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  1. Hey Terry, Trust you'll share your impressions once you've had shakedown time at the wheel. Cheers
  2. That may be an upgrade of some sort but taking clearance to the U-channel as reference that kit may use rotors of the original diameter. Tough going larger due to clearance limitations.
  3. Plugged cat will certainly kill most of a car's power, likely both diags will turn out correct.
  4. Felgen offer a large range of centres, which they term "stars". Cheers
  5. . . . . or add a tee fitting at the block and run a line out to a nearby mechanical gauge for comparison, there anytime you have doubts.
  6. Owned by someone in our community?
  7. X 2 in regard to Milwaukee tools.
  8. On oil pressure, Fabian, what specific numbers are you seeing?
  9. I had looked into this some years ago when contemplating what to do with the homely Rover based lamp units as fitted to N/A GG Esprit, post S1. Got a set of ex-Fiat units purchased locally before deciding on a different solution. If I recall correctly, the units are carried within ABS surrounds produced by Lotus for the S1 application, unlike the Fiat installation. If so, one would need to acquire those for the full conversion. Cheers
  10. Koni, who led the technology in damping for decades, wrote up a technical paper on setting double adjustable shocks typically found on pure race cars and the late Carroll Smith shared it in one of his "Prepare to ..."; Tune to ..."; "Engineer to Win" series of books. Great stuff for the devoted Lotus tuner in my opinion, BTW. In regard to damping in the simplest terms jounce ( or compression ) setting correlates primarily with management of unsprung weight, whereas rebound was more pertinent to corner entry response. Opinions on this from the more learned among us are welcome, my memory on the material hasn't had a refresh for some time. At any rate I suspect the V-8 dampers will be agreeable for any who prefer a tight handling Esprit over a cushy one. Cheers
  11. Yikes! BTW, I spotted what seems to be a complete list of paints available for early cars as I browsed my Service Parts Manual for S1 and S2 yesterday. Could take pics of the pages and post if useful. Cheers
  12. Lovely note from @Stuart.W. Further in regard to that exhaust manifold, is it possible to remove or replace with the body on chassis?
  13. Quite inclined to agree that blasting would reveal a greater extent of deterioration. Still, these all are worth saving,
  14. You'd already know this Fabian, but do hang onto outgoing parts whenever putting replacements into service. Sometimes one bit won't be suitable, as @omegaman advises. Interesting take on the diode, I'd thought it was SOP for cars to bypass the ballast while cranking. Cheers
  15. Hi John, Just browsed your thread, thought to offer opinion on the question of the car's colour. Seems I've been graced with high sensitivity to colours, and I'm old enough to recall the AMC cars to which you'd referred in earlier postings. No way this Esprit is of that colour applied to the Rebel as I recall it, however the correlation with Bugatti is spot on. At a GGLC West Coast Lotus Meet in '94 Kiyoshi Hamai was trundling about the Sears Point Pits in an EB110 provided by Lotus for promotional purposes. In fact I took a brief, pedestrian ride in the jump seat and confidently recall the car's colour as a match for that of your SE. Cheers
  16. Careful in regard to switch retention, there was a change of switch by late S1 or early S2, so your Esprit may not align with @Paul Coleman's experience.
  17. The ignition feed should remain on during cranking, otherwise why would it start? The ignition switch seems held in the lock unit by way of crimped casing, I'd not attempt to replace in situ. Cheers
  18. The central instrument panel is featherweight plastic, utterly marginal. For an upgrade I decided to fashion a replacement out of 1/4" MDF board in 2 layers so as to leave the instrument faces in a recess, spraying it with wrinkle finish for what seems a smart look and no worries with structural integrity. Cheers
  19. All rather grotty as seen in the photos, I'm in camp with those who advise a full teardown. The last of the piston pics shows what appears to be crown damage due to either severe pinking or foreign object rattling about. Such a nice thing to drive a Lotus with all in order so go the distance and get it right. Cheers
  20. I wonder whether one of the Japanese M/C's would be equivalent. Believe they were inclined to copy Girling over these years, would be out there in numbers.
  21. That is one wild arrangement of primaries !!
  22. The attached link is minimally helpful but offered nonetheless. Pistachio Green is rather well known, seen on several cars sold via Bring A Trailer in recent months. There was a very bold green seen on later Europa TC's which I believe may have been Bitter Green.
  23. Thomas, that's the colour I had spotted. Very nice when clean. Cheers
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