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  1. Dave, sell me those rears buddy they will do the job perfectly and I do like the deep dish Routes its just all mine are the same! Jase B)
  2. I am in desperate need of some nice wheels for my 89 Esprit, I am currently suffering OZ Routes and will buy just about anything S4 onwards to get rid of them PLEASE HELP! Jase B)
  3. Ah yes, its the head gasket alright, not to worry it will be back for the first week in Feb. Jase
  4. Without a doubt, you have my mobile number and work is 01803 551111, no worries. Jase
  5. Yes, working in the motortrade for 19 years does sometimes have its advantages. Remeber too guys...... always gimme a shout for tyres because I can assure you top service and best price in the Southwest. Jase B)
  6. Ah well its funny you should mention a "TO DO LIST" because its begun Now, I recently took it to a local and reputable garage to get the engine and box taken out so I can rectifiy the leaking exhaust manifold gaskets and drill out the snapped studs while doing the head gasket for good measure parts bought and handed over to the guys........ good times Unfortunately I have today been contacted by phone along with a picture message to confirm the splendid news that the oil is like coffee (head gasket), the clutch is in need of replacement and the header tank has holes all over the place........ bad times The bill? with Gasket set, engine removal, cam belt and tensioner, clutch, stainless hand built replacement header, exhaust gaskets, studs brass nuts as well as dizzy cap and other sevicing bits etc
  7. Hi Guys, ive just bought my first Esprit and cant wait to get her sorted out and come to the local meets. For now, here are some piccys of her at my work (Kwik Fit Paignton), hope you like Jase B)
  8. Hi everyone my name is Jase, im 33 and a Manager for Kwik Fit, I live and work in Paignton down in South Devon and recently bought the car of my dreams a 1989 Esprit turbo in black with blood red and black leather interior. She needs some love as you may expect, the exhaust manifold to head gaskets need replacing, steel header tank leaking and could really do with a paint from one end to the other as well as some niggly bits but....... im not bothered cos im in love and by the time ive finished she will be stunning. Anyways, nice to be here and look forward to chatting to you guys soon. Jase B)
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