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  1. That carpet is gorgeous but my mechanics' creeper wheels wouldn't roll worth a damn on it. When just built I prep'd the recently poured concrete of mine with sulfamic (IIRC) acid solution, rinsed and dried utterly then finished with 2k epoxy from the building supplies store. Truly tough, smooth, well stuck and non-slip despite no additives. Before banishment for the greater cause of Esprit renewal my wife's car did wear through what is an admittedly thin coating where her front tyres would be parked. This must be due either to stiction when arriving warm or her sawing at the wheel while gettin
  2. Taking this inventive approach, one might expect the '80's Ford Aerostar van to come up close.
  3. Pilkington has a contact somewhere on the Web, identifies as for Classics and does answer inquiries regarding Esprit. May or may not have stock.
  4. My method for reinstall of the bearing/axle was to heat the hub carrier in the barbecue - carefully - to sub 300 F. The bearing, which had been in the freezer, was given a quick smear of Copaslip IIRC and just dropped into place.
  5. It's worth considering that your focused efforts in sorting the other carb settings are largely the means by which you've arrived at this most pleasant outcome. Be assured the slight reduction in choke size did nothing more than enrich the transition point which, though it may well have been helpful, is subordinate to the accurate balancing of float heights and throttles in terms of running behaviour. Cheers!
  6. Outstanding! Devil's in the details, so far as tuning is concerned.
  7. TE is a very sound and knowledgeable chap for whom I have the highest regard. That said he might defer to Keith Frank in terms of understanding the workings of these carbs. What KF has determined over years of dedicated and highly methodical work sheds much light and belies some of the folklore taken as common knowledge. Should you wish to take a deep dive into this you'd be well advised to get on the Sidedraft Central board and ask to be brought up to speed on the vital criteria. Cheers
  8. Sound advice on reverting to baseline, to which I'd add make but a single change at a time. No success likely when chasing too many rabbits at a time! Also expect trouble will be found in error of assembly or float setting. It's rare for coincidental failures to blind-side an effort, so let's keep ignition related concerns limited to clean plugs. Rigorous discipline is always in order when fiddling with carb jetting. Static ignition settings much less so.
  9. On any car running these Dellortos the mains circuits are utterly separate from idle/slow run until well underway. The chokes offer no venturi effect until substantial airflow is established, well past idle/slow run or light cruise conditions. It is natural vacuum which drives fuel delivery of the idle/slow run, entirely dependent on the airflow being largely restricted by the throttles thus negating venturi effect. As mentioned, one may start and run the engine with the main clusters entirely removed, consistent with the preceding summary. Cheers
  10. The fuel/air target for catalyst era cars is stoichiometric, aka 1.0 Lambda as I understand it. While 3.5 is acceptable for a carbureted engine there's no reason a timed, port injected EFI lump should not do better. Richness at idle is not pursued, rather it's accepted as an unavoidable symptom of the limitations inherent in the inlet system. Not exactly on point but offered FWIW. Cheers
  11. No, no. Smaller chokes will not flood otherwise properly set carbs. Look to float heights and/or fuel pressure for resolution, certainly if the flooding is at point of starting or idling. Again, all a minor reduction in chokes will accomplish is to bring on the main circuits at an earlier point. This may well incur increased richness from then on but should be incremental, rather than wholesale.
  12. FWIW, my rather early S2 has the metal framed 1/4 glass, there's nothing I've yet spotted which would suggest a body shell mod would have been appropriate in deleting the frames.
  13. A minute flaw in the rotor casting is precisely what I related as cause for grief. There's a crack in yours?
  14. If this is in response to my preceding posting a clarification is in order. The spark loss path in my case was from coil to centre tower of cap through rotor via failed dielectric to the end of distributor shaft where the rotor is perched. I've never fancied that Rube Goldberg rev limiting rotor either, FWIW. To be clear my Elan was always equipped with the plain rotor.
  15. Look for the very best quality ignition parts you can source and purchase a couple of rotors and caps. Notwithstanding my endorsement of Lumenition I'll have nothing to do with distributor managed ignition henceforth. As posted elsewhere I was stranded for days in a small town, struggling to figure why the Twincam cut out when both fuel and spark seemed fine. Turned out to be failed dielectric of the rotor permitting high tension bleed to earth via the shaft to cylinder block. The arc trace was almost invisible on the rotor body. Your engine will do much better when the carbs are altogeth
  16. Lumenition served me very well for 12 joyful years of Elan motoring ! The floats are off after service at a specialist ??!!
  17. Careful !! There is NO correlation between choke size and startup. You may have assembled bits in some sort of disarray so check over what you've done. The change from 36 to 35 mm will be of no great consequence other than marginally earlier mains online but doesn't hurt to try and is without peril. FWIW, Keith Frank ( chap referred to earlier in regard to tech analysis of carbs ) has determined Dellortos to be handicapped in terms of emulsion tube and slow run designs quite comparably to the Webers. Your transition behaviour issues will likely derive from these aspects, perhaps aggravate
  18. Fabian, there is indeed a great deal to this and we may well be running fuel which has evolved into something less than ideal for use with the original kit. Yup, the smaller venturi must activate the mains sooner, as will raising the fuel height. If you're going into this intrepidly you must be ever so rigorous with methods, otherwise less likely to succeed. Starting points include the float height and fuel pressure regulation, assuming all kit in fine fettle. Resist temptation to stray far from established fuel height settings. There's a wealth of insights available on the Sidedraft Forum.
  19. We drove a trip which took us through the Rockies year before last in late May/early June, weather delightful. Not quite Grindelwald in scope but of beautiful grandeur nonetheless. Big White's locale is another of our more delightful regions, as you'd surely know. Cheers
  20. Whistler / Blackcomb, best we've got out here.
  21. Digital VOM reads 0.2 ohm for the admittedly short run from remaining untouched horn connector to relay, revealing that the wire-spade crimp in the exposed connectors remains effectively bonded after all the miles through the wet and salt. PO fancied the Bond life, shuttling to and fro the ski resort with this Esprit in winter. Cheers
  22. Smaller venturi will bring the main circuits on sooner. Whether that helps could be instructive.
  23. Believe this to be correct, though worth noting that the bulk of wiring is forward of the gear lever in any case. Unwinding the tape from sections well protected by location within the car one finds the wires quite immaculate. I nipped off one of the horns connectors for examination and despite residual road grime it appears the thing might well still be soundly bonded. Would re-do any such weathered pieces as a matter of course and, meanwhile, meter the remaining connector's circuit resistance when back at it shortly.
  24. Question for you chaps concerning what to do with the main loom - how far to take restoration? It served for 17-18 years, typical modest mileage and the car has since been tucked away for the past 24 years. It's a matter of deciding whether every wire connector should be replaced, I'm already determined to clean the contacts of unique sockets and have purchased new column switches. @Lotusfab or Fridge perhaps?
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