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  1. I'm unimpressed with the rationales behind the Evans coolant. It conducts heat less well than A/F / water mix which, by the way, should have a boiling point in the engine quite sufficient to forestall nucleate boiling. As Wiki advises propylene glycol 50% at 15psi system pressure boils at 265 F., or 129 C. A good mate accompanied me in his S1 on a long road trip down the West coast, tracked the car hard on Sears Point ( Sonoma Raceway these days ) and managed the 100 + degree F. temperatures we drove through in the Napa valley without a bother. This with the OEM, compact S1 rad. I do question some of the enduring criticisms of these cars, wondering whether much of them are just internet echoes.

  2. Yes, the West has some bearing on all of this, however we either subscribe to the superiority of our own values system, copious warts and all, or we buy into the totalitarian prospects of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and on ad nauseum.

    Best case scenario is the Russians get through their heads the bottom line reality of this and dispose of Putin and his enablers as soon as possible. If this takes a prolonged and mutually painful stranglehold from the enlightened world to catalyze then so be it. If Putin, in desperation, moves nukes of any sort into play then it will be down to two choices for the West: submit to a reality wherein any ably equipped tyrant may be expected to impose their will on anyone; alternatively we loudly declare the imminent application of force in kind. Game theory here is that a hard lesson cannot be avoided, no matter how distasteful, miserable and inhumane. In effect the West, in so declaring unequivocally, places in the lap of every Russian a ticking time bomb for which the fuse length is unknown. Terror ensues and the Russians see the better of their options being to rise up en masse against the war criminals. I dearly hope it does not come to that.

  3. 21 minutes ago, JonSE said:

    Thanks for the responses!

    With reference to the coolant circuit, I’d still like to circulate water out of the no 4 cylinder (?) port as I believe it can run quite hot there? Then loop back in as normal into the return circuit.

    In that case feel free to tap in the return either at the front or after making the full loop back to the engine bay. Good point on cylinder #4.

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  4. 37 minutes ago, exeterjeep said:

    We do not use E10 in any of the proper (MG/Lotus) cars or even the ride on mower, ordinary push mower, chain saw or flail mowers. The only thing we use E10 in is the wife's RR, and I sometimes wonder about using E5 in that for the extra energy/MPG. Even garden equipment manufacturers  say you should not leave E10 in for more than 30 days.


    Among those who know over here that wisdom regarding E10 in garden equipment ( or outboard boat motors, for that matter ) is spot-on. Best to avoid "E" fuel altogether there if possible. On the road, however, I'm afraid the ubiquity of E fuels seems inevitable so I am building the Esprit with latest spec fuel hoses throughout and fancy having the tanks remade in stainless rather than aluminum. Any who operate Lotus of the era are more than wise to upgrade all fuel system elements that would be inclined to perish in exposure to all modern fuels regardless of ethanol content.


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  5. I believe the seats are damned near identical between S1 and S2, wouldn't seem worth the bother to modify when aftermarket could be sourced. That said, one of the lovely aspects of every Esprit is how comfortable the seating is, so I'd avoid tinkering much in that regard.

    Interesting set of questions in regard to the heating/cooling circuits. That electric heater looks to be effective and safely designed so no quarrel from me in going that way. One may be certain that sufficient heat will be available though I'd think long and hard on the matter of airflow for demisting. Is it powerful enough for that? Permitting coolant flow at all when bypassing the heater matrix seems pointless, so perhaps re-route the lines in the engine bay, capping off the chassis transfer pipes so they will be properly preserved in the event of future re-think.


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  6. Well done, Jonathan! That collection of pics brings memories of my early efforts. The sound deadening material is indeed heavy but there is some correlation between weight and sound abatement as I understand things. I'm intrigued by products latterly available that incorporate both squishy foam and fairly dense polyvinyl to form a 2 element sheet, whereby the PV forms the primary sound block and the foam de-couples that from contact which would transmit energy.


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  7. I'm confident your Turbo was equipped with a complete AC system, and that the ACU is to be found under the dash atop the forward end of the central tunnel. This position makes it a difficult thing to access, in general. The thermistor which senses internal air temperature for setting cabin comfort level is inserted into the ACU casing inboard airflow side of the evaporator, so that it will be exposed to cooled air.


  8. Have taken a pic of the lines off my S2. Visible are the larger manifold ones, the one-way check valve connecting those, and the unique Tee fitting located at the reservoir. The lines out forward to the HVAC controls are not seen but are black nylon of about 1/8" diameter, FYI. The manifold lines are also black nylon, likely about 5/16" size. The Tee has adapter elbows in rubber which match those lines and just a straight piece of rubber hose to make the connection at the reservoir. Hope this helps.


    Looks as though there is a remnant of metal in the Tee end for connecting to the manifold line, so perhaps that is to be ID'd as well.

  9. Hello friend,

    This is an easy one to explain. Your Civic is designed to be a commuter appliance, a very agreeable one in my experience but not directly comparable to a sports car. The short overall gearing on the Honda in 1st makes pulling away easy but will not pull the car to near 40MPH as will the Esprit in 1st. The Turbo engine is very tractable for the sort of car the Esprit is.


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