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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum so not quite sure how it all works, not easy to find where and to who to write. Would seem you have good advise on a great deal of things. I have a problem with my Esprit Turbo 85. The window motors don't work at all. None are available on the market anywhere in Europe ans even those who say they can refurbish dont have the parts necessary. I saw somewhere that the Jaguar motor is the same. Any ideas on my next move?

    1. drdoom


      Welcome to the community. There are many postings over many years to be explored in this forum, plenty of solid advice to be had within. You'll find the utilities quite helpful, including the search functions. As to your windows issue would it be correct to assume you've ruled out causes other than defunct motors? Replacements are available through the familiar vendors referenced from time to time in members' threads, otherwise you'll perhaps find those suiting '70's era Corvette are comparable.

      Feel free to post your concerns in the pertinent topic group, you'll be pleased with the responses.


  2. Hi Steve

    why do you suggest killing the bumper bolts? I’m about to refit my bumper and use nutserts.... sounds like I should be doing something else.

    1. drdoom


      Hey mate, that was simply an oblique attempt at suggesting the cars look better minus the aft bumper. Sorry for the bother.

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