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  1. I've heard many accounts over the years of owners running carbs of this form with tight or solid mountings and none reporting the froth related concerns published. Not a scientifically derived conclusion, but consistently reported anecdotally. There can be be no tolerance of fuel leaks in this application as Esprit in numbers are no longer with us due to catastrophic fire loss. With such significant leakage I'd double back on floats condition and fuel pressure setting, just to be careful. Running DCOE's on my Elan for years over long distance journeys, urban jaunts and track day outings it was my experience that the Thackery's were better than the rubber bits, and that it was best to have things pulled up tighter than the printed dogma, as air leakage arose otherwise. FWIW

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  2. I'm unimpressed with the rationales behind the Evans coolant. It conducts heat less well than A/F / water mix which, by the way, should have a boiling point in the engine quite sufficient to forestall nucleate boiling. As Wiki advises propylene glycol 50% at 15psi system pressure boils at 265 F., or 129 C. A good mate accompanied me in his S1 on a long road trip down the West coast, tracked the car hard on Sears Point ( Sonoma Raceway these days ) and managed the 100 + degree F. temperatures we drove through in the Napa valley without a bother. This with the OEM, compact S1 rad. I do question some of the enduring criticisms of these cars, wondering whether much of them are just internet echoes.

  3. Yes, the West has some bearing on all of this, however we either subscribe to the superiority of our own values system, copious warts and all, or we buy into the totalitarian prospects of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and on ad nauseum.

    Best case scenario is the Russians get through their heads the bottom line reality of this and dispose of Putin and his enablers as soon as possible. If this takes a prolonged and mutually painful stranglehold from the enlightened world to catalyze then so be it. If Putin, in desperation, moves nukes of any sort into play then it will be down to two choices for the West: submit to a reality wherein any ably equipped tyrant may be expected to impose their will on anyone; alternatively we loudly declare the imminent application of force in kind. Game theory here is that a hard lesson cannot be avoided, no matter how distasteful, miserable and inhumane. In effect the West, in so declaring unequivocally, places in the lap of every Russian a ticking time bomb for which the fuse length is unknown. Terror ensues and the Russians see the better of their options being to rise up en masse against the war criminals. I dearly hope it does not come to that.

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