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  1. LED bulbs I'd purchased from Classic Car LED, UK, would not respond to a dimmer purchased from a local electronic components vendor so I threw in the towel on the effort. Correctly done wiring notwithstanding. Thanks
  2. Andy, have you a link for the Ford bits? @andydclements
  3. Hi Eric, My approach for that was something of a workaround. Not wishing to re-create the lettering I chose instead to neatly mask off the graphics then spray over with the wrinkle finish black. Seems fairly likely to work out. Cheers
  4. Headlamp bulbs of the era are handed, as optics for low beam pattern will have light distribution rising higher to the right for LHD cars in order to enhance visibility of road signs. These would be unfortunate if used in UK configured motoring as they would be throwing light into oncoming drivers' eyes. Lamps for either are interchangeable, so check before driving. Cheers
  5. @Fast Eddy welcome! Many have tried engine swaps, few have succeeded. Lotus became world leaders in engine development over time, notably beginning with their success in the Esprit Turbo 910 program. Further worth bearing in mind, a Lotus is valued above all for sublime chassis characteristics and any engine swap puts that at risk. In short, if you want a Pantera please go forth and buy one but if able to appreciate what you have in the Esprit then be wise in tinkering with mods. You'll be glad you did. There is plenty of power to be had from the 910 engine. Cheers
  6. Didn't Lotus themselves upgrade to a twin-disc clutch during the V-8 series?
  7. Lou has shared another photo with me and from another angle the conflict between belt and stud is worse than the attached photo illustrates. Is it possible that the A/C compressor belt should run on one of the other grooves in the crank pulley?
  8. These accounts appear quite similar to those seen and/or reported over here, wa-a-ayy over on the Pacific coast. "Help Wanted" notices were abundant in many parts of the world some years prior to the pandemic. I wonder whether all this is down to simple mismanagement of succession, as we in Canada have for decades seen ubiquitous contempt for employee tenure. Throw in a demographic "baby bust" cohort and presto(!) - chronic shortage of workers. Comments on the NHS are noted, again over here our fairly comparable system is stressed and broadly falling short of providing the care one should expect.
  9. Would there be photos of the bits used on the upper wishbones?
  10. An audible "whoosh" is just so typical of a BOV. I'd double back onto that trail, can't think of anything which could generate a comparable sound.
  11. Product categories front axle | ATZ Opel spare parts As promised, if a tad later than predicted. Cheers
  12. drdoom

    Formula One

    Oddly, I thought, one of the cars competing in the Porsche Supercup at Austria was emblazoned with Dellorto sponsorship. Had thought Dellorto somewhat arcane and marginal in the present day aftermarket.
  13. If I'm not mistaken the reservoir is connected to the master main chamber and on out into the line when the pedal is retracted fully. Activation by moving the pedal first drives home the check valve which shuts off the feed from the reservoir, so preventing the pressure from avoiding the load at the slave end of the circuit. If correct that means you should pressure bleed with the master piston rod fully retracted, as in pedal at rest. Cheers
  14. Gold on wheels works well in my opinion, smart accent to colours like red, black, BRG. Thanks for the remarks on the V-8 dampers, makes clear sense to me. Cheers
  15. I'd expect that over time the oil applied during assembly of the 'box would migrate downward to the bellhousing end but would that be problematic?
  16. drdoom

    Formula One

    With accommodation in Graz we booked transport to and from the event on express coach, conveniently hubbed a short stroll from our hotel. There clearly is traffic overload on the occasion of such big events, evident by the full hour past departure time before the coach rolled onto the motorway Saturday. After wrap up Sunday we were only 1/2 hour getting clear of the Ring but such was the state of motorway traffic broadly that our driver journeyed the country roads for considerable distance before joining the motorway, ultimately yielding result similar to Saturday's trip. At least we were relaxed and comfortable though it's sobering to see how crowded these GP events have become. Fine airshow presented around lunch time, otherwise most superfluous entertainment not to my tastes and quite overcooked, suiting the ADHD generation one would suppose. It happens to be the same approach back home attending live NHL hockey games, where heaven forbid there's a lull for thoughtful chat during the 2 minute TV breaks, so that's the way of things 21st century style. Lovely setting for a circuit nonetheless and we did explore vantage points, making sure to catch Practice action over at T9 and 10 so hearing the peculiar sound of Pirelli's working the sausage curbs. A touch surprised the engine noise was found not to be massive, more piercing by far being that of the cica 2012 RB-? V10 demo driven by David Coultard during the lunch break. Cheers
  17. drdoom

    Formula One

    We had a sightline to Sainz's burning car, seated midway between T1 and T3 in the Red Bull Grandstand. Pity the piss poor luck Carlos is suffering this season, he'd clearly have overtaken MV by race end. Leclerc had been demonstrating the Ferraris' superiority on braking into T3 from early laps onward. Pleased to see Lewis soldier on into a quiet but well earned 3rd, disappointed we'd no opportunity to see Checo at work.
  18. drdoom

    Formula One

    Weak minded arses.
  19. Vaguely recall reading that the disc for Triumph TR-6 was a match. That said, it might have been Esprit specific, as the splines may differ.
  20. Not long ago Harry Martens @dsvitesse1 posted somewhere in TLF how remarkably tight were the tolerances in manufacture of these 'boxes, adding that he ships his units with a spare paper shim gasket or two, if I recall correctly. FWIW
  21. We've just returned from a tour of the Albertina Art Museum in Vienna where we happened upon a deeply saddening collection of documentary photos taken this year in Ukraine, thankfully as we completed what was otherwise a joyful review of Modern Art. If Putin is not a war criminal then there is no such thing. Fuck him, fuck anyone who enables him, fuck Bernie.
  22. Don't know if correct but I've read a credible source claiming makedly reduced pedal effort with change from clutch fork operation to concentric slave. Hope @makepeace will succeed in this and share his findings. Cheers
  23. I have seen Esprit towed onto a flatdeck transport via straps carefully wrapped around the lower TCA's at their inner pivot points, no concerns for damage given the light vehicle weight.
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