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  1. Not sure if this has been picked up already here. Haven't been able to find out any more information yet
  2. Wouldn't surprise me...............glad I didn't have to pay for it
  3. I wasn't sure either when Scott Walker first proposed the car to me, but I personally prefer lighter coloured interiors on this kind of car, and red isn't for me, so I went for it without having seen the car in the flesh on Scott's very strong recommendation. I have to say, when I picked it up on Monday, the colour combination blew me away. It's classical and sophisticated, but also quite bold in the contrast. It's a lovely place to sit, especially with the matching alcantarra roof lining. I love it......
  4. It came from Bell & Colvill. DB car? You have me intrigued.........
  5. John Did you fit the Larini to your S IPS? I'd be interested to know how much of a difference it makes over the reasonably loud standard exhaust? Robert
  6. Yes Nightfall Blue with Cognac bespoke interior.......
  7. My new Evora S in Knightsbridge yesterday
  8. So nice to see it on the road. I bought that car through Scott as a project 3 years ago and we then did a nut and bolt rebuild of her, including complete engine rebuild and incredible respray by Surface and Design in Blackpool. Scott then sold her to Paul. It seemed apt that she go back to where she was first created. She looks fantastic being driven in the real world..........
  9. 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura. 2 & 3. bingoking & Jackie 5 & 6 RobertC and Cami Bibs I'd like two tickets for the dinner too on the Saurday night please. Cheers Robert
  10. and the usual thoroughly objective view from Kimbers too......
  11. I just love the way that some make Bahar out to be a total villain here. Do people really think he made all these decisions on his own without any consultation with the vastly experienced team he put together, or with his ultimate bosses at Proton who were bankrolling all this. I also love the way some challenge the thinking of this vastly experienced team, like they themselves have as much or even greater experience of running a sports/supercar company. As far as I can see, Bahar was employed to take Lotus in a new direction, one which I believe, as clearly did Proton, was the only direction that would see Lotus survive as a future market leading profitable sports/supercar brand, something it had not been for many many years, following the model that has been so successful for Ferrari, Porsche, Lambourghini, and certainly saw Aston Martin saved from potential oblivion a few years back. He achieved a great deal in the time he was in charge, it was never going to be cheap, and Proton new that when they empoyed him and supported his vision for Lotus' future development. It was not Bahar's fault that Proton was sold to DRB and that this whole mess has subsequently ensued. If it hadn't, I daresay most of us would still be celebrating the coming new range of cars, and the association with the Lotus F1 team that undoubtedly has enhanced the brand, rather than making Bahar the scapegoat. Some, maybe, are enjoying his downfall a little too much?
  12. Lotus Esprit V8 (2001) Date Added: 03 March 2012 - 08:27 PM Owner: Robert Crooks Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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