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  1. Wasn't me then! Still asleep..
  2. May have been me, what time was it?
  3. hopefully going on sunday. Been for the last three years, always a good day out!
  4. I was there, it was my Titanium V8. Got there bit late as could not get out of work. Shame about the weather but got cake from Sinclaire's so not all bad!
  5. I should be coming, but need to get off work on time, which is sometimes difficult. Will probably miss the gathering as I doubt I will get there until later.
  6. Seems that when the tracker was replaced and the steering column cover put back on a retaining screw was screwed back in through the alarm cables, which has led the cables fusing themselves into a nasty black mess! By the sounds of it, the alarm needs replacing as well as a whole bunch of cables. I just have to hope that it has not done any serious damage else where. More time off the road! Oh well
  7. I had the tensioner go and it took most of the engine with it! I would suggest getting the belts done as per the new instructions.
  8. I used to have an S1 Elise, then moved to a S1 Exige. Would have loved to keep them, but just not possible. Now all my attention is taken up with my troublesome V8!
  9. The guy told me it was ready to go. When it's connected everything seems to be OK, all lights glow bright and the alarm seems to work!! It had previously started when the battery was low, but will check. Thanks
  10. I am in Ilford, ( sort of essex!!) About 20 Mins for M25. My girlfriend used to live in Maidstone, so its a trip I know well! Tried starting using the override button on the Alarm, still did nothing! Same warning lights. I have the tracker guys coming out to it on Tuesday and have upgraded my AA cover!
  11. Thanks for your help. I have not tried starting, was not sure it would be a good idea!
  12. Guys, could do with a bit of help, seems the battery has completely drained over the course of a week which it has not done before. The Battery was tested and it contained 1.3Volts! Bought nice new one and fitted it. Now it only sits there with a number of the warning lights showing, the battery light, the engine warning light, seatbelt light and oil light. The indicators also flash and the alarm fob will not do anything. I have now disconnected it again, just in case! Any one seen anything like this before? Thanks
  13. I would be up for that! I used to laugh at them trying to get over the speed humps!
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