tint. To make a WAG I'd wager that just a touch of black pigment was omitted, for whatever reason. As I have gathered on the matter of metallics the specific metal particles are critical, so that too may have been a factor. FWIW. Cheers
  10. Be mindful that it may be a painted shell on its return, countenance nothing short of the mark in regard to the transport rig for that. I'd advise you consider how high the shell must be carried on the cart in order to avoid grounding out badly at the nose, either loading or unloading.
  11. Geometrically I'd say your thinking tracks well. One wants peace of mind in handing the shell over to be finished so correct to fasten securely. My rig remains a work in progress with the shell simply perched atop, OK for my purposes usually but short of what would amount to secure fastening for work when in the hands of others. The short, upturned "claws" at the lateral boards' ends were a bit ill-conceived as they impair access to the sills whilst not affording the security of attachment via fasteners. The empty shell is light enough to dismiss worries of vertical load stresses via board con
  12. I cobbled up something of the sort though with some lumber turned on edge for beam strength but mostly to elevate the shell. Used 2 x 6 for most, running PU rollers of about 5" diameter as the garage floor is smooth concrete. Working is OK for the most part, full swivel rollers at 4 corners a mixed bag permitting ease of repositioning but allowing the thing to shift around more than would be ideal at times. Found the stability needed in setting aside the dolly cart at times, perching the shell on solid blocks.
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum so not quite sure how it all works, not easy to find where and to who to write. Would seem you have good advise on a great deal of things. I have a problem with my Esprit Turbo 85. The window motors don't work at all. None are available on the market anywhere in Europe ans even those who say they can refurbish dont have the parts necessary. I saw somewhere that the Jaguar motor is the same. Any ideas on my next move?

    1. drdoom


      Welcome to the community. There are many postings over many years to be explored in this forum, plenty of solid advice to be had within. You'll find the utilities quite helpful, including the search functions. As to your windows issue would it be correct to assume you've ruled out causes other than defunct motors? Replacements are available through the familiar vendors referenced from time to time in members' threads, otherwise you'll perhaps find those suiting '70's era Corvette are comparable.

      Feel free to post your concerns in the pertinent topic group, you'll be pleased with the responses.


  14. Lotus apprehended the pertinent laws of physics long before anyone else applied them to road cars, as all who've truly driven any good Lotus will attest. Those laws have not and never will change, thus the Esprit has been a car of sublime roadholding from the get-go. All the deficiencies in minor design and production have been well explored over the decades and most can be effectively remedied. As to sheer performance, well what modern auto does not perform remarkably? My wife's bone-stock Accord with base 4 cylinder and CVT box is up to 130 kph in a flash, if given the boot. Why older
  15. America has made a series of errors over the decades culminating in this most grave of all. Trump is a potent avatar for the hateful undercurrents rife in society and has now been handily absolved of what have been a proper laundry list of high crimes and misdemeanors. He now proceeds onward with renewed vigor, intent on revenge and validation, and will deliver immense impact on the political landscape. I expect the 2022 mid-terms will see substantial ground gained by the neo-fascists, at great cost to the Republican party which has sealed its own fate in lacking the vision to see what is at h
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