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  1. Not sure if this has been picked up already here. Haven't been able to find out any more information yet
  2. Wouldn't surprise me...............glad I didn't have to pay for it
  3. I wasn't sure either when Scott Walker first proposed the car to me, but I personally prefer lighter coloured interiors on this kind of car, and red isn't for me, so I went for it without having seen the car in the flesh on Scott's very strong recommendation. I have to say, when I picked it up on Monday, the colour combination blew me away. It's classical and sophisticated, but also quite bold in the contrast. It's a lovely place to sit, especially with the matching alcantarra roof lining. I love it......
  4. It came from Bell & Colvill. DB car? You have me intrigued.........
  5. Yes Nightfall Blue with Cognac bespoke interior.......
  6. My new Evora S in Knightsbridge yesterday
  7. 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura. 2 & 3. bingoking & Jackie 5 & 6 RobertC and Cami Bibs I'd like two tickets for the dinner too on the Saurday night please. Cheers Robert
  8. and the usual thoroughly objective view from Kimbers too......
  9. I just love the way that some make Bahar out to be a total villain here. Do people really think he made all these decisions on his own without any consultation with the vastly experienced team he put together, or with his ultimate bosses at Proton who were bankrolling all this. I also love the way some challenge the thinking of this vastly experienced team, like they themselves have as much or even greater experience of running a sports/supercar company. As far as I can see, Bahar was employed to take Lotus in a new direction, one which I believe, as clearly did Proton, was the only direction that would see Lotus survive as a future market leading profitable sports/supercar brand, something it had not been for many many years, following the model that has been so successful for Ferrari, Porsche, Lambourghini, and certainly saw Aston Martin saved from potential oblivion a few years back. He achieved a great deal in the time he was in charge, it was never going to be cheap, and Proton new that when they empoyed him and supported his vision for Lotus' future development. It was not Bahar's fault that Proton was sold to DRB and that this whole mess has subsequently ensued. If it hadn't, I daresay most of us would still be celebrating the coming new range of cars, and the association with the Lotus F1 team that undoubtedly has enhanced the brand, rather than making Bahar the scapegoat. Some, maybe, are enjoying his downfall a little too much?
  10. There is a porsche specialist in warrington called Ninemeister who I used to get the suspension geometry etc sorted on my S3Turbo a few years back. They have alll the laser set up equipment and software that seems to have the geometry settings for every car. The car felt significantly better set up afterwards. They were recomended to me by a guy who races Porsches and they apparently have an excellent reputation in the Porsche and wider racing community.
  11. I owned a LE Evora for 8 months and loved it. The build quality I thought was pretty good. I exchanged it for an Vantage because I just felt it was a little underpowered. However, I have just been tempted back into an Evora S. Picked it up on Thursday. It now has the engine the car deserved. It is seriously rapid. However, just as noticeable to me is that Lotus have improved EVERYTHING. The fit and finish of the interior, the steering and ride feel is tighter, more controlled than ever, and the gear change is a revelation. Sure, some of the ergonomics are a little wonky still, eg the mirror switch, but I can live with that. Having owned a 997 and driven the latest 911, the Evora S is a better car overall imho. But for some the brand and perceived quality are more important.
  12. i spent an hour and a half on the stand on Thurs morning. All the cars, IMO, look so much better in the flesh than in the photos. I actually really liked the Elise in the flesh. it is properly contemporary. Its Evora sized for me minus the +2 option. If they deliver the performance they are promising for it, I can see it being an incredibly good sports car for the price. However, I don't see it as a true successor to the current Elise. For me, the Elan is best resolved. In the flesh, IMO, it doesnt have a bad angle. For me, it's the true successor of the Esprit in terms of footprint and many styling cues, even though I think the bonnet line has a strong link to the late 80s/early 90s Elan. I love the new Esprit, but it looks more Murcielago-sized, ie it is going into a category above where the Esprit was positioned in the late 90s/early 00s. So I think I would choose an Elan and even a new Elise over it, despite prefering the associations of the Esprit name. The Elite is also stunning in the flesh. For me, it has a shape very reminiscent of the Eclat, particularly in side profile. I have loved all my Lotuses, particularly the Esprits, and I absolutely adore my Evora as a sports car you can genuinely live with every day - it is awesome. The Evora didn't hook me initially, but the looks have massively grown on me to the point where I absolutely love to look at it. However, sat on stand with the new cars, IMO, it looks under-designed - the new cars have so much more of a wow factor, like the original and later Esprits in their time. Also, in the flesh, I didn't think they looked particularly like any other make of sports cars, but they are definitely immediately Lotuses IMO. So thank you Lotus for taking the brand where I want it t go - back towards the top of the contemporary sports car maker tree - it is long overdue. I have massive respect for the heritage and for the older cars as classics, but Lotus needs to move forwards and compete, not on its heritage, but on its ability to produce contemporary competitive sport cars in all the proposed classes. Roll on 2013/4.
  13. Toyota buy Lotus from Proton, or the real Team Lotus re-enter F1.
  14. I am going to try and join you this morning.
  15. Factory, couldn't help on the original colour, but when the pain shop stripped it back they found the roginal colour to be white. It had received 8 colour changes since. Here it is in it's new white paint. Photo doesn't do it justice, the paint finish is absolutely amazing, better than my SE even. Some interior bits to finiish off, but nearly done.
  16. Flying out to Spain that day otherwise the nurses would definitely have tempted me.
  17. Chris I had similar problems to you initially with my iPhone, but I just kept trying until it paired. First time it did pair, I had no sound. So I unpaired, did it again, and the second time it worked fine. I don't remember doing anything different. Its worked fine since on each pairing. My only suggest is keep trying. Brian Being lazy I know, but how do you do the firmware update?
  18. When my Alpine unit failed shortly after getting the car a few months back, the dealer were giving me the run around, needing me to take the car 20 miles to confirm the fault before they would order a new one from Alpine, and only able to get me booked in for this 2 weeks later. I spoke to Neil Turner at the factory and he had a new unit at the dealer and fitted in my car within 24 hours. He could not have been more helpful and the dealer performance improved as a result of his involvement too. Two months on, apart from very occasionally losing SatNav signal, I have had no further problems with the unit. Don't get me wrong, it is not a great unit, say, compared to the OEM unit I had in my Range Rover, but while it is working okay, it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the car.
  19. Rich Can you post up some information about your Elise and some more pictures. I may know somebody who might be interested. Robert
  20. Rich The SE that PaulC mentions, that I swapped my S1 Elise for, I sold on about 10 months ago after I had it completely resprayed to an incredibly high standard. I also made some other improvements in terms of HiSpec brakes, Larini twin exit exhaust, S4 wheels. It was a stunning car. It was on display at Donnington in 2009, and I am sure that those who saw it there will vouch for that. I understand the new owner is looking to move it on because of a shoulder injury that means he can't drive it because of the absence of power steering. It has done about 65k miles and has been maintained to the highest standard imaginable. I think it would be about the money you're are talking. I can make some enquiries if you are interested. Robert
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