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  1. Hi spotted my first v8 espirt turbo,it was in lower Hutt Wellington New Zealand,heading up Maungaraki ,Lower Hutt,by the time I turned around,It was gone , no sign of it,blue in colour,about a 2000 onwards,would love to make contact and see the wee beastie and hear it fire up...Kylie do you know the car?Looks like the one that was up for sale in ChristChurch about 4 months ago ,listed on trademe Stuart
  2. Hi All , Was a lot of talk recently about Blue GT3 on ph..... now sold ....maybe a neewbie....who will put ther hand up
  3. Hi, Are there any members near Grimsby (hope that's how you spell it) Doncaster, North East That could look at a 2001 v8 Gt, and see what they think?
  4. Hi Nick, Still looking, Ive heard about a few in england, but its a load of cash to spend on a car that Ive never even driven...Won a mystery weekend a while back,my wife and I ended up in chch....Kick myself now as I had a play in a porsche out to taipu (is that how you spell it) but didnt see your fab car till I got on a web site for auto tek. But that was when I got home.I was even considering a flight down there to take it for a test drive , just to know what a v8 drives like. Im in Wellington.0273008346 and Ill text you my email address Regards Stuart
  5. Hello and well done, nice car if its the one Im viewing on the auto tek site
  6. Hi, Maybe able to help, build carbon race yachts for a living, pre preg is really only good in runs off a mould , plus you need a oven to bake the pre inpregnated carbon ,wet lay up would be best,I db and a twill for show, strong light etc, most lay ups you see in car like Ferrari,Porsche, Audi R8,Lambos etc are twill with a load of two pot expoy spray on top.... if you live in England, SP products ,epoxy would be the most attainable product over there
  7. Hi All Does any one know this car its in Glasgow, last owner Alex Fairweather.....origin reg was w954sdv num sccdao829yhci0065 tight lines StuarT
  8. didnt last long on piston heads.....bobbak s old car for sure, sure looks nice, love the rear end , leats its gone to a great home Stuart
  9. Well done mate , looks a brillant car, nice rear end,I phone about it,but you had just put a deposit on the wee beastie....Well my search goes on for one for me.Only about 20 V8s here in New Zealand,and no Gt3.Very pleased for you, enjoy. sorry to here about your other car....think you have joined a bigger family now tight lines Stuart
  10. Hi , New guy here , Im looking to import an esprit from uk, law are quite strict here, there are 4 cars Im looking at and wondered if anyone knows them. On Pistonheads there 1996 gt3 (yellow)done 27000miles for 15,000.00 1998 gt3 done 52000miles (silver) for sale 15,000.00 2001 esprit v8 gt done 41000 (silver) for 18,750.00 and on esprit4sale, there is a 1996 esprit v8 ,28000miles ,yellow for 16999.00 Does anyone know these cars ?And which is a good one?its a bit harder trying to purchase one without really seeing it.I would really appreciate some advise thanks stuart
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