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  1. 12Volt Planet in the UK has been one of my go-to's for electrical bits lately, including electronic flasher relays although it was Del City in the U.S. where I found LED suitable flashers. Both vendors recommended. Cheers
  2. It's the gapped hot side which looks right to me. The separation from the mount outer casing enables movement of the bolt carried in the bushed rubber internal structure, providing compliance one must have in a non-solid attachment. Correct?
  3. Dave @CHANGES Lisle has his 910 running on the road reliably at 415 BHP.
  4. Just use a minimum of force. The plastic will not be terribly degraded if the car's in fair or better shape overall.
  5. Above all it's the chassis which gives any decent Lotus it's cred, so please, if you must swap engine do so with something light as well as powerful. You know, like the 900 series 4-banger native to the car.
  6. I chose to simply clean up the original piece and bond it back in with epoxy. See no reason that it should be removable nor that screws are relevant if it's properly affixed.
  7. drdoom

    107 cam

    Yes, as @sailorbob states ! Should be crated in wood for safe transport, anything less would worry me.
  8. Taking it further the hazard switch can be disassembled in order to thoroughly clean its contacts for good. Attached pic shows what is possible. Cheers
  9. Peter, I've just run through several sims of your build once again and it's quite clear that the blower makes your lump quite indifferent to the cam choices discussed. It is clear though that you'd be wise to switch the exhaust MOP over to red dot 110 wheel, this giving earlier ex valve opening in aid of clearing the increased combustion volume and limiting flow-through at TDC during overlap via earlier closing. The green dot looks fine for the inlet side. Cheers You will want to run the highest octane fuel that can be found, perhaps water/methanol injection in some measure as well. The low RPM volumetric efficiency numbers are in excess of 120% at very modest boost levels.
  10. Basic theory holds that inlet cam MOP ( AKA centerline in 'Murica ) is central to where the torque/HP peaks will be. With the turbo driving power output on those Esprit it was wise of Lotus to go 104 MOP for the sake of picking up lower end power if nothing else. Boosted engines must always be built mindful of the effects of positive inlet side pressures, as overlap will factor in on the matter of charge retention more so than with N/A engines. The 900 series engines appear to be overly large on port sizes for a street N/A application, IMO rather well accounting for why the 907 with its lesser displacement needs to rev before output is respectable. Emissions are another matter entirely, one I'm happy to treat as secondary at this stage. I've gathered up a pair of 107's having salvaged a 910 dry sump from a written-off early Turbo, no experience with that engine otherwise. Lotus seem to have sought improved lower range power on the 907 soon after commencing production, moving on from D profile to C early in the program, then on to the 107's when they'd been developed for the Turbo. That's my thesis, at least.
  11. Here's the 107's timed at 104 MOP, graphed as "current", versus the same OEM Federal as in prior sim. Cheers
  12. Greetings, For both amusement and engine build planning I muck about in a rather well rated engine sim program, "Engine Analyzer v3.4". Eventually this led to something perhaps of interest, particularly to owners whose cars are powered by 907. The modeling indicates the 107 to be clearly superior to the C type cams if the baseline data I'm using are valid. While the 104 MOP cam timing has broadly been hailed as the way forward, another option is to clock 107 cams at 110 MOP. The attached screen grab compares a Federal 907 bone-stock ( "last results" curves in red/turquoise ) versus the same but with 107 cams at 110 MOP ( "current" in green/purple ). Results remain consistent with a well tuned upgraded 907 as well. Offered in support of our winter Cheers Steve . . . Offered in support of our winter amusement.
  13. The Bosch CIS system is quite a versatile thing. Long ago I was told of one chap converting his Elite 907 Strombergs to CIS with ease. A neighbour who's a machinist adapted the CIS to his carb'd Volvo 4 cylinder and impressed the local emissions authority as it was the cleanest to date of those cars. My concern is that because it is of airflow feedback design, an electronic analogue of CD carbs such as SU and Stromberg, it will never quite have the cracking sharpness of throttle response I prefer. Tony Rudd writes of this in a rather roundabout way in his autobiography, when describing the Turbo's change from Dellorto to CIS. Cheers
  14. Those bonnet props will deliver a solid support, just be mindful of the 'glass warping over time if the force is excessive. Do I see headlamp lift upgrade?
  15. Yes, that's our oh-so delicious Federal bumper, fitted to all S1 and S2 sold in North America. The lights are correct for this application. 💩
  16. It is fairly certain Lotus correctly engineered the system from the off, therefore most wise not to stray far from original. Little chance of improved performance other than a slight margin at top revs, but quite possible to introduce nasty cabin resonances at points lower down the rev range which would make driving unpleasant.
  17. Yes, at all points of body-chassis attachment one must shim whatever gap may be found before cranking tight the fasteners.
  18. Aha! No, that is not as it should be though quite possibly an improvement structurally! Tim @TAR astutely pointed out the normal state of things wherein the shell does hang up on the fastener if not angled away while separating from chassis. The proper arrangement has the bolt drawing up its associated washer tight to the chassis turret. There is a hole in footwell on axis with the pivot bolt so as to permit socket attachment, and a plate or plug applied in order to seal out the elements. Cheers
  19. Wedges of very shallow included angle would suit, hardwood best of all but flat metallic scrapers are good for opening a gap at the start.
  20. Watched that the other night and could not agree more! Also have begun reading economist Mariana Mazzucato's " Mission Economy ", which well describes what had become apparent to me for some time.
  21. Hello Jacques! Wedging action will generate immense force if put to use eagerly, so be mindful that you spread the force widely using multiple wedges.
  22. I can think of nothing in the HVAC unit which would attach to the chassis. It's often been some overlooked stray line or cable hanging up separation of the two. Bear in mind the angular aspect in dealing with the forward end, the suspension turrets are not purely vertical.
  23. . . . . and give it some Wellie once things are up to temperature. There is no comparing in-cylinder conditions between light cruise and full throttle. As to starting technique pumping the pedal is certainly a crude method, yielding inlet tracts sloppy with neat petrol. So while helpful when starting cold it's not ideal, whereas proper use of the starter units ( "choke" ) has been proven to be suitable when carbs have otherwise been correctly jetted. Cheers
  24. Which leads to the larger question of how "value" is defined. It's quite apparent that our economic orthodoxy has become farcical, probably en route for the past 50 years since departure from the gold standard freed government from fiscal responsibility. To me it comes down to which crisis point is arrived at first - economic collapse or ecological disaster. Regarding our economic system what's been shown so far is that the band can continue playing well beyond the point where the Titanic's deck is awash in North Atlantic seawater. Once climate change has progressed to where it's projected to go the carnage will be far beyond theoretical. How then will things be valued?
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