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  1. The matter of suspension settings may legitimately be down to personal preferences. The fundamentals of the Esprit platform - mass distribution, track, wheelbase, roll centres and CG - are so good that one may not readily make a mess of the car. That said, we are addressing the finer points of ride compliance versus corner entry response for the most part in choosing dampers. What's to your taste?

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  2. Beck pioneered feedback and distortion in the early to mid-60's with the Yardbirds, ultimately evolved such technique on the electric as to emulate the human voice eloquently. On his most succesful LP, Blow by Blow, he vividly conjures the sense of jostling traffic in the track, Freeway Jam. When so inclined he could pluck conventionally with the best of them, from acoustic to electric Blues. He had no peer, described by one prominent journalist as being as innovative as Jimmy Page, as technically proficient as Clapton, and nearly as visionary as Hendrix. All clearly true. Tracks from his 2003 LP, Jeff, figure in my playlist.


  3. Altogether clear from the start. What we are discussing is a crank seal housing of the sort including a bore for locating the eccentric. What is odd is that the bore is too small for the hub in hand. I also have a housing cast without material where it would be required for the eccentric, so both types are familiar.


  4. My new hub also measures .812 or 13/16, though the housing bore is on the order of .766. Intrigued that this hub came accompanied by a steel collar, as seen in the attached pic. Primary PC is getting its head sorted at the shop, once recovered I'll be able to review the ultimate Service Parts List archived within, rather expecting to find the collar accounted for in the process.



  5. Well, be wary of creating a tower attached to the block as 4 banger engines generate some considerable vibrations. The S1 solution uses a short flex hose off the block fitting feeding the sender which mounts off the engine. Safe management of any such forces.


  6. A very long time ago I visited one of the leading local specialists doing such conversions and found him working on an Elite. He reported it to be good for 140mph and, as I recall, that was drawing air through a single SU carb. So much more can be had in the way of bits decades later and turbo's have themselves come a long way since.

    In conversation with @EXCEL V8 via PM I have mused on the notion of reversing the cylinder head, so placing the turbo and its pipework up top and feeding inlet air fueled by FEI on the low side. How's that for a New Year's start? 😉 

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  7. 7 hours ago, EXCEL V8 said:

    So yours is a fourth type of bolt-on alternator bracket Steve.  I wonder exactly how many there are?


    Hi Pete,

    Well there were some 1047-odd S2 Esprit built and of those how many were for markets where A/C was standard fitment? I believe all the North American cars were so equipped.

    Best regards

  8. When I examined the mount casting there was no part number to be seen. Don't know whether this is typical or indicative of it being hastily created. We know by now that there was a considerable lapse in production of the early S2 due to supply issues pertaining to the A/C system, perhaps the sourcing of this casting might have one such issue. The American sources I'd contact include Dave Bean Engineering, JAE, RD Enterprises, and whomever may still be reached at what was Sports Car World, in Texas. Beyond that I suggest getting on board with the American community to be found at the link attached for further support.


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