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  1. Is it not quite clear by now what a lot of corrupt nabobs these international sporting regulators are? Duh.
  2. Hello all, I'd be grateful for any pics showing the path taken alongside the engine from front to back, on S! or S2. I'm undertaking a rework of the ancillary drives and wish to know whether I've left sufficient space for the croassgate cable. Cheers
  3. Ahhh . . . West Coast of America . . . never would have guessed.
  4. Seems we are generally inclined to crave miracle cures, hence the appetites for fuel and oil additives. How many have gleaned the parallel between oil flush liquids and laxatives, for example? A great deal of discussion continues to be devoted to the question of oils in various fora, lately offering up one or two finer points that had not previously occurred to me. First: that heavier oils are more difficult to de-aerate, something track day inclined operators might want to consider. Second: one valuable facet inherent in the better synthetic oils is resistance to burn-off or evaporation, very pertinent to lubrication of the rings near TDC when hydrodynamic action goes null, local temperatures are high, and boundary lubrication is critical. The Lucas oil additive clearly makes treated oil visibly more viscous, appealing to the eye but perhaps counterproductive in some applications. As to fuel additives, we are wise to consider how much technology has been worked through in order to arrive at the cocktails we know as petrol. FWIW
  5. drdoom

    Formula One

    MV is thus far a 1 1/2 x WDC in my view, Massi's gift will never be forgotten.
  6. Always worth minding that low oil pressure at idle is not a vital indicator of the state of things in most cases. There is nothing going on which requires substantial pressure at idle. Still, one is wise to be vigilant on the state of things end-end in a Lotus. Critical targets for oil pressure have been framed by Tony Rudd, who knew the engine most thoroughly, and I recall these being a minimum value ( sorry, not recalled ) at idle then rising 10 PSI per 1000 RPM to a minimum of 45 peak. That describes the parameters around which the 900 Series were designed. Cheers
  7. I would certainly add this onto any early car not so equipped. It's been quite well documented that the rolling out of Esprit was pushed onward with development ongoing from the off. Cheers
  8. Welcome to the community Dan! Glad to read you got the car and look forward greatly to chatting once you've spent time at the wheel. You know as well as anyone the music in these does not arise from the radio! 😉
  9. The vacuum source pulsates due to the nature of a reciprocating piston engine, and is particularly intense at or near idle conditions. Cheers
  10. Right, agree on Thackery's preferred over the cushions and we should ever be mindful that just because replacement bits are offered by our faithful suppliers does not ensure they are up to spec in all instances. No where will one see the Durometer figures for hardness of rubber components listed, something obviously altogether pertinent to effectiveness in a given application. There now exist alternative cushioning elements in the form of stainless steel wire clumps, some of which may afford a solution for our classic cars, here or there. Link attached. Cheers
  11. I've heard many accounts over the years of owners running carbs of this form with tight or solid mountings and none reporting the froth related concerns published. Not a scientifically derived conclusion, but consistently reported anecdotally. There can be be no tolerance of fuel leaks in this application as Esprit in numbers are no longer with us due to catastrophic fire loss. With such significant leakage I'd double back on floats condition and fuel pressure setting, just to be careful. Running DCOE's on my Elan for years over long distance journeys, urban jaunts and track day outings it was my experience that the Thackery's were better than the rubber bits, and that it was best to have things pulled up tighter than the printed dogma, as air leakage arose otherwise. FWIW
  12. For what it's worth my S1 owning mate has fitted BBS flat-band type wheels in 15" diameter for the front, drop centre 16" for the rear and feels the flat bands may well afford greater caliper clearance than do the conventional 16" rims. Cheers
  13. That finisher also present on my S2 from factory, carpet laid on to it for a smoother appearance.
  14. I can vouch for the 1st generation series of the Philips bulbs seen at link attached. Very intense and strongly coloured light, though requiring some adaptation to mate with the Rover sourced taillamp housing due to the single LED light source. Cheers
  15. Correct, Pete, Sanden provide specific angles by which the fill port may be rotated from datum. I've got a tech manual downloaded in which that info is presented, though not at hand for the next few hours.
  16. Thought I'd solicit insights on cam profiles for the N/A engines. Anyone have experience with running non-standard cams?
  17. I'd attempt to insert a stout pry bar or flat screwdriver and work the damper away from the point of conflict.
  18. Would anyone care to share experiences with alternative cam profiles on the 900 Series engine? Cheers
  19. As I understand this it's a capacitor for the purpose of electrical noise suppression.
  20. Back in the '80's one local enthusiast had an S1, I believe gel-coat coloured yellow, which he described as having a Group B spec engine, whatever that was. That car was brought over from the UK when he emigrated and was fitted with the mounts which preceded the biscuit type we are better acquainted with.
  21. Hello Lyn, I appreciate the insight and am glad to stand corrected on this topic. By the way did your car come fitted with the common biscuit type motor mounts or the early ones carried at the engine end of the steel struts? Cheers
  22. You could easily add a bit of spacer under the seat if it is in conflict.
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